Grow Closet Temp Too Warm!

Once my seedlings are ready, I will transplant them into 5 gallon containers and move them into a grow closet where they will stay until I smoke them. However, as I prepare the closet and test the system in place, I am unable to get the temp below 78-80°F. Is this going to be a problem? It’s a small closet, 3’x5’x8’. Right now I have four 5500k CFL’s and four 2700k CLF’s hanging in there to provide lighting to 3 AK47 plants. I have four 4" single speed fans in the closet. Two down low, and two that will move up the wall as the plants grow. But this temp thing has me worried. Any thoughts?

small fans you mentioned are great for moving the air around. but what about bringing fresh air in? and moving warm air out?
at one time i popped a 2 - 4" holes in my closet…exterior was on other side, under deck in back. was perfect for fans to blow in/suck out (dont be juvenile heh). but if youre not able to do that somehow, you would have to provide cool air with an a/c or something.
either way,…your plants need fresh air!

also…80F is not a deal-breaker. def dont want much more that that. but 80 degrees wont kill most strains.

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I thought about cutting 2 holes in the cieling into the attic, but I sure would hate to make it even warmer. As for fresh air, the 2 fans I have a floor level draw in air via a 1.5 inch gap at the bottom of the closet door. Thanks for the input, Bud!

My Purple Kush are loving 83f but they are in a humid and sunny plant heaven also they are flowering. 80f is still doable you just have to keep closer eye on their soil they will drink hard and this can lead to nute burn as they suck up nutes with the water.

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My grow runs 75 to 82 more higher than not

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My tent runs around the same as the others. 77-80 daytime and they are doing just fine with 45-50% humidity.

My humidity runs 50 to 60

Excellent Info! I was starting to worry that I was going to have to start cutting holes. I rrrreally don’t want to have to do that. Thanks for the input, amigo!

No problem are you running a humidifier

The thing you have consider is that higher temps means lower humidity it becomes harder to keep humidity under control. A safe temp range for your plant is 65-85f but your plants can handle higher or lower for short durations adding air and exhaust is always a good thing. :slight_smile: meaning you can get away with your temps but will want the ability to control it to some degree.

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You might consider a humidifier , also think about growing strains that grow a round the equator, they like warmer temps. How many what’s are the light each? You could use the 5500 for the veg if they have enough actual watts.
Same for the 2700 CFLS.

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The 5500k’s are 200W equivalents and the 2700k’s are 100W equivalents. I have 8 bulbs, 4 of each, hanging in the closet right now from two seperate 4 socket lamp assemblies. Each assembly has two 5500k’s and two 2700k’s installed.

That’s what I was saying, if you have a heat problem with all the lights on, then you can use the 5500 lights then change to the 2700 k lights for flowering. Your lights in the 5500k will work I think but 6500k is better. I’m hopeing I’m telling you the right stuff. @Yoshii or some helps if I got mixed up.