Grow II, The White Widow AF Saga



As I predicted, I one of my girls has just about completely defoliated, all that is left are sugar leaves, a majority have black spots and the last remaining fan leaves. She is nowhere near ready for harvest, hoping she can limp along for another 2 weeks.


Elvira is almost in the same boat but she has more fan leaves left.


This one is the furthest behind in regards to bud maturity. I’m hoping to be able to save most of her growth and get her to harvest.


Wrong journal. Sorry bro :joy:


And finally, Bertha. She is the most mature and will be ready in 2 weeks max.

These girls are 10 weeks from seed so I know their time is limited.


After a week with no big leaves, I made the decision to harvest my weakest girls. I can say that if this girl is this sticky harvesting 2-3 weeks early, I cant wait to see results from full term harvest.
With the harvest around the corner, foliage is no longer a main concern. I did do a peroxide bath, water wasn’t as bad as I was expecting which I guess is a good thing :blush:.

One down, 3 to go.


What was the spaghetti spoon for? Lol.

Congrats on the harvest.


@raustin, to show lenght… Wifey’s idea. Lol


Oh, lol, ok.


Today was another harvest day, quite saddened by this one. This girl has been my pride and joy, I will miss her. I wish I had another week or so with her but the bud rot was NOT taking my harvest.

2 down, 2 to go.


Nice harvest! I’ve been smoking a lot since my ladies came down. Excellent smoke.


2 plants down, 2-32oz mason jars full and ready for curing.


@N00BIE. Sorry to hear about your loses but looks like you are salvaging something. Sounds like most everyone is having some issues of some kind. I cut one ww early so far. 3 bg 2 ak47 and 1 more ww to go. Some bud rot going on. Good luck. Got 1 good z for smoking 1 z for butter.


Got 2 girls left from my July grow, hoping to let them fatten up a week more before I cut it down, they have ZERO fan leaves left.

This is a grow I started 30 days later, I can’t seem to get their ailment under control. I have tried Green Cleaner, H2O2 spray, Spinosad Soap and tobacco spray. I have resigned myself to only watering them from now on. I sprinkled Dr. Earth 5-8-4 and will just water nutrients in.
I don’t know if they are lost cause, 30-40 days left before harvest and I severely doubt there will be any fan leaves left in 2 weeks.
These last 2-3 weeks have been hell, chasing problems and concerns, thinking maybe everything I threw at them could have effected the girls…don’t know.


@N00BIE I cut some of the lower popcorn producing branches off to give more to the upper branches.


Getting ready to go for horseback ride down some dirt roads around house. Gotta be prepared:

This will be first test of my recent harvest which is a week into curing.


Elvira and one other from July grow. Trics still look clear to me, hoping the lack of leaves doesn’t affect bud maturity.


Starting to see amber on sugar leaves :drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face:!!
Splitting stem and starting 48 hours of darkness tomorrow.

This will be the last of the July grow, still have 5 ladies going strong due by 1st or 2nd week in November.


November BOTM winner in the making:

WWA 4 weeks from harvest.


My girl got a booboo today :persevere::cry:.
Offshoot snapped right off, dressed it with honey and wired it back together.