Grow Guide links now found easy

I have noticed that no one has offered you a Guide Book location of any kind. So I am listing this
“Front Home Page” of
“I love Marijuana dot com” (that is not part of this forum, but it is the actual website.)
It is loaded with most all the answers to any questions concerning marijuana. Indoor and outdoor grown, answers can be found there… I know, because I spent 3 days researching all the links found there. Really fabulous information, that I was having a hard time finding in this forum. Once you get to the website Home Page, scroll down and you will see.
The so Desperately needed info can be found at this link below… Just click on the blue words, “I Love Growing Marijuana - How can we help you grow today?”

Is 8t neccessary to post this multiple times ?

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Yeah might have got carried away a little bit. Thought it might be easier to find in multiple places. Since it ain’t too many other places. @BetrayedSoul

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There’s more, PDF Version
E-Books. 71 total Books I believe. All about Marijuana. Come check this out. THCCBD hooked me up with the link, so now it’s my turn to hook you up. Just click the blue words, “Cannabis Related Books - Free to download online”
scrolling down to get to book number 1-71