Grow guide for south east asia

Hi Everyone,

First time grower from India. I have bunch of questions reagarding my first grow. I am planning to grow 1 or 2 plant on balcony for personal use.

Climate Condition : Sunny with temprature ranging from 25 degree celsius to 38 degree celsius
Region : Costal, near to sea.
Humidity : Very high

  1. Lights : My balcony receives morning sunlight for 3 hours only. I have two 60 Led growlights that i ordered from aliexpress (,searchweb201602_1,searchweb201603_53).

I am hoping to hang those bulbs over the plant in open terrace. So 3 hours of sunliight and then overnight led light for 6-10 hours. Will it work that way? or do grow lights only works in closed spaces like grow box.

  1. Strain : I have ordered seeds sensi kush and silver haze auto fem from msnl, are these strains good for my grow method? We do not have much seedbanks. Couple of sellers have few local strain .
    What strains would you suggest from this site and msnl.

  2. Nutrients : We have limited availability of nutrients for canna grow in india. Products from companies like general hydroponics, ph3, jungle juice are either not available or very costly. We have following micro, bloom, grow product from local company ( However they do not have npk ration mentioned. They do have a user guide for vegetables and flower plant . Should i use it? Can anyone suggest something from available option

Also suggest if we need to use nutrient mixed water every time we water the plant or once in week.

  1. Grow Medium : After growing over numerous posts, i have decided to use soil-less medium due unavailibity of soild additives like bat guana and some other advantages. I have decided to use 40% coco peat, 35% compost and 25% perlite in 10-15 litre pot. All of these are easily available and are cheaper. Is this a good medium.
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Welcome to ILGM, that light is not adequate for growing, but outside in direct light if possible is better.
You’ll need nutrients, coco has none in it. Whatever NPK ratio you can find available will work.

Can’t link competitor seed banks here, sorry.

@dbrn32: thank you. I’ll upload strains names instead.

That site have very few local strains and can only deliver me quickly. However they have no auto or fem options. We do not have seedbanks here. Ordering from seedbank internationally do not guaranteed to be delivered for my location

Should I use soil instead of coco then? Or mix it half and half.

It won’t be possible to keep them in full sun.i can provide 3 hr of direct sunlight and rest 5-6 our of indirect day light. What lights do you suggest for one for two plant for such situation.

I would consider all soil if you have zero to nutrients available.

Lights, anything from Horticulture light group is a great light.
Not sure if you just should consider a tent at this point if you don’t get a lot of sun. @mtess

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A tent seems best

Thanks @Nuvoi. I have decided to invest in tent and grow light. I’m planning to buy following for growing 2 plants.

8080200cm tent
800 watt LED grow light with bloom and veg mode with hanging clips

Is this enough? Or will I need additional things. I do not have budget to invest in more things. Above setup is costing me around 200 USD.