Grow Dots anyone?

Anyone have any experience with this product?


Ive never heard of that

It sounds to good to be true but it’s made by Dude so makes me kinda want to believe it :man_shrugging:

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Ive jist read up on grow dots it seems to be a good product and it looks like it was made for cannabis plants it has all the nutrients that thay need for veg stage and it seems to have everything it needs for bloom in the other packet

I mean can you really just mix that in some coco and simply water each day from seed to harvest? Or even in soil if it’s that easy :man_shrugging: or rock wool​:thinking:

It wouldnt hurt to try it and if it doesnt work that well u feed it ur out door plants in ur garden and then you try down to earth products or something else

Yah thats what i was thinking to it would be good for someone who is just starting to learn how to grow cause it takes alot of the worry out of it

Probably not a good idea to add it to soil with nutes all ready like ocean forest or something. I tried finding videos of growers that have used it but I guess it’s a new product cuz I couldn’t find a single video on YouTube about it :rofl:

Yah if ur using ffof i wouldnt use it for at least a month or so until the nutrients are gone from the ffof

I’m thinking if autos by time you added it, it be to late in ocean forest. That stuff supposed to release high nitrogen first slowly work into flower nutes, by time ffof was out of nutes, autos are flower…
I’m thinking it be best with no or low nutrient substrate…

But this is stuff I’d like to ask someone that’s used it :rofl:

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Yah so would i cause im very interested in the product cause i grow autos and i make my own super soil but ive only just started to make my own this grow is my first time growing in a super soil i made and i use coco coir with peat and perlite mix with worm castings and bat guano and volcanic rock dust fertilizer and superworm frass and organic compost

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Imagine if you could just sprinkle this stuff in and not have to worry about mixing all those things up. It’s not cheap though :confused:

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The most expensive thing in my grow is the bat guano it was $65 the volcanic rock dust fertilizer was $35 and the rest was cheap but in saying that have a look at my girl

And you tell me if its worth it


Oh yeah I’d say its worth it.
I’d gladly pay fir these grow dots if I really thought it was that simple. I work alot and it’s so hard on me sometimes, and my garden suffers. This stuff could be just what I’m looking for maybe

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The way i grow it is simple once you get ur super soil done then its just water and more water and then some compost teas and in flower its banana and cucumber tea. I really do think that the grow dots is what it says it is there is no harm in trying it

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@BobbyDigital ck this out. Huh… if true …like your feedback please.

The $8 bag says that it “Feeds 1 Plant, Up to 7-Gallon Growing Container”, so cheap enough to give it a try. Like others mentioned, my guess is that lower-nute soil is preferred. They also recommend using Recharge during the grow, not a surprise, which is good to use, anyway.

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Not a fan of time release nutes since each plant handles nutrients differently. If there’s an issue you’re stuck with it. But cheap enough to experiment with it to see if it’s what it says it is.


Did you ck out their web site?

@Tezza2 Ouch! Things are mighty expensive in your Country! My original mix of soil was about was about $4 a gallon and I reuse it each grow. I bought everything on sale. Local organic soil, worm casings and perlite. I have to keep it KIS (Keep It Simple) since looking forward, I only have another good 15 years in this body.