Grow Challenge between the two of us



They’re in a 5 X 5 tent. I’m very sure that the plants will fill out every inch of that.

Yeah, the reason why I want to lollipop is to reduce mold and fungus issues as the air becomes stagnant underneath a scrogged canopy. I believe weighing any sort of reduction in production versus notably reducing disease percentage has me choosing lollipopping.


I have a 4x4 and 4 filled it out totally, I’d say 2 scrogged would have been ideal and I use a dehumidifier in mine and I got it after a little mold on my first grow, never had any mold since, I know it can be a big problem, where abouts are you


@Alton66 Hey guy, just a note up top on this reply on your lollypopping. I dont go along with that really. All I did was clear the bottom 3 to 4 inches so there would be some clearence for air. And there is plenty. Your plants once they start flowering will drop bottom leaves all on their own. Believe me. I have had to clear leaves that just turned yellow or just fell. Not a huge amount but noticable. If you got two fans, might add one and put it low. And folks that scrog usually will put a fan under the scrog level for the purpose of keeping the air moving down there. Up to you though. Think on it. Also, my big tent is 3 x4x6 and just the 3 left in there are crowding it. If I had another plant in there it would look like a scrog. They are crowding each other as it is. Will put some new photos in my grow book there and tag ya so you can look at em before you do anything to yours.

Your plants are looking great. Healthy as the dickens. Had an issue with my WW in the other tent. I think I got it taken care of but will see. Yea, I looked at those plants in our tent race again this morning and I have to agree with you. I think they are in flower. Boy was that quick. Whats it been…6 days since I went to 14/10? 7 ? Dont remember offhand. They sure converted quick. Growing like weeds for sure. So is that first clone. Like I said…doubled in size in just a few days. Couldnt believe those leaves healed themselves.

Yea, the other clones will droop. The first two did that too and remember…didnt think that second one would make it. And its doing great. Dont know what I am doing right, but its working. :wink:

And boy, you are right…you arent that far behind me. Catching up quick. Once you go into flower you will not believe how those plants will grow. My WW grew bigger just overnite. At least a couple of inches on the main colas.

Yea, hope my health improves some at least. This flu sucks cause it just takes it all from me.
Will post photos later of my main grow so you can see em. Seperates as well so can see well.

talk atcha later guy.


Lots of great points there, I have done scrogging twice and stem splitting 3 times so far but I will be doing it 2 more times with my present grow, any help I can be in that area then just holla and as far as scrogging is concerned, @hillcrest21678 is the scrog master, he talked me into scrogging with my first grow


@Alton66 @daz49 Here are the photos I promised:

Posted singly Not sure just what this one will be:

Okay, this one is one showing the tops of my Gold Leaf and the White Widow. They are crowing each other already and only second week of flower.


@Alton66 @daz49 Next one:

The white widow by herself


@Alton66 @daz49 Another one

Cola on my OG Kush second week of flower


Omg looking luscious in there my friend, you are doing really well, how long have you been growing,i have reached my maximum likes already lol or all your girls would be getting likes


@Alton66 @daz49 One more


@Alton66 @daz49 Would you believe this was Florida…2 winters ago.

And this is one of my tomato plants I put in this tent. Just sprouted a few days ago.


I’ve been told were supposed to be in for snow next week but we’ll see how that goes


@daz49 This tent is my first grow. Flat running out of room in the second week. Bushy as the dickens. Even with the plants that are supposed to be tall. I topped and fimed all of them and was planning on scrogging but decided not to with the way they were bushing out. Would not have had ANY room.


@daz49 Yea, will believe that when it happens. The day we got that above was supposed to be clear.


I’m on my 3rd grow, growing indoors in a 120 x 120 x 200 cm tent, I have tried to be really experimental with my grows, from scrogging, fimming, topping and stem splitting, but before this i had never grown anything before in my life ever, it’s a great little community group here, really friendly, 100% helpful as much as they can and so much more information out there than you realise


@daz49 In my second grow here with @Alton66 with those bag seed plants. Was just and is just in fun and to experiment. Doing these grows to get meds for myself because of my health problems but also big time to have fun. And experiment, like you.

And yea…everyone here is great. Really helpful and they will watch out for you. If they see something in your grow that you didnt, they will tell you so your grow doesnt go south.

Seen few fights or bad mouthing of members. It has happened but it is cut off real quick. Not allowed because dong want anyone feeling bad. Especially since most folks here got enough problems without someone trying to add any.


I’m so sorry you’re still not feeling well. Something that helped me (prior to diagnosis of IBS) was chicken flavored Ramen noodles. It was the ONLY food I was able to eat until I got the right medicine. I’m not sure if it’ll work for you but it’s worth a try :grinning:


@SmoknGranny hehe…just to let ya know…I am a chicken soup guzzler. I get the cambells chicken noodle and the ramen chicken, and as a side, the pork ramen. Yea, alot of ties I cant eat anything but the chicken soup or ramen noodles. Alot of times soup is all I will eat for days. Right now…that is what I am eating.

Forgot to thank you for the suggestion. But we are alot alike it looks like cause I have eaten chicken soup since I was a sprout. My grandmother was big believer in it. And really used it in alot of recipe’s. She was from a German family and her first husband was german so she cooked alot of stuff from that culture. :smile:


Very true and well said, I started growing for my medication, I am on lots of medication for emphysema and epilepsy and the seizures are caused by the meds and I have a few other side effects from the meds, so I want to get off the meds and treat all the side effects with the cannabis and ihave always loved to smoke cannabis so it’s great it can be medicinal to, but I need to try more ways to take the cannabis other than just the smoking to save my lungs, so I’ve done canabutter and brownies and cookies, I’ve done and want to continue with canna capsules, I also want to make bubble hash and kief and honey


You’re welcome. Homemade potato soup was my family go-to instead of chicken soup. But I do like a good homemade chicken noodle soup :drooling_face:. I do keep a stock of Campbell soups and hubby will request chicken noodle when he’s having intestinal problems now. Soak ritz crackers in the broth for a little more substance :slightly_smiling_face:. I just hope you feel better soon my friend :hugs:


@daz49 hey guy, what kind of snakes do you have? Only reptile I ever owned was a Tiger Nute I found outside one day in Colorado. Grew to be about 11 inches long. Would come to me to be fed and be fed by hand. Was an interesting little pet. I had forgotten you were over there in the UK when you mentioned the snow. If you get it, could get quite a bit being on the coast there. The total in the photo up there is about the most we would ever get. Most of that was ice. Didnt stick on the roads, fortunately. South Texas will get some bad sleet storms on occasion and I have seen hundreds of accidents in one storm in one town. Folks dont know how to drive on the stuff.

Would love to be there where you are when it snows. Imagine it is beautiful. Had some photos I had taken down on the coast there with a storm off shore and the big waves on the big rocks were really something to see. We get waves like that here too but dont have the big rocks onshore. Just sand dunes. Can be interesting when they break on the levees and piers.

Am looking to go out taking photos this coming weekend. See what I can find to get shots of.