Grow journal----Blue Dream auto & Big Bud auto. Round two


I am going to try and get a picture of the buds under the B.D. It is completely covered by buds and leaves above yet it is growing like it was under the light. When I harvest. I may do just the top and leave the lower for another week if that is possible.It is the bud on the lower left going straight across. There are a lot of buds under there. It is odd. I can’t enlarge the pictures.


Clone it! Probably too late, but it was an idea.


I chopped only the top half of the 6Shooter, and left the bottom half to mature for another 2 weeks. The buds didn’t get much bigger, but the calyxes did swell, lots more trichs formed, and everything ripened up nicely. If it had been a photo-period plant, I think the buds would have continued to grow & stack.


@elheffe702 That is a great idea. I have never cloned any thing but after reading this. I figured, I have a bunch of rapid rooters so why not give it a shot. I have nothing to loose. I put it in one and covered every thing with coco. Watered it down and put it under a few CFL lights. The stem still looked healthy. I shaved off a touch like an onion. I remember reading some thing about that a while ago. I guess I will see if it is still standing in the morning or kicked the bucket.
@blackthumbbetty, So having done that. Would you recommend doing that or should I just do every thing at once. When I get to that point.


Unfortunately, you can’t clone autos.


I just meant stick it in the dirt and see what happens. If you get one decent cola, that’s one more than you had without.


If it works, no more mistakes…just happy accidents! :grinning:


Your ladies are looking lovely @Not2SureYet. Im gutted for you at the branch you accidentally took, it looks like they would have been tasty too…ya live n learn eh :wink: iv read its best to let autos ‘do their thang’. Iv not grow them yet as my 2 ladies are my first and they are completely unkown!! I may do autos next :+1:
I had 4 weedy looking twigs at the base of my girls that i snipped and potted, kept them in the tent just to see what happens with them :slight_smile:

How long left do you have?


Good morning. Well, my guess is the little stem will not make it. I think t sat in the trash for about 3 hours before I got it and put it in the rooter. Oh well. The B.B. is the biggest plant in the tent so I think she will still put put ok. :grin:
@elheffe702, it was worth a shot. May have done better if I did that right from the start.
@blackthumbbetty, I thought if you tried to clone an auto. it would just grow the branch you cloned and not actually grow a plant. I am still learning the ropes here.
@Wildwest, Thanks. Loosing a branch is not the end of the world here. If you had saw my last grow. You would see I am years ahead this time. As for autos. I am hooked on them. They seem to be a super forgiving plant. or that has been my experience. There is one thing I really want to share but will wait till I have the B.D. finished. I don’t want to jink them when they are so close. :grin:
I am hoping I only have 3 weeks or less for these. I thought this was going to be the last week when I started these. Come saturday. It will complete week 10 for these. Week 8 for the B.B. and week 7 for the AK. I have topped the autos, may be why these are taking a little longer. Next round I may top one and not the other and see how they react.


As long as its no biggie on your part, all is good, i think i might have cried just a little but i am a complete noob!! I keep thinking im overly loving them and have to back off! I let mine go 3 months in veg before i had a little knowledge up my sleeve! I could have been well into my 2nd harvest by now if o had done research instead of being eager but didnt think the would go anywhere, now im like 3/4weeks from harvest :slight_smile: :slight_smile: well chuffed with myself!

Maybe topping has slowed the growth im no pro but i have read loads :joy::joy:


@Wildwest, For me, Topping has never slowed any growth. Even the autos were showing more growth the next day. I have heard topping autos and such can extend the veg period. I kind of believe that now since mine went a while before flowering. This is just a hobby for me. I don’t smoke. So losing a little bud is not to bad. Al tho I would like to say I got 3 oz off a plant some day. Looks like we may be harvesting close to the same time.


And that is why i dont always believe what i read :wink: i am slowly learning that eachplant will be unique in its own right :slight_smile: if you was to experiment like you said and just topped one next time you can tell for sure about growth!
I wish i could say the same but im sick of all the back street shitty deals lately and got interested in growing, when i found 2 bag seeds i was like, hell yeah and as they say the rest is history :joy:
Its looks like it may be give or take afew days :+1:


Looks like I may be moving forward slowly. I notice a few orange trichomes starting to appear on #2. I guess it is time to get ready for the next steps. I thought I had read to flush about 4 days before harvest with coco. I also have no idea yet on how fast the trichome will turn amber once they start. More learning.
I need to read up on trimming the buds too. I have never done that before.
Does every one cut the whole plant down at once or do you do it in steps? I picked up a little 3x3 tent to dry in too. Getting a little crowded in the room now. I am going to work on how to make a rack or string some lines in the tent for hanging the plants tonight. It looks cluttered in there right now. I took the picture after I set the tent up. Still had all my stuff on the table from the shelf that was where the tent was.


You don’t have to cut the whole plant down at once, though it’s good practice if you have the space. I cut down one large branch at a time because I don’t have enough space.

If you only see one amber trichome, then you might still have a week before you have to cut her down, but you can flush her now. The trick is to keep a close eye on it and look for those cloudy trichs, you wantto be seeing mostly cloudy with no more than 10% amber for a nice head high, more amber for couch lock.


Thanks. I am seeing a few amber and it looks like more cloudy than clear. The 10% is what I will shoot for on the Blue Dream here. I want the heavier sleepy feeling for the Big bud when it comes to its turn.
When I flush. Do I still add the cal mag?
I can cut the whole thing down and put it in a closet to hang while I start the trimming. I am just going to vent the 3x3 into my 4x4 and use the carbon filter in there to keep the smell down while drying if that is ok. I got a little 100 cfm booster fan to pull from the 3x3.
Thank you for all your help. I am going to take a few pictures of the trichomes tonight to show what I see.
I can’t even explain how good I feel to have made it though a whole grow. or almost. #2 may be a week behind come harvest time. Not a bad thing since I can learn a little on one plant at a time :grin:


Do not add anything to the water when you flush. At this point, you’re trying to wash away all built-up salts & residual nutes so the plant starts eating the stuff stuck in its leaves & such.

You can harvest and hang it safely while you’re working on trimming branches.


Thanks. I will just do water for #2. I was just looking in the tent. it is not going to be easy to get this one out of there lol The tent is getting fuller by the day. I took a peak at the B.B. It went from little flowers to stacking the start of buds down wards. It may do pretty nice. Even the AK is starting to get in on the action. :grin:


Just caught back up on your thread! No cal/mag typically after week 6 or so of flower. Especially if it has a high N ratio.


Thanks. I was going to tag you back here before I cut these down. You probably have as much time in these as I do lol. I see you are pretty busy there with all the work you have going on in your garden. I have been running more cal mag than recommended though this grow. For some reason this coco seemed to need it. I cut the ratio down and had the tips of the leaves start browning in about an or so. I mixed some water with more cal mag and gave it to them at that point. No more issues after that. This whole grow has been strange. My ph run off has stayed at about 6.3. I always mix to 5.8 or 5.9. The plants seem to use more nutes with the higher ph level. Opposite of the other brand coco I used. I will take your advise and try cutting out the cal mag for all the plants tonight. The B.B. is finishing week 8 and the AK week 7. I can see the finish line getting closer lol


The reason to cut the cal/mag out in mid flower is so she can use it up the last few weeks. You can taste it in the final product and too much N late in flower can cause the buds not to swell properly in the late stages of flower.