Grow journal 2nd indoor grow

Seeds were planted on 5/6. 5/9 they sprouted and this is what they look like now

This is the cash crop mix pack from ILGM


@Kw_bat this is my new girls

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Six, Ha, going to have your hands full soon!

I have Six new ones broke top on 4-28

I sure am but it’s all good I have nothing but time and this is a great hobby to do it with usually I loose interest after just a little bit but with this I love it

This might sound like a dumb question but I have noticed that you guys and gals have named your girls Is that just a habit or superstition?

I am thinking about trying to clone once they are old enough any recommendations on how to do this ? And what to use ? I looked at a couple of cloning machines so far

I can’t speak for anyone else but for me, I just named mine to keep track of who was who. That way if I have an issue I can go back and look through notes, or feedings to diagnose a problem you may have. Im sure others just have fun with it.


Sprayed my girls today and they are growing fast the initial leaves are really starting to develop real nice they are starting to stretch some but from what I understand that’s just the genetics of them so when they get older gonna try some LST and try to get them to grow horizontally some instead of completely vertical

What do you spray your plants with? Curious

I use miracle gro all purpose plant food i use a very little bit in a gallon sprayer as a foliar spray it says a tea spoon for a gallon but I only use a little bit in a gallon jug until they are a about a month old then I go to half a tea spoon per gallon of water but as nutrient I use the same thing 3/4 teaspoon in a 3 gallon sprayer and haven’t had any problems yet

These are my girls at a week old

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@420budman here are my girls at a week old so far

They are adorable :heart_eyes:

I use miracle gro organics all purpose container mix for my soil and it has done wonders for me and you can get a big bag of it for under 15 bucks I’m not sure if Home Depot carries but I know Lowe’s does for sure and somebody recommended that I use fox farm grow big, big bloom and tiger bloom i am waiting on it to arrive now but for the time being I just been using miracle gro all purpose plant food and it’s amazing for growing healthy sturdy plants during veg stage and flower stage I used miracle grow big bloom cause that’s all I could afford for my first grow lol

My budget def seems in line with yours lol. I’m getting the miracle grow tomorrow you suggested and have the foxfarm nutes in my cart with Amazon right now lol

Make sure it’s the organics all purpose container mix cause I almost bought the wrong one I got in line to check out and realized i had picked up in ground soil mix lol.

Process of building my grow room still need to get a good ventilation and odor control kit and reflective film and a couple of other things but work in progress