Grow journal----Blue Dream auto & Big Bud auto. Round two


Have you seen @highcountrygal’s kief making method? To make your budder/ticture/etc stronger w/o having to use more solution to cover more herb, you can make kief & use that to make budder/tinctures/etc. That way it’ll be more concentrated in a smaller amount of carrier liquid.


I haven’t. Looks like I have a lot more to learn than I though. I have a feeling I will be reading a lot tonight. I will have to look and see what I have here to chop it up with. Hopefully she drops by and I can pick her brain too :grin:


I see @blackthumbbetty has you covered, but if you need help just tag me.


Does the keif have to be decarbed as well? I can’t recall but I thought @highcountrygal put her trim in the freezer before making her keif but can’t remembered if that was decarbed first or if at all.


Do you mean when you make kief? You would only decarb when making edibles, and yes I would decarb the Kief.


Here ya go buddy.


Decarb it AFTER it’s been turned into kief, at least that’s what I do.:grinning: The chart above shows just how much of a difference decarbing makes.


Thanks every one. I thought I was going to be ready to do this saturday. I think I better do more reading. A little more involved than I expected. Just more for me to learn :grin: I am sure I will have a few questions come friday. My nephew graduates tomorrow. The years go way to fast. Thanks for the tips and links. I am looking forward to this next adventure.


@blackthumbbetty, @raustin, If I was to de carb some of the buds tomorrow. Do I have to use it right away. Or do I have a couple days wiggle room. I was thinking of doing some of the buds tomorrow. It may be a little bit before I can get the kief screen. Also I don’t have a coffee grinder so can I use a knife? I know it will take a lot more time to do.


You can use your fingers. Break it up smaller than you would for a joint, very crumbly & fine. If you decarb now but want to use it later, if you can, decarb using a closed mason jar (finger tighten it, then back it off by a quarter turn) in the oven, using a water bath. This will help preserve as many of the oils as possible. Let cool, tighten lid, and store in fridge til ready for use.


Thanks. I will re read tomorrow. My brain is done from a long day. Now I am back to issues with my AK. I just seem to have bad luck every time I try to grow this.

I am going to ask opinions here as well. I will do this in 3 seperate post so each picture can be blown up. The first is what the AK is like now. It just started getting bad the last few days. Looking at the chart in the second picture. I am thinking I may need to up the K “potassium”. Ant opinions? I have only been feeding 1/4 strength


This the chart. I think I have a deficiency. The flowering slowed to almost a stop which is alos listed on here. My ph run off is now down to about 5.1


And here are the specs for my nutes. I am wondering if I should up this to a half to see what happens. I don’t want the B.B. to start having issues since it is getting close to the finish
Thanks again

@MattyBear, @raustin


As you know I am no expert however upping your nutes might make it worse if your ph is so low on run off. What I did recently when I started noticing a tiny bit of what you have, not this advanced though, started fixing my ph with nutes same strenght just upped the ph of the solution to 7. The run off is now better and the issue didn’t progress.

You might have a build up in soil and adding stronger nutes will just continue the build up as ph is low and no intake of nutes happens cus its locked.

Wait for more experienced growers though;)


I agree with @rumpelstiltskin completely mate, I would also get your Ph sorted or you won’t as @rumpelstiltskin also has said be able to get you plant to take anything in regards nutes I would give it a flush with just Ph’d water and take a number off test’s if you can reason being if you could take 1 and dump runoff then more water and take another and dump and then a 3rd and check all and things regarding your Ph should be back in line let her drip for a bit before putting her back in only if you feel this will help @Not2SureYet it can take sometime, let your Plant dry out then and then add your nutes next feeding, I do hope this help you out mate :v:️.


@rumpelstiltskin is correct, your ph is way too low and adding more nutes will only make it worse. If I remember correctly, you’re in soil, so your Ph should be 6.3-6.8. Also, I believe you have a calcium deficiency, so adding those nutes won’t help anyway. Get that Ph sorted out first.


did you train these autos at all??


@amosmoses, I topped the AK and both had a little lst. Not much though. I did a lot more on the B.D. I just put the trellis net over the AK earlier this week. Mostly because it was getting to tall for that tent.

I want to say thanks to every one. You are all correct. @rumpelstiltskin, you caught that fast :grin:

Like others I know on here. I have had heat stroke before too. Yesterday I sat in the sun for 3 hours during my nephews graduation from high school. I am pretty proud of that kid. Not only did he graduate, he did it with a 4.4 grade average. :grin: By the time I got home I was feeling pretty bad from the sun. When I noticed the AK, my brain went straight back to the GS plants i did.

I went to bed thinking about this. I woke up about 2 am and realized i was looking at how to fix this and not why. I realized my ph was so far off that I was locking every thing out as you all caught. :grin:
I got up and mixed up some Floarakleen and gave it to both plants. The B.B. ph had dropped 2 tenths yesterday. So it got it as a preventative. After watering it down good. It was back to 5.8
The AK was not letting me off that easy. I spent from 2am till 7:30 this morning on it. I ran florakleen through, then watered twice. No change. I ran florakleen through again and the run off showed a .1 drop. I watered again, checked and was now at 5.4. I watered again and got up to 5.7 this time. I fed just a touch to both since they will get fed later tonight. Right now I am 85% sure I have this straightened out. I will feed the AK light tonight and if all is still good. I will go back to regular feeding for it the next go round.
I am pretty sure by noon I will be ready for a nap since I was up all night. I was determend not to loose another AK though. Today is friday so pictures tonight LOL
Thanks for all the help again :grin:


Oh my oh my, you should let them rest now :wink: just water or feed when they dry off after that thsunami with a higher ph and it should be just fine I guess. Mine got 7ph feed today and run off was at 6.6 so next one will be at 6.8 or 6.9 and run off should be perfect then.

Our weather got sunny recently which is a miracle and everyone started complaining! I want to kill them but I understand cus them folks didn’t have a proper summer since 1129 :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: so they are definetly not used to it!

Hope you didn’t get to big of a sun stroke @Not2SureYet, you have to think about your babies! Who would care for them if you get yourself into trouble;)


I think the AK felt like it was getting water boarded LOL Glad to hear you got a handle on yours @rumpelstiltskin, I am still a little burnt out from being up most of the night. If it straightens out the AK it was worth it. It is on week 11 now. The B.B. is now on week 12.