Grow in 5 gallon bucket?

A question from a fellow grower:

Is it possible to grow outside in a 5 gallon bucket rather than soil?

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Sure! But I would recommend putting some soil in that bucket :wink:


I did a 72 plant grow outside last summer using 5 gallon buckets, along with 7 and 10 gallon pots

I think it better to grow in pots 3-5-7-10gals. Pot to control how you feed your babys especially for Organic growingbecause really if you grow in the ground you don’t know what kind of contaminants or bugs worms army wormsso that that’s just mean but I still do grow in the ground only for like long seasons because I like my roots to stretch so intense becomes bigger

I have been growing or useing 3 gal buckets. When I did my harvest the other day I noticed that the roots were all bunched up at the bottom of each bucket. I know now why my plants didn’t grow. I plan on switching to 5 gal buckets, this will give the root system of the plant two more gal of dirt to spread out and grow much bigger more yield.


I’ve been using 30 gallon rope buckets for years,each hold a whole bag of Happy Frog. Depending on the strain,6-13 oz dry weight per plant is my norm. They will grow to 5-6 ft high.

Right on there Pete, I don’t have that kinda room…lol…wish I did though!


Us grow bags they make all every size 10 gal is good.