Grow journal----Blue Dream auto & Big Bud auto. Round two


Re: flushing, that’s up to you. I use Florakleen, but a lot of people only flush with water. So, basically your prerogative. :grinning:


This is just what I have read, but most of the post seem to lean towards just water then the florakleen at the very end. So it uses what is left nute wise and then the florakleen flushes what is left. I am sure some one will let me know before I get to cut these down if that is wrong. :smile:


I florakleen a week or 2 before harvest, then just give plain water until harvest. I am no expert, at all. My thought was flush the soil kleen, then for a week or 2 your plants could live solely off of what’s left inside itself (and any residuals in soil). I’m probably wrong. Ha! It hasn’t harmed anything, and the flavors of the strains have been front & center, no fert/green/yuck flavors, at all. Of course, I grow in soil.


Thanks, If I use florakleen. it instantly knocks me down to a 100 to 200 ppm.
The soil is the biggest deal for me. It takes longer to flush than coco from every thing I read. I may have to drag poor Matty back for this. I know he has grown in both mediums.


When I use Florakleen, it barely drops the ec by half. :slightly_frowning_face:


I have only used it a few times but it will take me down to about 70ppm to 100ppm right away. It works excellent in coco lol


How you doing folk’s I use soil @Not2SureYet and with the smart fabric pot’s so there is no more long waiting time’s between feeds, watering and no worries off over-watering 7-10 day’s before harvest and I keep checking my PPMs every other day and harvest that’s it for me, but I know that coco is a different animal altogether but remember you were only using 1/4 off the strength with your nutes so you should not have much to flush out off the coco it’s only what’s inside the plants and the best thing in my opinion mate is just plain water running through the plant just my own opinion buddy :v:️.


Thanks @Johnzy81, I am just watering right now. I will do an actual flush at the end with the florakleen if needed.
Well, I would like to know which one of you is going to take responsibility to doing this to me.:rage:
It was not long ago that I had a nice empty tent I could easily get into. Now look at what you people have done. How am I supposed to get in there and read a book to my plants Hmmmmmmmmmm LOL
Actually. Today starts week 11 for the B.D. week 9 for the B.B. and week 7 for the AK. The following pictures mark the end of another week. Your on line tech support you have here is second to none :grin:
I was hoping to grow a few nice plants. I never thought I would have my whole tent full. I even have a few buds I may have to tie up because they are slowly sinking to the bottom of the tent. :grin:
Thanks again for all the help. Things have went better than I hoped for this grow.

So here ends another week


They look great, you should be proud!


Thanks Matty. I am very happy with how this is going. I will be honest. When I started these. I spent the first few weeks waiting for the hammer to drop. I really thought I was going to have a repeat of last time. I got a pleasant surprise with how this went.


The sight of what is in the pic’s you have posted @Not2SureYet you should well be proud for sure the colour in them is great well done mate :v:️.


@Not2SureYet I went through your grow and :astonished: woow! I am impressed. Nicely done, very very nice. Is that your second grow ever?


@Not2SureYet Very impressive!!




Thanks :grinning: @rumpelstiltskin, yes this is my second. my first turned out to be all males. So I only got to veg then. This is my second but first for getting to see buds. I want to get the B.D. out soon so the other 2 have more room. I am kind of looking forward to waiting the 2 more weeks I think they may have. The other 2 plants are starting to bud. Would make a nice picture for my first real grow if every one in there were making buds :grin:


Well my friends. I have a what would you do here I thought the B.D. would be out of the tent around this time. Looks like it may be another 2 weeks.

My new issue is the Big bud has gotten way to big. I can see at least a 1/3 of the bud sites are not getting any light now. The AK is not getting much room to grow now either due to the B.B. growing into its space.
I would like to move the B.B. into the 3x3 tent that is empty. Or I could move the AAK into it and the B.B. over some.
Since the B.B. is stacking on bud sites now. If I moved this to the other tent. Is it to late to use a trellis net to separate things a little. I am sure if I pulled the branches out some. This will take up the whole tent. If I took my time and was super careful. I would use a 450 & 300 light on it, or just the 300 for the AK. I want the most light over the B.B. due to its size. I will not be moving any one till tomorrow. So I have time for any suggestions or ideas.

If this was you. Would you move the AK or B.B.?


I would put the B.B. by itself. They can really produce if u give them the room to. That’s the one I would put by itself. Just my opinion for what it’s worth


@Not2SureYet how are you all great by the sounds of things and you need room for BUD growth that’s just excellent stuff mate I would definitely agree with @Justgrowin and move that BB and let her keep on swelling away Woohoo :ok_hand:


Thanks, it looks like it will probably be the B.B.tomorrow night. I ordered a booster fan for the little tent. Since this will not be in there long. I figure I am going to vent it onto my other tent. if I have any trouble there. I will have to order another carbon filter. I have a spare fan on the shelf. Just in case my main one went out. I didn’t want to chance to strong of smells escaping for to long.
I think I have a plan to get the B.B. spread out a little more. I am going to work on that tonight.
I know it is not advised. But I think I may trim some of the lower leaves off. it is a jungle down there. lol

@FloridaSon, I read in another post that you were thinking of upping your perlite quiet a bit. I thought I would share this if you are interested. I use this and am happy with it, You get a ton for a great price. I can fill a 20 gallon trash can with it.


well, today is another day gone by. The AK ended up in the small tent. I was moving every thing over to put the B.B. in there and realized it would not work. The 3x3 tent is only 72: tall. The 4x4 is 80". I have the lights at the very top in it right now. If I moved the B.B. to the 3x3. The lights would be about 12" off the plant.
I tied the branches up on the AK to tighten them up a little. Try and get as much under the light as I could.
I had to tie up some of the branches on #2 B.D. too. I am hoping it is the weight of the buds that was pulling them down :grin: Any ways. They are a little tighter too. I only saw one orange trichome today. I am hoping it steps it up soon lol I am still hoping they will be ready by the 1st. I moved the B.B. over some and it seems a little happier. I can get in the tent again lol
Other than that. All is good