Grow guide white widow autoflower

I’m on my 2nd grow and I just sprouted 3 white widow autoflower. Is there a guide line or some information that would help me decide a few things? Topping , nutrients, optimum light schedule. That kind of thing…thanks again and happy growing friends

Just ask your specific question and the advice will flow. :fountain:
Also browse the grow journals for someone who has grown WW.

I belong to more than one grow forum and, without doubt, this forum has given me more answers though the search function, than the other forums combined.

W.w autos here grow insane. Shoots everywhere. Its so wild i dont know how to tie them up half the time lol.

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Medical Man:

I have grown White Widow. Great strain. If an auto, don’t worry about the hours. Most people use 18/6 or 20/4. The only issue for the 20/4 is that I do closet grows and sometimes the lights kicking in limit the farmers (yours truly) sleep.

As to nutrients, you need to provide more info on your grow to help in that area. All I would say is check the PH of your water (with or without nutrients) 100% of the time.

For an overview of growing auto’s, watch this video: 180W HALF POUND AUTOFLOWER CLOSET (Full Grow Cycle: Seed to Harvest) - YouTube

Don’t try to buy the products mentioned unless you reside in Canada.

Remember: Growing is learning!


Just finished my first ww auto from ilgm and have a few more coming around the corner. Feel free to tag me on any questions you have about it.

Im very close to perfecting my auto organic dry amendment style Here is my guide/3rd grow journal oh an I might’ve forgotten hours I do 20/4 seed to harvest ( hah half pound closet I’m gonna get a pound+ from my closet)

Im only 5 days in. Am i on the right track?

Autos? Put them in the final big pot and fill it up with dirt