Grow in South FL, Only budding on bottom (in shade)



Hi I’m new to Forums, But I’ve bought seeds here a few times with reasonable success.
I planted my Amnesia Haze fem & Blueberry fem in Late July using Growboxes. I topped them as recommended and now in January they have been budding for 2 months and only at the bottom, in the shaded part. They have grown over 8’ tall, one got 9-10’ so I had to give it away because it’s not exactly stealth:) The Blueberry is about 6’, next time I will buy autoflower, but what do I do now?? I bought “big Bud” and applied it! The fence in background is 8’ tall. DSC_0179|690x458


The parts in the shade are probably staying dark enough for long enough to start budding. How much daylight are you getting in your part of the world?


That seems a lot later in the season to start than normal.

@Budbrother may know a little about outdoor plants there.


Currently, I have a few autos finishing up before the cold set in for a few months. 10 hrs light, Makes me wonder why your plants have stalled. What’s the runoff ph?


Sunrise about 6sm Eastern, a d sunset at around 6 give or take 40 minutes