Grow Challenge between the two of us


@Laurap @Oldstoner did?? That is so cool. I grew a pineaple one time. Grew it from a top of one I bought at the grocery store. Not in a tent…didnt know anything about those back then. But took me a year to get that dang thing to finally get big. Even using lights. But didnt know squat about proper nutes and ph and such back then either. Was…20 years old…so that was over 40 years ago. 46 years to be exact. Those things arent easy and they need tropical climate.
Going to grow my tomatoes and some basil and maybe one other that is smelly that will help hide the smell of the mj. Basil will, plus alot of bugs that like mj dont like basil. The smell of basil will flat keep em out.


I don’t think that there in flower, but imo I’d veg longer.


@Wishingilivedina420state yea, I pretty much had decided to leave them at least another week to 2 weeks. After that will judge em and see. One or more of these could be males. Hard to tell just yet. Was thinking of trying to get some seeds out of this group, either by a male popping out or by one of the other methods for getting feminized seeds. Its a learning experience for me. I have my main grow going in my big tent and this one has been just for these bag seed grow and trying to grow some clones from my gold leaf girl in the big tent. She just had some genetics I want to save for another grow. And I still have some GL seeds too.

I know I likely sound kinda crazy for wanting to do this. But I want to learn and doing different things with my future grows.


Hello everyone!!

I hope all of you are having a fantastic Monday!!!:slightly_smiling_face::+1:

Today was feeding day.

It’s week two, day three of veg.

What I fed the plants is as follows;

House & Garden A-B for soil, General Hydroponics Diamond Nectar, General Hydroponics Cal/Mag, General Hydroponics Floralicious Plus and Re Charge mychorrizae.

I PH’d to 6.0 with a PPM approx. 600.

I’m uploading a couple of photos of how everything is looking so far.

Everyone have a fantastic rest of your Monday.


@Alton66 Hey bud, plants looking good. Didnt realize that yours was only 2.4 weeks into veg. For some reason, thought they were older. Mine is 4 weeks so you can def see the size difference. Got a problem though with putting them to flower. I got my clones in the same tent. Way too young to put under 12/12. So, am thinking of moving these to my main tent which is already on 12/12. I think I have room in there. Will be crowded, especiallly in a couple of weeks when my grow in there gets bigger. BUT, dont have much choice. Either that or pitch my clones…which I hate to do cause they are clones of my gold leaf girl, and 2 of them though not monster cropped were taken 2 weeks after start of 12/12. First week of flower. So they are doing good as well and want to keep them. So am scratching my head trying to figure things out.

Ideas guy? My one idea is to put em in the main tent. No other choice other than pitch the clones.

Posting the photo of my clones roots here too so folks can see how strong there are doing.

This was transplanted into this pot 5 days ago and outgrew it that fast. Had roots popping out of the bottom on the pair.


Sorry bro @cyberblast
I’m would hold off just a little longer if you can
Maybe another two weeks and then flower them
I do flower mine early sometimes if space is becoming a issue which doesn’t seem to be your case
Sorry for the late reply
Dealing with a family emergency so I’m in and off here
Mostly off firbthe next few days but I’ll be checking in lol



Hey good evening my friend!

I see your predicament.

I know you said you have more than one tent.
If you have an area or tent where you could veg these I have an idea.

The lights that I was using for seed starts for my competition tomatoes as well as a host of other vegetables were T-12 daylight spectrum cfl’s in a shop light setup all from Home Depot.

A couple of years ago I spent approx 15.00 for the shop light and around 15.00 for a two pack of bulbs.
The shop light came with hanging chains as well.

I ended up doubling this simply because I had a lot of plant starts.

If you have thirty bucks you could veg these for the time being.

An idea. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

I hope your feeling well today.:slightly_smiling_face:

Talk to you in a bit.


Hey bud, @Alton66 sorry hadnt got back to ya. Been sick. Still that way. The flu I think. Have an appointment tomorrow to get a flu shot. Guess thats a waste of time. Going to make the appointment anyway, just to see the doc, for all the good that will do.

