Grow Challenge between the two of us


@SmoknGranny Potato soup is another one of my favorites. and is one my grandmother used to make as well. That was always one of my comfort foods. She made a potato soup with dumplings that was so good. I have tried to copy it but it just doesnt taste the same.

Yea, hope I do better before long. Went out today for a ride and felt alot better being out in the sun on a warm day. In fact it may have helped me turn the tide. Hope so.


I’m glad you got out :smiley:. A little fresh air & sunshine goes a long way for health.
I had a heck of a time trying to duplicate some family recipes and I’m not that great of a cook :man_cook:. My Mother-in-law reminded me about good old fashioned lard and bacon drippings Yep :+1: they were the “missing” ingredients! Sometimes it’s the little things :slightly_smiling_face:


i have 2 royal pythons ,one large older one and a smaller young one at 3 ft ,but over 25 years iv’e had quite a lot of snakes


@SmoknGranny you know what? That could be it. Lard and bacon drippings. I remember now my grandmother used to use those all the time. She used to keep a jar of drippings on the stove that she would dip in as needed. And thinking about it…that jar likely set there for 20 years or more. She used to fill it as needed every breakfast from the bacon. Likely there was some 20 year old bacon grease in there somewhere.

And I am feeling better. Not 100 percent yet, but doing better. Getting out like that did help alot. :smile_cat:


Yep :+1: It was the same thing I grew up with :grinning:. I don’t cook bacon often anymore but I’m saving the drippings now. Until a few years ago (now I cheat) I went back to using lard for certain pie crusts.
I’m glad you’re feeling a little better. You reminded me to start back on daily vitamin C!


I dont use much lard anymore, @SmoknGranny and the bacon gets cooked for the boys and my wife. I dont eat it myself. Something wrong with the taste with me. Anyway, I do save the drippings if there is enough. Family tends to get the lowerfat bacon. Hate it myself, but it doesnt leave as much drippings as the fatty bacon. Doesnt taste that great I think.

I have been using daily vitimins. but they didnt seem to help. But am feeling better today. Some better anyway. Getting out yesterday did help it seems.


@Alton66 @SmoknGranny @daz49 update on my grow here. Checking the plants today and it is a positive…they are in flower. And growing. All at about 22 inches tall from the pot. The clones are all doing well. The larger clone is at 8 inches tall and the other older one is about 5 to 6 inches tall. Both doing well. The other two are working their way. Still very droopy but still alive. Doing the same thing the older two did. So I think they will make it.

The tomato plants are going good. Got 3 of them in 1 gallon fabric pots. And two in the other tent. All doing good. Gave em some nutes the same time as I gave nutes to my girls. Oh, and all 4 of the bag seed plants are girls. Pretty much no mistake about that. Unless they change…:wink: But they sure look doing good. No problems with them to date. I had hopped for one male but no luck. For some reason I have a feeling these aarent bag seed but are feminized. Wish I knew what breed they are. They have a sweetish smell to them. Very light. In fact, they kinda smell like my OG kush plant in the other tent. Def not WW or Gold Leaf. But do have a good smell, like I said, like the og Kush. Sweetish, maybe a hint of skunk.

Oh well…going to pull everything out of the tent tomorrow and do some house cleaning in there and put the plants in some new overflow bowls and such. Need something better than what I have in there. Put a washing machine overflow plate in the other tent. Fit just right. Dont know if one would fit in this tent, but I think I will try next week.


Since I quit baking pies from scratch I use the lard for making outdoor birdseed balls :smiley: I have a hard time paying $5-6 a pound for bacon. So it’s a special treat here.
Taking vitamins is a good idea and as long as the weather holds try getting out as much as you feel up to :hugs:


That’s good news about your ladies. My two clones from my WW ‘s hermed on me.( possibly from the Eclipse?) I’m saving the seeds and may throw them out to improve the local ditch weed​:rofl:. I’m concerned about my spring outdoor grow with all that darn ditch weed around :rage:
I’m glad the washing machine tray fit your tent and hopefully will make things easier for you.
I was playing with the idea of starting some tomatoes inside. But not sure yet. I may hit you up later about that :wink:. In the meantime, I’m still trying to decide about a feminized sativa to grow :thinking:


There is a pot on the oven of a restaurant featured in man vs food that has never been washed and the secret is that all new sauce has that depth of flavor from the years of cooking.



Excellent news!!!

I’d love to see a shot of your tomato plants as well.:slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve looked at washing machine overflow trays for the plants
too. Excellent idea at a fraction of the cost of plant specific overflow trays.:+1:

Plants on my end are growing fast. The largest plant is approaching scrog net height of 24 inches due to growth and the larger grow bags.

I’m going to feed them tomorrow.
Next Friday is the five week veg mark so I’m going to
Flip them to flower then.
I hope your feeling better my friend.

Talk to you and everyone else a little later.:slightly_smiling_face::+1:


@Fever I think I saw that episode? I do vaguely remember that. And you are right, that pot was the same pot been used for alot of years. Saw the same kind of thing on the traveling food show. Where it was a pot of grease or something like that as well. And it had been used for 50 years or something like that if I remember it right.


@Alton66 I will take a few shots of the tomatos tomorrow if I have a chance.

Found out why I have been so sick. I checked my sugar tonite…it was 356. Not good. Had lost my machine a couple months back, the va gave me a new one the onther day. Just got it out today to check it out and testing found out what the problem was. Soooo…that is a high blood sugar. I have been on the pills for it but guess they arent doing the job. Anyway might be at the docs or in the hospital tomorrow… No telling at this point.

