Grow II, The White Widow AF Saga


Come along as my growing experience grows. I currently have a journal for my Lowryder AF girls, 2 weeks or so out of harvest. I made a ton of mistakes, cost me one of my girls but I gained a ton of experience. The members on this forum get all the credit for my newfound knowledge, without your expert advice, I would not be here for a 2nd grow.

Anywho, I now present you Grow II:

White Widow Auto Flowering X5
Planted- 7/12
Method- Jiffy Natural & Organic Seed Starter Mix
OMRI Approved, Certified and Stamped
in red Solo cup with clear soda bottle
dome. (Medium moistened with 6.6 PH
well water).
Habitat- Outdoors under 100%shade, about 80° Day 65-70 Nights


Hope y’all don’t mind the tag.

Noobie outdoor grow, LowRyder autoflowering

Good luck with the new grow! I’ll be watching, and always here if you need me.


Hey thanks @N00BIE I’m honored. I’ll follow along for your next grow. This going to be great!


Heck yeah!
With the experience you obtained, this grow Orta be killer . Set to watching, I’ll be :eyes:


Let it grow!


Lucky im still waiting for my 5 WW seeds to arrive they were shipped the day you planted these …


Hey buddy, when I clicked on your profile pic, I thought you had gone back in time and snapped a pic of my dad. You look just like him. Made me tear up a bit


Thanks for the Compliment Buddy, Sorry for you’re loss , Betcha he was an Awesome Dad .


Thanks, but he’s still alive. Just health is declining and it reminded me of better times


@tribblesr Took 7-10 days at most for my seeds to arrive. My first order was about 15-20 days.


well here is another photo i hope you enjoy . Tell you’re dad I’m praying for him and I hope he gets well .


I am a proud pappie to triplets this morning. Planted evening of 7/12 so not even a full 4 days to sprout 3.


Just got home, checked ladies to see if other 2 popped through but all I found was the girl looking like she came straight out of Little Shop of Horrors. She apparently has fangs, do I need Holy Water, silver bullets or should I just let her grow to see what a monster she becomes?


Never seen anything like that. What about you guys @raustin @Myfriendis410 @garrigan65 @Donaldj


Holy sh*t, I’ve never seen anything like that before! It looks like maybe the roots have grown through the leaves somehow. I can’t imagine how that happened.


It looks like the leaf tips are mutated genetically and are lacking chlorophyll.


30X loupe-


You might just be seeing the first leaf tips earlier than normal because of the one cotyledon…just guessing.



One more has erupted, one more to go. The special girl has been named Elvira by my wife :joy:

More pics to come when all have erupted.



I would let "IT " grow just to see what becomes of her. Should be interesting to say the least