Grow indoor without a tent

Hi there fellow growers!

I have a customer here who needs some help with growing indoors.

‘We are doing our first indoor grow but unfortunately don’t have room for a tent. Below is a picture of some 2-3 week old seedlings. They were very lanky so I repotted them all deeper in the soil but they still seem to be reaching. The best temp I can keep in the grow room is about 68-70, humidity isn’t great, at 40%…I’m thinking about adding another humidifier and the 600W LED (veg light on) are 12" from the tops. Are we wasting our time trying to grow without a tent?’

Some additional details:

  • Strain: Blue Dream
  • Type (fem/auto/reg): feminized
  • Climate (indoor/outdoor): Inside without a grow tent
  • Medium (soil/hydro/details): Regular potting soil
  • pH of runoff or solution in reservoir: PH is 6.5
  • Nutrient mix strength (EC/TDS): none added
  • Light type & schedule: 600W LED - 16/8 schedule
  • Temperatures day & night: 68-70
  • Humidity day & night: 43-47%
  • Ventilation: 7" fan on low a few hours a day to give a slight breeze to strengthen their stems
  • AC: none
  • Humidifier: yes (2)
  • De-humidifier: none
  • Co2: none

Running at least 2 hrs short lights on, needs 18/6 minimum during veg.
And what kind of “600” watt light? Lower the light another 2-4" as long as it’s not to hot.


Tents are more important for photo periods than autos because they need to be kept truly dark during lights off in flower.


Welcome , no you’re not wasting your time and yes you can have a successful grow without a tent.


The seeds stretching is from trying to get closer to the light. My guess is the 600 watt light is more likely a 100w light. Purely a guess. Would lower like @StonedCold13 said. He’s spot on.

You will need more light to finish any one of these plants that’s for sure.

If you bought a decent light make sure it is turned up and not sitting at its lowest setting (if it’s adjustable).

Good luck!


When you answered - Feminized I take it to mean photoperiod. The key to growing photoperiod strains is the ability to provide complete darkness for 12 hours during a 24 hour period. If you can not guarantee meeting this 12 hour dark period requirement then you are wasting your time growing photoperiods. On the other hand, autoperiods do not have this requirement.

What are your plans for the plants when they start getting bigger? The plants can take a lot of space depending on how you grow them. When I grow 4 plants in my 3x3, each plant is allotted 2.25’. Right now I am growing two in that tent so the each gets twice the amount of space.

I converted an unused bathroom into a light proofed grow space.

I usually grow a single auto or photo in the frame. This one is a six plant SOG.

Somehow you will have to suspend a light above the plant and be able to adjust it up & down.
If you have to spread your plans around you will need a light for each plant. For single plants or a 2x2 space a light like HLG 135 would be an excellent place to start.
It can be done. It will take some effort and creativity and of course a few $$.

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Thanks everyone…really appreciate the help. We’re in our 60s now, don’t smoke anymore but my husband got a seed from a friend when he was in Mississippi last Christmas (don’t know what it was) so we put it in a pot this past Spring. We didn’t keep any kind of journal, I fed it when I remembered, harvested, dried and cured according to what I had been reading and it turned out to be a beautiful plant… according to my daughter and husband, taste was great and so was the buz. I wish now we had tried harder to clone…tried twice and they both died. Since then I have been reading nonstop about the caring of these girls. Back in the day we threw a seed in the ground, harvested, hung it in the shed and smoked it. So that’s a little background on us but back to the Blue Dream little girls we got going on. I will lower the lights and change lighting schedule but how about the humidity? I’ve got two of them in there now and it did help a bit with humidity but I’m not sure enough. The highest I can get is 47% but they are small and and don’t even run 24 hours so by the time I fill them again the humidity has dropped. This is my first forum I’ve ever joined so be kind, not sure what I’m doing yet…in fact I’m not even sure where to find this thread without going back to the email ILGM sent me! lol. Here’s the picture of the mystery plant if anyone would recognize it. We grew a Strawberry Cough and Jack Herer a little later than this one and neither one of them had the beautiful red leaves.


Welcome. A lot of us fall into the I grow only category. Based on what you said you are able to provide complete darkness while photoperiods flower?


Yes, I’ll able to do complete darkness but I’m wondering what happens if you don’t, example the mystery plant stayed outside this past summer until harvest and the light cycle wasn’t 12/12…it got light around 6:30ish and dark by 8:30, 9.

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If the dark period is interrupted significantly a female plant may become hermaphrodites. That is, a female cannabis plant when subjected to certain stresses may hermie. Meaning it can grow both female and male parts so it can pollinate itself. That is one of the primary reasons a tent is used. Also help with environmental controls


I need some help understanding these lights because I have a sneaking suspicion those might be the culprit too because we think these things are growing too slow. Good news is the 2 supposed 600W ones I have which really aren’t I can still return to Amazon. Why do they say 600 if they aren’t? Someone mentioned they’re really 100w? Here’s what I bought " TOAD LED Grow Lights 600W, Dual Switch Full Spectrum Plant Grow Lamp, Dual Chips Plants Light for Hydroponic Indoor Veg and Flower with Daisy Chain Function, Sunglass(Dual Chips 10W LEDs 60Pcs)" The HLG 135 is no longer available on Amazon, I’ll keep looking.

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[quote="rusticwhisper, post:12, topic:784
TOAD LED Grow Lights 600W

First paragraph of its description
【 High Brightness & High Yields】: Compare with the traditional grow lamps,LED grow lights for indoor plants uses a high-tech dual chip SMD led Technology,service Life is more than 110000 hours, it can increase the light by 35%.adopts dual-chip LEDs (10W) to improve PAR value, brighter and efficient, but consuming only 85 watts.
The light I use for seedling and early veg is 65 watts. You will be unable to flower a plant and produce even half-way decent buds with only 85 watts.
It is best to go to HLG website (horticultural lighting group). That way you have direct customer service, great to deal with, fast and DUDE get you 10% discount

For single plant, small spaces this is a light many use.
I have three 260 V2 Rspec in a 32x72" closet.
There other choices. If it has veg and bloom switches - generally avoid them.