Grow is a success, then

It is always so cool to get to the end of a successful grow.
It is at this point you remember you have to trim the whole mess!!

Surprized Spock


Feels like this


Yes. Yes it does!!! I even have a bowl trimmer for the smaller buds and it is still a chore and a half!!

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You should see my plants. Trimming takes over 2 weeks.

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Poor @MrPeat ! I feel your pain. (Well when I’m not sampling my grow).
I only grow 4 hydro plants at a time with a hand full of Pro-mix potted mothers and clones that I flower to get rid of. Love the result, but even with my 4 large hydro plants it takes hours. 2 weeks??!!! I would be getting some help! :crazy_face: :sneezing_face:

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@Reticence Here is a sample.


Very nice indeed!!!
I use a Screen of Green. Keeps height down, but makes more work for sure to get under net trimming done and spread out in the 3.5 x 8’ space the 4 stations get.

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Trimming is my favorite part actually. The wife and I sit down and just start blasting through em.


Can’t think of a better time, more fun than scrabble.

Wet is a mess, dry trim takes patience