Grow Cupboard Advice


Have a cupboard 3’ wide x 6’ high x 2’ deep.
Aim to run a 600w HPS & 600w MH light with an electronic ballast under a reflector.
Is this an overkill on the lighting for this size cupboard ?
Main advice required is the exhaust fan - Can I use a Kitchen Rangehood (refer picts) ???
Carbon filters are available as well.



Here is the foot ratings for HID lamps. Yes 600watts for that cabinet is overkill.

2’x3’ 250watts
4’x4’ 400 watts
6’x6’ 600watts
6’x8’ 1000watts

The only way you could run such a high wattage in this cabinet would be to have at least a 6" vortex fan to exhaust, and very cool AC temps to draw from. It is going to get HOT!!!

I suggest you look into a 400w switchable MH/HPS with power settings. I have an Ipower 400w digital I bought off ebay got $100.00 bucks, approx. It switches down to 200 watts or 300watts. Regular high setting is 400 watts. I love this lamp. Came with both bulbs, hangers, reflector. Everything. Had it for a year with no issues.

If you can use a smaller lamp; You may be able to use a range hood with carbon filter. I just do not believe you could control temps with a 600watt lamp.

Hope this helps. Peace.lw