Grow help my first grow please help me

I’m growing in a 70 30 Coco perlite blend from mother Earth. I’m using general organics. I bought 3 clones from 2 different dispenseries. I’ve had these clones for 5 days now. They are in 3 gal pots with a king led 1500 about 2 feet above canopy. The first clone I bought 2 days before the the other 2 and was just watering with no nutes. When I bought the other 2 I immediately transplanted them and feed them with 4 cups of water .25 tsp of camg .5 tsp of bio marine .5 tsp of bio thrive .25 tsp of bio root and 1/32 tsp of bio weed. The fallowing morning I transplanted the first clone. I feed all 3 with a gal of water mixed solution of camg 1 tsp bio marine 2 tsp bio thrive 2 tsp bio root 1 tsp bio weed 1/2 tsp. The following day I water each plant with a gal of solution with camg 2 tsp bio marine 4 tsp bio root 2 tsp bio weed 1 tsp bio thrive 4 tsp the ppm before pH up was 775 after pH up was 972 also was already was noticing the stems starting to turn purpleish. So after googleing what I think it maybe ( magnesium deficiency ) I decided the following day to give a gal of water with 329 ppm of camg and a pH of 5.3 tested the run off had a ppm of 755 and a pH 7.8 being so over saturated I’m think to let them dry out a little then run 1 gal of the water camg solution I had mixed before but need advice please help


Welcome to the forum. Plant looks good to me. I’m pretty sure you need to get your runoff below 6.5.
Purple petioles is usually a potassium deficiency.
Good luck

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Thank you

I think you are watering to often. Your plants do not look too bad but if you don’t let the root zone dry in between watering’s and have your ph right you can have all sorts of problems. May be flush with about 1/4 strength nutes at proper ph and let medium completely dry before next water/feed. Good luck!

Sorry, just saw you are in coco.

Plants overall look good. However, shows a little too much nitrogen. Small spots dunno, but not an issue. Containers need to be 5 gallon for better growth/harvest.

Tan hit the nail on the head. Looks less like calmag deficiency and more like N toxicity. Dial back on the nutes a bit. Maybe a straight water (with a dab of calmag) and monitor ppm runoff til it falls a bit.

Thanks for the help I have not watered in 2 days the medium is still damp to the touch so I’m gonna let it go a day or 2 and see how the medium feels and then I was thinking just do some camg and some bio thrive grow at like a 300 ppm and see how that goes and I planned on transplanting to bigger containers when the roots get developed in these pots better but if there’s anymore advice on how to feed or train or anything I’m all ears this is my first time so any pointers will help

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Hold off on the 300 ppms til next feed (after straight water). She has a meal for overnight :joy:

They all look pretty good. Happy healthy plants. How long do u plan on vegging for? Id probably do a topping, to allow side branches to get more vertical. And a bit of lst is always helpful (low stress training aka bending)

I agree. Let those babies dry out a bit. If you have a fan or two you can direct some air on them. They like it. My grow buddy @Not2SureYet uses coco and waters daily but only when the canopy can support it. I use Promix and water when needed (about every other day now) but likely will be watering daily very soon lol.

You might verify the calibration on your PH meter just for giggles as it’s nice to really KNOW where you are. I like to PH my input to 6.0 plus or minus. This seems to work for everything: coco and Promix as well as soil.


Your plants are looking pretty good. The first thing I noticed was you are ph’ing your nutes to 5.3? That is way to low and will cause a lot of issues soon if you don’t get it up. The safe zone more or less is 5.5 - 6.5 I ph between 5.8 and 6.1. Don’t worry about your run off numbers right now. They will float a little for the first 4 weeks or so. If you try changing you ph in out side of the preferred window. You will be chasing numbers through the whole grow. As long as your plants look good. Which odds are they will even if your number float. You will be good. This is my Brain killer. My run off has dropped to a 4.9 the last 2 times. It tends to float a little on me as well. While I am watching it close. I am not concerned about it right now. You will find that how light or heavy you feed has an effect on the run off numbers. I will try to follow your journey here. @Myfriendis410 is right about the watering. For what ever reason. The smaller the pot. The longer it takes them to dry out when they are young. Or that has been my experience. I haven’t heard of most of the nutes you are using. I will try to look them up. I found the GH flora grow trio works good for me and gives me no issues.
When I see purple stems. I double the cal mag i am using. I use 1/2 tsp per gal. in veg and by preflower. I am up to 1 tsp per gallon. About the last 4 weeks. I start cutting back on it.
This is just what I have found works for me. It may take one grow for you to figure out what works best for you. For the most part. This should get you running reasonably trouble free.

By Brain killer that has the 4.9 run off. She is super healthy looking and growing more every day.


I planned on vegging for a couple more weeks I wanna see how they start acting I want them to get to about 4 ft then scrog them and gonna get a couple more lights I want a light per plant and fingers crossed for a pound a plant and I had topped them the other day and at the moment my closet is to small for a fan I’m ordering a couple rolls of panda film and a portable ac unit so I can move them to the garage and I wanna throw some co2 in the mix any advise on co2 systems

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Your plants are looking great

You’re off to a great start, @Stump420. Welcome to ILGM! :v:

Thanks for the support

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So my plants are doing a lot better thanks for the help everyone but they are out growing my closet fast so I’m trying to decide whether to build or buy a grow tent so far what I’m finding it’s pretty close to the same cost either way I go about it I’m just stuck I know I need to act fast for my plants what do you all recommend I do

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Hmmm. Id probably build one if its possible n in ur realm of skills. U could nix any lighting leaks ahead of time. U can account for airflow and temp control.

But a tent comes ready made. Just make sure u invest in a good one. Think we have a few threads discussing different tents. Check the search function. May save u time starting the discussion back up

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Ok Kool thanks bro

Bought a grow tent to hold me over for now til my op gets bigger

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Sweet! Be sure to test the inside for light leaks. Just hop in, zip up and turn off lights. Any light sneaking in thru holes needs to be handled

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