The washing machine trays are esxcellent. Dont get it from the Home Depot. Too expensive there. Cost me 30 bucks for it. But I will admit…its heavy duty worth the price I guess.

My plants are at 22 inches ABOVE the pots themselves. So I guess a total of 34 or 35 inches.
they have really jumped the last couple of days. And definately in flower. The clones arent showing anything except good growth. So maybe they might take the light as normal untl they actually mature. Give em another 4 or 5 inches and will see what happens.

Good luck on flipping to flower. Sure you noticed since I tagged you, having problems with my main grow. And right after all said I was doing so well. But couldnt see these leaves as they were at the back and then the lights. SOOOO will see and what goes on the next few days.


@SmoknGranny Cant believe both your clones hemmed on you. Were they outside or inside?

That would be a tasty ditch. :rofl: You got much ditch weed around you? Might be worthwhile cultivating some of it to make your own. If its in a discrete area for you.

Yea, I was surprised it fit my tent almost perfect. My tent is 48x36x72 The tray is 46x 34. Cant get much better than that. My other tent is 48x30 so it wont fit it. Too bad. But I do have some things I can use that will work. Tubs that 36 x 24 x5 Fit two pots in each. They only cost 6 bucks each so work for me…cheap. :wink:
If you going for a good one to grow, go with the Gold Leaf. It is doing fantastic in my tent. Looks like its going to put out a bunch of buds Got at least 12 colas and a few more coming out the sides. They are getting big too. Starting Friday, will be day 1 of week 3 of flower. And they are really smelling good. So is my OG Kush. It is very sweet smelling right now. Smells like sugar to me. That is one you might try but it is considered one of the harder grows.

I hadnt had any problem till just now though. bob31 thinks I am not feeding her enough. Could be. Been afraid of overfeeding the girls. The Gold Leaf just cruises along. Its considered a very easy grow for beginners and it is.

Growing tomatos is easy. And to make them bushy all you got to do is pinch the tops like you do the mj and they will branch out lower. Just keep that up and you got a bush. Otherwise they will grow one main stem that will try to grow through the top of your tent. IF you grow outside. You can still pinch the tops though to reduce the height. I found that helps alot even outside.


Yep both hermed. And outside during the eclipse. I was just tickled pink that 2 out of the 4 cuttings I took actually grew :grinning:
The local ditch weed here is not smokable. Trust me, I tried it :nauseated_face: it’s more hemp with very low THC. And in my rural area it’s pretty rampant. I’m hoping to “enhance” it with a few seed here and there :smiling_imp: Since the County cleaned up the roads and ditches around my property this summer it’s going to be interesting to see what comes up in the spring.
I looked at the Gold Leaf & it’s a possibility. :grin:. Whatever I end up with will have to be hardy and not a “Princess”. I can’t afford more than the basics for growing outside. I’m slowly working on a Topic with lots of questions for a small scale outdoor budget grow. I’m in “research” mode now.
I tried just an outdoor container veggie garden this past summer. I made a lot of mistakes but that was the reason for doing it. Definitely will NOT plant watermelons in that area again :rofl:. I’m also going for larger containers for a few things. It’s all a learning process and I’m hoping to do better next Spring.



Wow!! No wonder you were feeling so crappy!!!

My ex wife has diabetes and sometimes she would go through some really low and high sugar problems.

I’m glad you have this thing taken care of! :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah the VA came through.

I saw those trays at Home Depot and your right they’re very heavy duty and costly. With that being said and like you said you are getting what you pay for with those it looks like.

I’ve seen some on Amazon at a more reasonable cost so if I decide to buy one I’m thinking I’ll go that route.

Excellent to hear about your plants!! They sound like they’re loving life.:slightly_smiling_face:

Smart to continue to allow the clones to grow a bit more before putting them under the more intense light. :+1:

As your post on your journal indicated , your plants have revived from whatever was going on.:+1: Hey, even though he didn’t do it you could blame the frog!!! :frog: bbwwaaa!! :smiley:

Again I’m very happy your feeling better my friend.:+1::slightly_smiling_face:

Talk with you in a bit.


Hi my friend!!

The plants are doing really well so far and have fully rebounded from being transplanted this past Monday.

Next Friday I’m going to flip them to flower.

I’m going to pull the trigger on another two COB fixture this coming check ( the 15th ).

I’m placing one two COB fixture on each side of the Optic-6. The PAR numbers will be very good.

Tomorrow is feeding day. I’m using House & Garden two part for my base and General Hydroponics additives.

Here’s a couple of photos from this morning.:slightly_smiling_face:

I look forward to seeing some photos of your tomatoes. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

Again I’m glad your feeling better my friend!

Talk at cha a little later.:slightly_smiling_face::+1::four_leaf_clover:


Nice lights


yea, for sure @Fever , he has some great lights. And is getting more next week. I plan on getting a couple more myself, not cobbs. But white light led’s Got one so far with my others, getting at least one more the end of the month.


@Alton66 Hey bud…meant to take some photos of the tomato plants, but then realized I had a couple I could put up here and then take some good ones tomorrow. Not been a day for taking photos for me.

This is one of the tomato plants. This one sprouted I guess a week ago, maybe a bit longer. Really likes it in the tents. Got 5 more, six more. Another one in this main tent, main grow, and then 4 in our challenge tent. here. Its quite a bit bigger. Had one seed split into two trunks and then two other seeds sprout, for a total of 3 seeds in that pot. You think that be okay or should I pinch the two independent seeds. They are in 3 gallon pots, but it mind bind their roots. Will like just pinch the 2 seeds off. Just hated doing it cause they were so healthy. ya know.