Grow journal----Blue Dream auto & Big Bud auto. Round two


Nothing is worth in stone just yet, we’ll you know what I mean mate, thing’s can always change in a second when we decide to move thing around, but it’s great to hear that you have managed it and there is definitely more room available with even your AK moved, just remember @Not2SureYet keep a written note on it all it will really help you out in the future and this forum off course and all off us that are apart of it all well done again mate great jod :v:️.


Coarse perlite was my plan. My only concern is how it will affect the soil pH. I’m assuming it will raise it more, being a mineral.

Living with drought for so long, I have to readjust for what we have starting now. It’s kind of funny. People are freaking out over all our rain lately, but to me it’s just getting back to a proper weather pattern for Florida.

Having to come inside, this will be a good time to introduce the heavier mixture of perlite. My pots don’t evaporate moisture as well indoors, so this is the best solution I can think of at this time.

Thank you for thinking of me in this…


I wasn’t aware it raised the ph. Could explain why my run off is a little higher this round. I used a lot of it lol This says course but it is more like the smaller stuff miracle grow has. The perfect size for me. I read that you wanted to start using more. I was getting the stuff in the little bags. The cost was pretty high for only getting a few pots out of it. Now I have enough to last through next year lol We need the rain as well but now that I am growing. I only want to see it now and then. Makes the humidity harder for me to manage. I really need to come up with a way to vent out side that will not be to noticeable smell wise. Then I could close the grow room door and run the de humidifier all the time
. I am starting 2 more seeds right now. The plants should be ready for the tent about the same time as the B.B. is out. I am going to try and keep one in the closet a week longer to get the AK out of the tent. Plans are to grow one plant in each tent by it self. These are supposed to get a lot bigger than the B.B. So no trying to squeeze more plants in each. After these last 2 are done. I am going to take a short break to clean the tents good and move them to another room where I can vent out side…
Could you tag me in your grow again. I don’t know if I didn’t mark it to watch or if I was watching it before I knew how to use the watch button
Thanks :grin:


@blackthumbbetty, @elheffe702, @Myfriendis410, Thanks for the tip on the RO buddie. Tuns out I have been waiting for a 4’ hose to get this hooked up. Turns out the parts I all ready collected were all I needed. I was pretty stoked thinking I was about to have a great water, I took a few test samples and was like, “what the xxxx” I was 535ppm going in a 605ppm coming out. I checked a few more times before I realized. I may be checking the wrong hose. I purposely:grin: left both in & out long. The in so I can have the bottle in view so I could check on it when filling with out having to get up. For the run off. This things is going to waste a lot of water. Or should I say, Can waste a lot. My neighbor has a little garden he is always messing with. He saves rain water so he doesn’t have to waste water. I had him bring his 55 gallon drum over and I put it next to my back door. I can now open the window and run the run off line into the bucket. So, no wasted water now. He will now use the run off. Now back to my higher ppms.
When I checked the lines. I was checking the run off. When I checked the out put. I was pretty shocked. I thought with my starting ppm at 535. I would get clean water about 100 or so. It now reads 005ppm and a ph of 5.7. Doesn’t get any better than that. I know I will be going through filters a little quicker because of how hard my water is. I will still save money over all. I go through over 5 gallons of water every 2 days. So figure this cost about 90.00 total for every thing. And I was spending about 30 to 40 a month for water. This will pay for it self fast.
So thanks again for all the help every one.


You can fill several 5 gal buckets at once & keep your r/o water stored, too. I mean, you can use gallon jugs, too, but what a pain. :grinning:

I made my filtered water tube white, and kept all other tubing blue.


Thanks :grinning:I have 8 5 gallon bottles I use right now. That way I only had to go fill them once a week and have a little extra if needed. I figure I will just refill what ever I use once a week. It is going to be nice now. I can be filling them while I am on here bothering others lol After all these are done. I will only be growing 2 plants this next grow. So water should last me a lot longer. I have a mew book to use to keep track of what I make and what the numbers are. To give me an idea of what I can expect from each filter set. :grin:

   Now if the B.D. here would just step it up a little, I would be really happy. Still all cloudy but no amber trichomes. I was really hoping these would be done by next weekend. That will make 12 weeks for these.

I have read a lot that says some strains don’t do much amber and if they are all cloudy to cut them down.
Does that sound right?