Will look into getting a couple of those lights. Actually, I can get a couple of T5 lights on amazon for about 35 bucks each. 2 foot long with the bulbs. 4 bulbs per light. Not a bad deal actually. Prblem is my tents are getting crowded. Hardly any floor room in my main tent and in my small one with our race grow, getting to be the same. My bag seed growing there, plus my clones and my tomato plants as well. :roll_eyes: Hadnt planned on all of this. I almost need a third tent. :rofl:

Just wondering if I can block off an area and make light secure maybe and put the clones in there. Use a small t5 light for them and put all else in the larger part. Will try to figure something out.


Hey buddy!

Damn , I’m sorry to hear your so sick.

I understand as I had a confirmed case of the flu back in 2012. My health began to improve after 10 days in bed and on the eve of being admitted into the hospital for it.

I lost 12 pounds and it took almost another month to get back to full health.

If you can get T-5’s for around the same price than that’s what you should do! :+1:

That’s cool that you have tomato plants growing in there as well. What tomato strain are you growing?

Finding the room it appears is your next challenge. :slightly_smiling_face:

Okay my friend, I’ll pray for your better health.

Let me know how your doing!!

Speak soon.:slightly_smiling_face::+1:


@Alton66 been stuck in bed for the most part. But was feeling a bit better this am so been on the puter for a while. But it isnt lasting. About time I went back to bed for a while.

The type of tomato I am growing in the tent is called Black Krim. Its an older tomato breed that I have never grown. Tried one a few years ago and it was great. Its a medium sized type with what they call “a dark, dark red with an amazing smokey flavor” And its true from what I remember. Found this one on Amazon so if you want to try it, its in an heirloom pack with a batch of others. Every seed popped and is growing fast and healthy. Get about 40 seeds per pack and get ohh…8 different breeds. Come spring going to have a nice batch of tomatoers.

Yea, going to order a couple of those T-5’s tomorrow. At least have them here.

Hope I dont have the problem you had with this flu. At least will see the doc tomorrow, not that I trust them much any more.
Take care, talk atch later. Thanks and will keep ya posted.


Hey buddy!!

I’m happy to see a reply already from you!

Yes you need to get back in bed and kick this thing in the ass .

I’ve grown Black Krim for a few seasons now.
For black tomatoes I also like the taste of Carbon and Paul Robison.

That’s awesome that your growing it. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

Excellent on getting those T-5’s.

Okay my friend, get some rest and we’ll speak soon. :slightly_smiling_face:


@Alton66 Just a short one. Was checking on those T5 lights and they have raised the price. 40 bucks plus 15 shipping. Might be only able to get one for now. Unless I find a cheaper one.


That sucks!!!

They did the same to me for that two COB fixture. One day before I ordered it they raised the price 18.00 !!!:confused:


Just another quick note. Been having to sit…wrong place though…montezuma’s revenge. Anyway, while there I was on my pad and saw this on amazon. Wanted your opinion of it. Looks like it could be a good light for all around growing. Whatcha think?

Roleadro 2nd Generation 600W LED Plant Grow Light Upgraded Full Spectrum Indoor Growing Light with 120pcs 5W Chips


Hi ya!

Hey Roleadro is a decent quality light.
I’ve read quite a few reviews that rate most of their lineup as worth the money.

I’d get that one.:slightly_smiling_face::+1:


Hi ya everyone!!

Yesterday I did a bit more LST to be plants.

This morning they are looking good.

I’m planning on transplanting from the current 3 gallon bags to final home of seven gallon bags next Monday.

Here’s a photo of the plants this morning.

hope everyone had a safe and outrageously fun Halloween!!!:slightly_smiling_face::+1:


@Alton66 i have all Roleadro or the galaxy hydro same company in my tents they work great and are inexpensive
They also have great after sale sevice



That’s excellent to hear.

@cyberblast will be very happy to hear that.

Out of the many Chinese companies manufacturing led lighting there are quite a few that build a quality product and stand behind it is somethings wrong.:slightly_smiling_face::+1:


I have 2 of them, they shine white not yellow … But my first and only grow seem to like them @cyberblast


@Alton66 hey guy. Am ordering it now. Should be here by saturday…I hope. My last ones were supposed to be here that fast too…and look what happened. We will see. :neutral_face::face_with_raised_eyebrow: