Grow Challenge between the two of us


@Alton66 hey bud. Looking good.:crossed_fingers: And that bottom right plant looks like it might be taking off as well. Funny how those genetics can work.:thinking::smiley:



I’m sorry you are still not well.
Let’s hope the doctor will take care of that!!:slightly_smiling_face::+1:

How are your new lights working out for you so far?



Hey happy Sunday buddy!

I hope your feeling better.:face_with_thermometer::sneezing_face:

Yesterday I lightly watered the plants with some cal/mag added. Today marks week three day two of veg.

I topped the largest plant (Northern Lights) again a couple of days ago.

I also topped for the second time the Northern Lights plant in the bottom right of the photo this morning.
That one is the second largest out of the six going.

Tomorrow I’m going to transplant into the seven gallon bags.

Talk atcha a little bit later today.:slightly_smiling_face::+1:


@Fever That is very possible. I did that with my first LED’s.


The second are my first “good” ones lol


@Fever Problem is that a person can think they are doing good and are actually killing the plant with love. So easy to do. :crazy_face:



Hi ya buddy!!

How are you feeling? I haven’t heard from you here for a couple of days.

I transplanted today into seven gallon bags.

In their final homes now.:+1:

How are your new lights working for you?

Talk with you in a bit my friend.:slightly_smiling_face::+1:


@Alton66 Hey bud, been in and out here. Just didnt cross paths I guess. Not been feeling the best yet. Still got that bug and dealing with. The shots the doc gave me the other day didnt do much other than make feel like crap.

Wow, bet that took a while. What dirt did you use? I just went to the grow shop and got a couple bags of happy frog. They were out of the Ocean Forest which is what i usually use. They did find me a couple of 4 gallon bags of OForest but that is small for me. Usually get the 25 gallon minimum size. Got a barrel I use for mixing.

The new lights are doing good. The Redoala or however its spelled is great. My OG Kush loves it. The other new ones are in this tent for our grow. If you remember I did switch the lights to 14/10 to see what happens. Well, not sure. The one plant looks like it might be trying to transition to flower. The others…not sure. Will take some photos in the morning and post them so you can see for yourself. The clones love the light schedule and the light. They are about 30 inches from the light and are doing good. Wouldnt believe it but a couple of the leaves on each that had turned bright yellow while trying to get em to root, have turned back green. Never saw leaves do that. Usually damaged stay that way and just die. Not these. Been amazed. The one clone still has a couple of the yellow leaves on one side. The other side turned back green. Will include a photo of that clone.

The other two clones are still trying to root. They are still good to go so have high hopes for them. But they were small cuts off the momma. I didnt want to do a super crop and lose two cola’s. These two were the only ones up underneath since I cropped it some under there a couple weeks ago and from when I took the first two clones.

When I post the photos tomorrow will do singles so you and all can get good close looks.

Oh, on my main grow tent I looked at a couple of the top colas on my og kush and boy do they look frosty. The trichomes are looking nice. Hard to believe they are only in their second week of flower over there. The colas a growing huge. Buds coming out all along the length of the OG Kush and the Gold Leaf. As usual, the White widow is behind them. Just now getting some good white stems on top. Not much yet in the way of buds down the stems of the colas yet. On the OGK and GL they are starting to drop lower leaves. The are flowering fast. Not sure just how long they will last in flower. Want to make sure I get 2 weeks of just water and also split the stem too. That is something I want to do. Going to test the difference with one of the clones and see how much of a difference it makes.

Take care, will talk atcha more later.



Hey that’s you are!!

Damn buddy it’s time to shake that bug you have!
I’m sorry to hear this.

Yes I’d did rake awhile to transplant

I use Happy Frog. I amend it with approx 25% perlite.

I’ve never used Ocean Forest. From what I’ve read Happy Frog is a bit denser than Ocean Forest.

A barrel for mixing sound really good. I need one of those.

Excellent on your new light doing good for you! Glad to hear it! I’m buying another two COB light this coming check identical to the one I bought last month.

Very interesting on your 14/10 light schedule.

I wouldn’t be surprised that that plant is trying to flower.
I very much look forward to seeing the photos.
I’ll post some photos of where mine are at as well.

Bright yellow leaves? Wow, I’ve never seen that either.

