Grow cycle of gorilla glue autoflower

From a fellow grower: I’ve bought your auto-flowering Gorilla Glue strain. I was really attracted to the 2 month flower time, but I am a complete beginner and I have some questions that I would really appreciate an answer to: 1. Is the grow cycle truly 8 weeks? Is it perhaps 8 weeks from the seedling stage? Does this mean that literally 8 weeks from planting the crop should be ready for harvest? 2. Do I switch to second stage nutrients at the exact halfway point? 3. Will I still be able to get a decent sized yield if I don’t use fertilizer and protector as you’ve recommended?

8 weeks is the est flowering time.
Add about 4-5 weeks to this for veg and sexual maturity. ( pistils to show ).
A lot of autos can give pretty substantial yields if treated properly during their grow cycle. ( Lights , temp , feed , etc ).
Some of the better experienced growers can achieve 10-12 oz per plant. 4-6 would be a reasonable estimate for your first grow.
Hope this helps a bit. :wink::+1::v:

  1. Ultimately the finish date is subjective, but the prevailing method on this forum is to visually check the trichomes under >60x magnification. You will see the glandular heads turn from clear to opaque to amber. You can find many example online.

  2. We don’t know what medium you’re using. We don’t know what light setup you have. If you join here, and start a grow journal we can help you plan and execute.

  3. As far as yields go, for your first grow I personally would recommend a maximum of half-strength nutrients based on the manufacturer’s feeding schedule. So for example, if you use General Hydroponics, follow their schedule but cut the nutrient additive in half. I would not worry about comparing your first effort against anyone else’s; the people who manage massive yields are riding a dangerous edge that is too easy for a beginner to fall off. You can expect very good yields/input($) if you plan and execute correctly.


Here’s a grow journal where it took ~10 weeks. The thread also covers trichome development.