Grow II, The White Widow AF Saga



Yup congrats on the harvest. Sucks on the booze. Bottoms up


I was wondering how that was going for you. that’s okay at least you have a base to start from now and know what maybe to try next time. You’ll get it I know you will.


Reduce down the everclear ( not using flame electric plate or stove due to vapors in a well ventilated area)to an oil and mix it with vape juice vg/pg


If it’s liquidy you need to finish evaporating off the alcohol. Let it sit in an open container with a coffee filter covering it to keep any unwanted stuff getting in. Give it a few days like that. Then if you go to Walmart in the isle where cake baking supplies are you can find flavoring additives. Specifically look for brands like TFA, Loreannes, Flavor west, Capello not sure on spelling but any of those brands will work. Add about 2% of flavoring to the liquid then test. Some take as much as 15% but most are good at 10% but always start low some flavors are insanely strong.


Woke up to mold in my drying room. Lost .5oz to mold.
Increased airflow to help dry dense buds.



:flushed::scream::disappointed_relieved: hope you keep it at bay!! Did you wash the buds I was thinking of doing that this harvest?


@Midwestnewbie, yes. This is just from lack of airflow, my previous harvests were all airy so circulation wasn’t an issue. I have fan running facing closet in hopes of rectifying issue.

And the wash water was quite nasty indeed.


:scream::scream::scream::scream: noooooo. Get circulation stat! #BudLivesMatter


Ahhh gotcha I will have to step my game up in that regard as well!


My stubborn girl, 14th week from sprout. It’s been raining 2 days and more tomorrow so this is where she will be hanging out for a bit.


Nothing beats the smell of opening a jar of 30 day cured bud and taking in a deep whiff. And as for the contents of said jar-


Good morning peeps!!

7 day dried test nugget. The harvest was timed perfectly to get a 50/50 cloudy/amber tric mix.


Comment away brother


Good Pre-National Eating Day!!!

Too bad my stubborn girl isn’t this frosty from trics :drooling_face:
At the rate she is strolling along at, she won’t be harvest ready til around Christmas…she was planted in August. She will be a 5.5-6 month auto…:thinking:

Thank you for the rescue @dbrn32!!


Those are some neat lookin leafs :face_with_monocle: @N00BIE


Should be a tasty Christmas treat.


@N00BIE how’d that 7 day trial bud treat ya?


Better and stronger than my 40 day cured bud. I harvested when evenly ambered and cloudy, my 40 day was harvested at all cloudy.


Can u do the same for my blk widow grow