Grow journal #2


No likes but looking like winter came early! Thats gon be some dope smoke


Still has weeks to go.


Lovely :blush: jabely nice and wonderful


Lookin’ good. Nice and frosty. Pass the sugar please.


Those leaves so frosty they look like spider hairs! :drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face: gon be :dash:


Closer look. How much longer yall think?
20181102_1913005 20181102_1913028 20181102_1913035 20181102_1913041 20181102_1913046 20181102_1913055


You’ve got a lot of cloudy with some clear and no amber, so I would say at least another two weeks depending on your preference.


Would you say now is the time to split the stem and go to ph’d plain water? @raustin


I would wait a few days to split the stem, but yes, you can start flushing with plain water now.


You sure only 2 weeks left?

20181103_2141009 20181103_2141027


My concern is I will cut out a nute feeding too soon.


Then go ahead and give the last feeding then go to plain water for your flush. It’s up to you, you can wait to start the flush.


Some of those pics with amber look like sugar leaves. Make sure ur checking the buds themselves. (I know we say it alot) but the leaves amber first


Buds are really packing on some size right now. Had to add support to keep some up! Even the small ones are as big as my hand stretched out.

Still seeing some clear, but a lot of cloudy. No amber yet. Any amber color you see is lighting…
20181110_1437046 20181110_1437009
Pulled some popcorn nugs off the other day. Cant wait to try them out!


O she is getting CLOSER. Watch those ambers. When u see the first i bet they explode in days. Well done :clap:t5::clap:t5:


Lookin’ great. Won’t be long now.


20181115_1610048 20181115_1612031



Yes that is a cat to the right of the plant. That’s how big it is. That is a 10 gallon pot… huge colas and huge buds.


My my my… :drooling_face::drooling_face: the cat say ‘ i dont know what that smell is… but i LOVE this shiny a** room’


Wicked nice BK King. Cat’s waiting for his catnip trimmings. Out of likes for a bit. image