Grow journal----Blue Dream auto & Big Bud auto. Round two


I have a little eye dude that is like a microscope. I don’t know what it is called. I will get a picture up. it magnifies just the same. I would get one of the ones you guys have but I need to start cutting the spending for a while. I am seeing some of the amber trichomes. just not to much yet.
After I laid down last night. My mind stayed focused on the plants and what I could do to help them. It occurred to me. My lights have switches for veg and bloom. I got up and turned off the veg lights. Reducing my lights by 50% :sob: My thoughts were if this took care of the issue. It would be a given the lights were cooking the plants. Leaf temps were 74 degrees with both lights on. I forgot to check them with just the bloom. #2 plant really isn’t an issue. I can move the lights up a lot more on it. If this helps #1. I will probably move the 300 over it. I also have a lot of 42w 2700k CFL bulbs if I need a little help in there.
Now here is the odd thing. It is not all the top leaves getting cooked. just the ones centered with the light. And it is a hit and miss as to what leaves are curling there. Some centered but more towards the top are fine.
Soooooo, I flipped the switch to just bloom at about 11pm last night. As of 7am this morning. It does look like some of the leaves have relaxeda little. I am going to take a picture out tonight to compare the before and after with.
Any idea why my #1 plants buds look more light and airy and #2 look nice and heavy?


@MattyBear, or those who may know. I tagged you Matty because I know you just did this. I would like to do a little defoliating. I could use a little room under the plants to water them as well as maybe trim a little around some of the lower bud sites. I would do this on #1 first since #2 is where most of what ever yields I get will come from. That plant looks great. So any advise as to if I should do it or how much so I don’t go over board. I was checking out another grow on line and he did his BDA. His responded great to a bit of trimming.
Thanks again


If they are autos, I don’t take my scissors to them. I tuck and LST as much as I can. With photoperiod plants, depending on how dense the canopy is, I’ll take leaves off that are blocking sites that won’t stay tucked. Not too many at a time so it doesn’t get stressed. It’s really a feel thing and the more you grow the better you’ll get at reading your plants and deciding what’s best to do for each individual plant. Try taking the smaller larf buds and blocking leaves on one and only tuck the other plant, that way you can see why most growers don’t like keeping larf buds on, unless they use them for hash or oils. Then you’ll want to keep as much plant material as you can.


Thanks. I will do that. I will leave #2 alone since it is doing so good and test on #1 tonight. Thanks :grin: I trimmed a lot on the last round. More out of need. Getting rid of all the leaves I killed. Those plants were hard to kill. You would have thought i was trying to kill them. They kept bouncing back though. I do like the autos. They seem to be pretty forgiving to any mistakes I make.


Well another day gone by lol Today feels much better. I still have the same issues. But it is not the end of the world lol I ran with just the bloom lights on for the last 2 nights. Nothing changed other than my humidity went up to 70%. The plants did not get worse or better. I changed the lights back to both veg & bloom. More to keep the heat up and humidity down. It seems odd that when I went to feed. All my plants felt heavy like I had just watered them. When I fed. I got about the same run off that I normally do. Maybe the plants are just gaining weight :grin: I am out of ideas right now so I think I am just going to have to ride this one out. Hmmmm, seems like i have been there before lol As for the flowers. They do look like they are still adding on and getting a little bigger each day.
Being the glutton for punishment and all. I dropped another GS seed in water the other night. The White widow never sprouted. The GS did pop, and I put it in a rapid rooter and under a CFL light tonight. I am only doing this to see if I may get away with mixing R.O. water and my tap if needed. Once this gets to be about 3 weeks old. I should know if it worked. I will grow this as big as I can. Then probably give it to a friend to finish. I don’t need any more to deal with in the tent right now. I give it a week and it will probably be a little harder to collect the run off water. The B.B is now about the same size as B.D. #2. I am pretty sure this GS plant is a female and not a male like the last round. To bad I will not have room for it too. Unless, I can keep it some what small. Then I could keep it in the closet. I have about 3 or 4 weeks before crossing that bridge. For now, I just want to keep the B.D. healthy :grin:

I just thought I would toss this in. I was going over my notes to see what might have changed to create my trouble here with the curling leaves. One thing did change. Since day one, my ph run off has been about a 6.9 to 7.3 Now that I am down to a 5.8 to 6.0. Things are not going as well. Realistically. I should have been around 5.8 the whole time. It would just never drop. Should I be thinking about raising my ph a touch to see if it helps? Or just leave things alone.time.


