Grow journal #2


Alright yall. I’ve moved to an undisclosed location. My name or even my presence here has not been spoken to anyone or written down. Mail goes to a P.O. Box in a different town. Security is tight here.
With that said, I’ve started germinating some Banana Kush. Soaked in water 24hrs. Placed in a seed starter cube. Using Pro Mix in a 10 gallon once it pops. Nutes I’ll be using are foxfarm, bloodmeal, and bonemeal. Not doing any transplanting this time. I have the space in my grow room for 5 plants, but I’m going to take my time with 1. Feminized, but not auto. I’m going for a huge scrog job with this one. I will post pics when she pops. Let’s see how it goes together! If I forget someone please tag them for me or join and watch the progress!


Thanks for the tag, Brother!