Grow Challenge between the two of us


@Alton66 Hey my friend, here are a few more of the tomatio plants.

This last one and th one before is the one that had a dual trunk from one seed, and then had 2 more seeds pop in the pot. Just hated pluking them since they were so healthy. But likely will pull um or maybe transplant em. That might work. Put em outside.


Fantastic looking tomato plants!!! :slightly_smiling_face::+1::+1::+1:

I love growing tomatoes. Huge fan of the plant and how many different strains there are. :+1:

Here’s a couple of photos from 2014 showing seedlings growing under CFL’s and one showing my garden from the same year. That year I had sixty tomato plants along with squash, tomatillos and giant sunflowers.

Talk to you in a bit my friend.:slightly_smiling_face::+1:



Thanks buddy!!

I saved up and pulled the trigger on some good quality fixtures.:slightly_smiling_face::+1:


@Alton66 Great looking garden guy. That is fantastic. Havent had one looking near that good in years. Down here I am still working on getting a good soil going. So sandy that am having to mix as I go. Talk atcha later.



Thanks my friend!!!

You’ll get one going. I have faith in you.:slightly_smiling_face::+1:



I just saw the photo showing snow on your Suburban. Yikes!! That was a cold snap!!!:snowflake:


@Alton66 yea, eventually. Thinking of having a load of topsoil hauled in and just doing an elevated garden. Since ground level is all sand and either dry as heck or flooded have decided elevated is the way to go. Now got to figure out what panels to use. metal roofing panels are used, but sun hitting them is news. Maybe fiberglass, but those expensive. Ideas??

Glad you saw that photo of the truck. Yea, it was a cold snap alright. For Florida. Especially at the coast. 28 or 29 degrees I think.


Going elevated with a good load of garden soil will probably work. I’m going to have a little problem re sun/heat during the day and house lights reflecting at night in my outdoor garden in spring. I’m looking at a couple of things: sunshade sails or shade cloth. I’m still browsing through regular nursery and farm supplies websites for ideas and cheap alternatives. :grin:


@cyberblast you could use styrofoam insulating panels. Those might work for your application making a raised bed. No mold. If you purchase the thicker ones.


@Covertgrower I had read something about using the styrofoam panels. But seemed like that could be expensive? Never priced em before so dont know prices on those.


Well, I’m not certain of the prices either. The price in Alaska, makes it cheaper to use wood. It’s also not any where close to comparable probably to what you could source it for. Lol @cyberblast


@Covertgrower Likely not comparable. Dang…almost moved up there a few years back. Wish I had now. But oh well. The way my health went, likely just as well I didnt.

Will check into some prices here in town and see what I can find.


If you’re close to Pensacola they have a Habit for Humanity ReStore. You may find something there😊 and their inventory changes almost daily.


@SmoknGranny Habit for Humanity ReStore?? What is that? Never heard of it.


@SmoknGranny I have looked at the shade cloth for my porch cause it gets so hot in the daytime in the spring and summer there. Direct sun too. Way too much sun. What are sunshade sails? Not something I am familiar with, or at least with that name. Got to get a decent garden going come spring though. I miss having my fresh squash and more of my herbs. Also having some taters and other stuff growing. I love the fresh veggies as I am not able to eat much meat. I love it, dont get me wrong, but my stomach doesnt tolerate it well. I can eat poultry and fish better but still not like I used to in my younger days. So I eat veggies.


@bob31 @SmoknGranny @Alton66 @daz49 @Ray4x @Countryboyjvd1971 @Rugar89

Well, just wanted yalls opinion on the plant in this photo. I got a good idea but would like yalls confermation. At this point its about to be cut and trashed.

whatcha think? @Fever @Laurap


Well all, went ahead and trashed it. Originally I had wanted a male in this grow but the way things ran and other decisions made by me on things, well, a male was not needed nor wanted anymore. I hadnt figured on my other tent still having flowering plants in it, and if the male had spewed and I hope he didnt, then all my plants would likely get it. Be hard to keep it from spreading in this house. I looked at the balls and none looked ripe yet, but ya just never know. If you hear a head being banged on a wall sometime in the next few weeks…its me…and ya know why. :cry::grimacing::scream::crazy_face::exploding_head:


Yeah i would of trashed as well. Sux though


Please keep in mind my thriftiness … but I would use it for butter :grinning: But good move getting him away from the ladies


@SmoknGranny oh crap…wasnt thinking at all. Was a bit groggy this morning. actually quite a bit groggy and just not thinking good. I just trashed it. And too late to do any thing with trim off of it for budder. Oh well. I need to make sure any more not to do stuff when I am A. High B. Groggy from meds. C. high. D. Groggy from…you know. E. high or drunk. G. Groggy fro… H. high. I. High…and whatever.