Ok, update time. What doesn’t kill you is supposed to make you stronger right? I am hoping so, or maybe my Big bud is. I figured out how to get another 6 inches out of my lights for the B.D. I then realized the B.B. was as tall or taller than B.D. 2. And it is just starting to flower. Meaning she would be starting to stretch some. Sooooo. I decided to move the B.D. to the back of the tent and the B.B. to the side where I could raise the light to the roof if needed. B.D. 2 was as tall as she will get. Or pretty close and would fit under the air duct work fine. All was good till I went to move the B.B. I lifted it and felt some resistance. looking down I saw what I thought was a branch caught up on the B.D. I sat it down and realized I had tied one branch down the the rack it was sitting on. I un did the tie and moved the plant out of the tent. After sitting it on the table. I noticed a branch leaning way over. I thought it just needed tie up. Turns out I ripped one of the main stems pretty bad. All I could think of doing at that time was to pull it back into place and tie it to the other main branch to hold it in place. Is there a way I should try and repair it? I really expected to see a dying plant this morning. looking at it right now. It looks perfectly healthy. Will it be a day or 2 before she starts showing she is hurt? other than that. I think the tent is set up so I can run to the end with out any more issues.
I was really surprised when I moved the B.D. I thought #2 was the plant with the most buds. Turns out #1 has it beat by a mile. Here is a picture of where I broke the branch. it is hard to see. Imagine pulling the branch down and putting it back up. You can see a faint white line where it tore. The other pictures are some before and after moves.

The torn branch on the B.B

Before move


Pictures of my first grow Big Bud Auto's

Your plants look great!


Thanks @MattyBear, I lucked out on the B.B. I nearly tore the whole branch off and it is still growing and adding new growth like nothing happened :grin: Also, Have decided I should get a digital otoscope so when I get closer to the end, and start asking questions again. I could show what I see. Any recommendations. I see there are a few to choose from and I would rather get one that a member here uses and likes. @Myfriendis410, @TDubWilly I would need it to work with windows but really would like one that worked with an android system so I could use my tablet with it. I am getting closer to the end. I still only see a few orange trichomes but am getting more orange pistols :grin:
Thanks for the help as usual :grin:


This is what I use, I can’t say it’s any better than others out there because this and a jewellers loupe are all that I have ever used. I like them both and they have both worked well for me :smiley:

USB Microscope, Potensic Endoscope Inspection Magnifier with Advanced CMOS Sensor 20X-200X Magnification IP67 Waterproof Compatible with Android Smartphone and PC

And my loupe

40X Illuminated Jeweler LED UV Lens Loupe Magnifier with Metal Construction and Optical Glass, with Kare and Kind Retail Package (40X x 25 mm, Silver)


Thanks, I have some thing similar to the second link there. I was just going to ask about the first link you posted. I had just downloaded the app to check if I had the OTG. I do. I am going to order that now. Says I will have it monday :grin:


That’s pretty much what I have too.


Ok, how screwed am I? I just fed tonight and noticed both Blue Dreams have shown male banana sacks. I checked the buds and see what I am sure are seeds in the process there too.:roll_eyes: I had planned on trying to make canna butter with most of this. I am guessing that in no longer an option? Also, Any chance there may be a bright side here and the seeds will make more auto plants. I can only hope I don’t have this happen to the AK and B.B. I am not starting another grow till these are all out of the tent. I made a few fixable mistakes again this round. I want to address every thing before going for round 3. I will try to get a picture tonight but it is super obvious they have switched teams.


Oh, I’m sorry, @Not2SureYet, that really sucks, but at least you caught it before he did any damage. Get rid of him asap.


It is both my plants that are flowering. Only a few more weeks to go before they would have been done. I know I stressed them quiet a few times. I was just thought I had dodged a bullet


It happens to everyone, some plants are just very finicky and any little bit of stress will turn them. It’s not really your fault, just get rid of them and take care of your girls.


So both plants have to go. I was hoping for a little better news lol They are nice and sticky too. If this keeps up. I may have to start drinking LOL Makes almost 5 months with no prize lol


I can’t tell from these pics. You’re certain they are both males? If you are, then yeah, I’m sorry, but they really have to go.


Does this make it any better. I am I just assuming. I wasn’t even sure I was in flower till I was told lol
This should let you blow it up. Looking at it blown up. It looks like there are white hairs coming out of them.


The only thing I see is two swollen callyx, that’s it. I don’t see balls or nanners.


You have no idea how much better you just made me feel if these are still females. I saw the little sacks and though that meant it is a male. Good thing I ordered the scope so I can show what I see later. I know I will have to ask if these are ready to harvest when I get to that point.