Grow II, The White Widow AF Saga





My girl startd shooting pistils are 30 days as well! From seed too :joy::joy: definitely a shocking but welcome surprise. I recently edited my journal to account for a 2 week transition into flower. And added a couple days for β€˜seedling stage’. Think she vegged all of 18 days :joy::man_shrugging:t5:


I’m not posting this to sell this particular brand but I did find the article interesting.

Back story- last grow was in plastic 5 gal planters and my girls were 11" at most at harvest.

This grow, 3 out of 4 girls are in grow bags and 1 in a plastic container. The ones in fabric pots are twice the size of the one in plastic (her name is Elvira) and are about 20" at 30 days from sprout.

My conclusion, fabric pots are the way to go and are WAY cheaper than plastic planters (which you will have to alter to ensure proper drainage). I got my 5 7 gal bags online for 8.95 free shipping with Prime, plastic containers cost me 4.99 each at Dollar General.

I want to hear your opinions :metal:


Im in plastic this season. Switching to fabrics asap. Nothing but :+1:t5::+1:t5::+1:t5: Reviews


I use 7 gallon bags and am happy with the results. What I particularly like is the fact that they help aerate the soil. If you overwater it tends to dissipate more quickly.

Im not a pro but I believe you are spot on.

BTW harvested half of WW2 today. Rust running up sugar leaves. It was a little early but what the heck.


Family picture time!!!

Elvira (in plastic pot) is FINALLY big enough to start training.


@Zia_Farmer, pics?


let me guess, ugly duckling female growing up to be beautiful? Fascinating.


I agree with you on fabric pots.
At my actual farm I have switched to 10 gallon fabric pots for melons and herbs. They last multiple seasons, have white color to help with dehydrative loss and overheating of roots, and are cheap as well.
They also help with the heavy watering hand as mentioned and allow it to wick out.


Time for laughter-



Recieved a sign from above…it’s gonna be a great harvest!!

My guard dog standing watch :joy::joy:

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Rain gone but sun is too here


This dried out fast. I live in the high desert. Still a tad damp but not much. It tastes fine. Earthy. Instant buzz, lasts about 30 minutes. I do have a hig tolerance though. All in the head.

This is the 3 colas, the rest is still growing.

WW1 doing well. Darn its Friday I was supposed to take pictures and get opinions on harvest.


JUst think of all those nuggets at the end of the rainbow. Nice pup!


I think I recognize that mountain. And the weather is like that here too.



Time for the weekly update- I know everyone likes pictures so grab a drink, sit down and buckle up cause I’m dropping major pics today- HOLLA!!

So here are the girls at 5 weeks old, getting bigger by the minute. As you can see, they are now wider than the container they are homes in…except for Elvira but I tell ya, she is a fighter!!!

These are in the same order as above but closer up to show how I have trained them to branch out. Each branch has nice buds in pre-flower for 5 days now, with many tiny bud sites all over the girls. In the 2nd picture, that is my pride and joy. She has 11 -13 major flowering branches with many secondary shoots with buds.
I plan to start thinning out the tiny leaves and bud sites to allow all the goodies to the main flowers.


Grrrrrrrrr!!! Slow damn internet. Living out in the boonies has it’s perks but just as many downsides. I’m going in town in a few hours so I’ll upload the pictures then, my apologies.

Well, I least I have your undivided attention now :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:




Close up of training, same order as above


And finally, I have to show off my new girls-