Excellent on some frost !!!:slightly_smiling_face:

I’m also interested in your stem splitting, you’ll have to take photos of that as well .

Okay my friend feel better and I’ll talk with you in the morning.:slightly_smiling_face::+1:


@Alton66 Okay, here are the photos i promised you going to post them singly so they can be expanded.

The color is off on this, but this is the one clone that still has some yellow on the first leaves. A few days ago the same leaves were almost full yellow. Sorry about the color. Got to get a white lite that doesnt screw up the color.


@Alton66 The other clone. The lower leaves were solid yellow. Now look at them. Green.

Dont go by the color of the photo. Still working on getting a white lite for the tents so my colors are correct.


@Alton66 Okay, here are the other plants in the tent. Do they look like they are trying to flower to you?


@Alton66 Here are the other two. What do you think?


@Alton66 A quick shot of my tomato plant. The black …oh crap…gone blank. you have e. Oops, lost it. Will dig it out tomorrow.


@Alton66 Only time I used happy frog, I had the very small bag of it when I started my main grow and mixed it in with the Ocean forest for the plants over there. I am out of perlite and forgot to get some while at the grow shop. Will run by there tomorrow and get some.Cha Ching by FF while there today. I like that place and like their selection but their prices suck.

I can believe it took a while. Did the plants handle it okay? I imagine they got pretty droopy by the time you got through it. Cause you couldnt water em till you finished. That sucked.

Yea, I wanted to try that 14/10 schedule just to see what happens plus what happens to the clones. That one clone, the all green one, in reality, has really jumped size the last couple of days. Its doubled in size. The other one has grown as well. Those top leaves werent there 3 days ago. The other two clones are under the cup lids. Not sure if you can see em. Anyway, they are still rooting and are in the droopy stage. I had to do another clone today, but of one of the bag seed plants. I accidently broke, no chance to repair, one stem, high up. PIssed me off. Anyway, if they have converted to flower, it was a super crop so will see what happens. Got plenty of seeds though. Will be nice if someone is able to guess at what the plants are.

Yea, the tops were really frosty in the other tent.

I hope that stem splitting actually does some good. So many folks are doing it, I hope it does.

I hope I start feeling better soon myself. It really sucks feeling like this all day, every day. Never ending seems like. Tried to eat something tonite and had to stop after a few bites. Got an appointment tomorrow for lab work. Maybe they can find something.

Talk atcha later my friend. Going back to bed.



Hey, look at those plants!!!
They’re looking great!! :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

I hope your lab work will come up with a solution for you.

The one photo where you asked me if I thought that it was going into flower is looking like it to me.

Yes I can see the clones you were speaking of.

I am always taking notes about things like this so when it’s time for me to create clones for my perpetual grow I’ll be that much farther ahead.:+1:

Yeah I’m sure they’ll be a bit droopy until rooting sets in then off they go.

I’ll read up on stem splitting and see what your doing.:slightly_smiling_face:

Everything is looking great on your end!!

I’m not that far behind you.

In the next post here and in my grow journal I’m going to upload a photo I took this morning of the plants.

Got my fingers crossed and am praying for a good outcome health wise for you my friend.

Talk with you a bit later today.:slightly_smiling_face::+1:



Here’s the photo I took this morning at week three - day four of veg.

The plants have rebounded nicely after transplanting.
Seven gallon grow bags are absolutely huge.

I’m thinking I might go one week past my original four week veg time frame.

Since I’m going to scrog I’m thinking I can afford the stretch height wise after flipping them.

I’m going to lollipop them as well once the canopy is established.

Okay my friend talk with you a bit later today.:slightly_smiling_face::+1:


Looking great but I think you may find 6 a little overcrowded, is that a scrog net? Are you going to scrog aswell



Hey, :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes I’m going to scrog and lollipop. They’re in a 5 X 5 so
I’ll be able to give a decent amount of space between the plants so I’ll be able to get in to prune underneath the canopy.:+1:


how big is ya tent ? scrogging great idea but iv’e heard a lot of bad about the lollipopping as you tend to lose more than you can ever gain ,but ask the question before you do it ,see how everyone else feels about it ,otherwise your room will get well filled out either way you’ll do well