All cloudy means there’s as much thc as there will be, and from there the trichs start to over-ripen. Amber’s actually degradation of trichs, in a mostly good way. For an indica strain, especially, all cloudy is just perfect. For heavy sativa strains, a bit (no more than 10%) of amber helps take the edge off. :grinning:


Thanks. I know it sounds like I am rushing things. I have to much time in these to screw up now by bieng in to much of a hurry. These will probably be harvested a week apart. #2 is all cloudy. #1 is getting pretty close. I would like these to be a great high. Not worried about the CBD in these. For the B.B. & AK. Those I would like a nice high CBD content. I will probably cut #2 down most of the way when I do it and leave the rest for an extra week, to make sure it is all cloudy under the plant too. most of the pistols on #2 are orange now. Getting there on #1. If any thing I say does not sound right or is not right. Don’t be afraid to tell me. I probably should stop reading about this now. I start to think one way and then I read a bunch saying some thing different. I trust every one here. So I will go by what is recommended here.


Once the trichs really, really start degrading, the thc starts turning to cbn, so just watch out. :grinning:


Thanks. I see a lot of the leaves on #1 are turning yellow now. My run off ppm for both plants is now under 40ppm With your comment above. Should I be thinking of harvesting this weekend? Or next. These are sativas. Also, should the leaves be mostly yellow?


At this stage, yellow leaves are usually absolutely fine. You want your plant to start eating herself. Harvest when your trichs tell you. :grinning:. Check them every day or so. If you want to drill/split, now is probably the time.


Thanks, I forgot about that. I will go in there to see if I can get to them to drill them.


Getting close, I’m happy for you! :+1:


The time is coming best off it all seeing a finished product well done mate :v:️.


Thanks. It is hard to believe that these are almost done. I have learned a lot this time as well. I asked my sisters friend to come take a look at these for me. Just to give me her thoughts about where I am. I know I am close. just not sure how close. I think I have every thing ready for the next step though. I have a closet set up to dry in with a small fan and dehumidifier. I also have a 100 cfm booster fan to vent the fumes out to the main tent. I got a speed controller for it since I want to be able to control how much it will pull. By the time this is done. I will have an idea where to set every thing so I don’t dry to fast for the next round. The B.B. will be about 2 or 3 weeks behind these by the looks of things. It is starting to fill out nice. The next 2 should sprout today or tomorrow. They will be ready for the tent in about 3 weeks :grin: I am really looking forward to doing those. I feel I have learned enough to do a better job with them.
I am definitely hooked on growing. Gives me a little some thing to look forward to each night :grinning:


Great stuff: @Not2SureYet :slight_smile: how old is yout BB now and when did it start flowering if you don’t mimd me askig;)


Thanks, it starts week 10 tomorrow. It was about about week 6 before I noticed white pistols showing. This one was in veg a lot longer than the Blue Dream were. That may be why this one is so big. I will be posting up dated pictures tomorrow. Once it went into pre flower. it started building bud sires pretty quick. They are starting to stack up nice now. I had to add another light for this onee. It is under a 450 & 300 LED now. Once the B.D are out. I will exchange the 300 with another 450.


Thanks @Not2SureYet :slight_smile: I amnnot sure if comparable but Paranoia is 6,5 weeks now from seed and she is showing pistils for ages now, fist ones appeared at week 3…but no sogn of buds starting or anything just regular 2 pistils out in each corner​:disappointed: She is bulkin but on leaves again…

I wanna have pretty buds like you😏


@rumpelstiltskin, Thank you. Here are a few pictures of the B.B. from week 6 to now. It is the one in the left front. This one seemed like it started making a few flowers to start. Then a week later went crazy. You can see here there is a noticeable difference between weeks. I am sure yours will do the same. I thought this seemed slow to compered to the Blue Dream. I thought I had set it to watch for your grow. Coupld you tag me into it please :grinning:

Week 6 in the back right.

week 7

week 8

week 10

Here are the Blue Dream. I told my friend what I wanted from these and she told me she would start to harvest them if they were hers. I am going to start saturday. I have a lot of reading to do before then. I still think I am going to do them in steps. Once I get some of the top cleared. I will be able to take a better look at the bottom buds.

Any advise for me?


U seem to have a lot of white pistils still. I don’t know why someone would tell U to start to harvest yet. They also look like they could still bulk up more. If there’s no reason to I wouldn’t rush them. 12 weeks to flower is not uncommon for many strains. Just my 2 cents