Grow journal #2


Alright yall. I’ve moved to an undisclosed location. My name or even my presence here has not been spoken to anyone or written down. Mail goes to a P.O. Box in a different town. Security is tight here.
With that said, I’ve started germinating some Banana Kush. Soaked in water 24hrs. Placed in a seed starter cube. Using Pro Mix in a 10 gallon once it pops. Nutes I’ll be using are foxfarm, bloodmeal, and bonemeal. Not doing any transplanting this time. I have the space in my grow room for 5 plants, but I’m going to take my time with 1. Feminized, but not auto. I’m going for a huge scrog job with this one. I will post pics when she pops. Let’s see how it goes together! If I forget someone please tag them for me or join and watch the progress!


Thanks for the tag, Brother!


From the time she popped she has had a purple stem. I know it is not a bad thing at all. Some plants just are that way. I’m hoping she doesnt grow out of it! Kind of a slow starter, but shes finally going. She will have her own 4.5x4.5 tent to grow big and wide in.


Dang, looking good! She looks so perfect. I’m off to a rough start with my first grow (Hindu Kush) but hopefully I’ll manage :slight_smile:


Just spent way too much reordering all the nutes, ph up and down, scrog net, etc… this little girl better be happy lol. Stems are staying purple, and even the leaves are starting to have purple veins. This is going to be a beautiful plant. Look out bud of the month, I’m coming for ya lol.


Shes growing like a, well, weed lol.


Everything is growing good.


Looking like she’s taking off! Damn, the difference two days have made.


@Mr.Indica crazy isn’t it? Love the fact the purple is staying so far. Was worried it was going to grow out of it. This will be my first experience with Banana Kush. I can tell you that the aroma is already forming. So young and so stanky. You can smell her as soon as you walk in the room.


Probably growing fast because of the lighting. This is enough for 4 plants on 1 lol.


Hey im watchin if you don’t mind and i have a question for ya about how much water and how often are you giving? @VoodooKing

and looking sweet man!


Hahah yeah that’ll do it! That’s awesome that she’s able to handle that much light. Mine are still too small to blast hard. So it’s all about waiting game for me right now.

I know once I transplant into 5 gallon from cup and give light/nutes she’ll take off.

I’m watching :face_with_monocle:


I water when the top layer of dirt is dry to about an inch. I’m making a gallon at a time to use. She is in a 10 gallon fabric pot too, so it can take more water each time then anything smaller. I usually get 5% to 10% run off each watering. Shes still just a baby, so nutes are a no go at this time. Just plain water. I’ll start nutes as soon as my new calmag gets here in a few days.


Cut her down and left the top 2. Now the real training begins! She did grow out of most of the purple color… Sad I know. I cant believe how wonderful she smells already though.


I lined the walls and floor with mylar. I tried to take a picture, but the reflection is intense. Comes out all crappy looking. This girl is really taking off though.


Just did some bending and training. Going to fill the net. Remember that’s a 10 gallon pot lol. Looks small, but it’s not.



Check out the knuckles on this gal lol


Growing fast for sure


Week 2 coming up into flower. No new pics, but I can share these. This is prior to the switch. This is 1 plant. 4ftx4ft canopy.