Grow in 8 weeks

A question from a fellow grower:

I just wanted to ask a question on how can I get a plant from seed to bud in 8weeks.

An auto flower will be your best chance , or you can do a short vegged and switch it but I don’t really think either will finish in 8 weeks . Latewood just had a auto grow go 110 days to finish . It’s really no exact time line honestly , it takes patience , unless you growing from clones .

If you propagate a seed, and veg it for 6-8 weeks; Induce flowering by changing photo period from 18/5 to 12/12, the plant will bud.

If you are asking if you can plant a seed and harvest in 8 weeks…You cannot. If you do; You will have wasted over 60% of your weight due to the fact that buds mature, then gain weight, and fatten up only during the last few weeks of flowering period.

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