Grow Challenge between the two of us


@Alton66 hey guy, noticed something in your grow. You got the bags setting in the plates for overflow. Do you have your bags elevated? Alot of folks recommend that you elevate your bag pots on something that will raise em about 1/2 inch or so above the floor or the overflow plate, whatever you want to call it. So it doesnt reabsorb the overflow. There is a big reason for it, cause the overflow might show a problem when you test it and you dont want it reabsorbed into your pot while you are trying to fix the problem. Get my drift??? I got mine sitting on half inch pieces of wood, same in the main grow. helps alot.

Thanks for the compliment on my girls…welllll, I think they are girls. Really, half or moore likely are male if going by avgs. These are growing better than my main grow did at first. I guess I have learned something cause the main grow was my first one. Its doing good by the way. Dont know if you have followed, but will tag you next time I post in my journal for it.:grin:

My lights still didnt show today. Tomorrow I hope. cant believe how long its taken. Need em bad too. And I gotta get me a dehumidifier for the main grow. Staying up over 60 now. :grimacing:Not good. Wont hurt for now, but once they hit good flowering speed it will hurt. :cry:

You know what…these bag seed plants…they could be auto’s. Was just thinking about that. :thinking:Unlikely, but possible. That would be a hoot, wouldnt it. :star_struck:

Still havent given this group any nutes other than some spray nute. Very mild. They seem to like it. I missed on that 8 inches for the tall one. Its 7 inches. Still pretty big and about the same wide. Cant believe how they are growing. Too bad when they flower that I cant enter them in the BOM since they arent from ILGM. I think they are going to be VERY productive and make some big heads. Hope so anyway.

Yours will, I know, you baby them like…welll, babies.

Hope you are feeling better tomorrow. Wifey says there is a bug going around. I was down a few days ago and she says half the folks where she works are down sick. Not the flu, not yet anyway. My son says the same about his job place. Sucks.

Well, going to say bye bye for now. Talk atcha in the AM.

Forgot to mention. Going to take two more clones from my Gold Leaf in my main grow in the morning. I want to try to get at least 3 good clones from her. 2 at the minimum. I want to save her genetics. Now that I know what I am doing…well, better anyway. :grin: I want to see what I can do with the clones of her. I can bet they will be fantastic. She is a great plant. bye bye again



Hi buddy!

I’m feeling a bit better this morning thanks.:+1:

I will try to get the plants raised up off the drain saucers.
Yes I can see where that can be an issue with the runoff being reabsorbed.
Thanks for pointing that out to me.:slightly_smiling_face:

Wow, a lot of people sick on your end there. I’m sorry to hear this. My best to everyone.

Your clones are doing better, that’s great!! I’m sure he clones your going to start are going to be fine.

It’s a crap shoot about what your getting with your bag seed but it sure is interesting isn’t it? :smiley: Yes it could be autos.:slightly_smiling_face:

What the hell is going on with hose lights?!?! Wow, it’s taking forever for you to get them!! I’m sorry about that my friend.
Yes I’m able to baby the plants because I’m in a position where I get to work from home. This allows me to micro manage everything.
I do work approx. ten feet from the grow room so I stay on top of everything at all times.

Okay my friend , talk to you a little later today.

Be safe, be well.


@Alton66 Hey bud, glad you are feeling better this morning. I am also but am tired. Had a long night because of pain so didnt sleep too well. Okay, will be able to nap some later.

I dont work, well, not really. 100% disabled vet. I make knives as a hobby and do sell some of those once in a while. Used to sell stuff on ebay. Not my knives, but stuff I would get from yard sales etc. Did okay till we moved and I didnt have the room to store stuff till sold. Now I do so might start up again.

Yea, getting those plants up will help em a bunch. Also allows them to get air underneath to help dry out all through the root ball. Once thing you will have to watch. The pots will dry faster than before once you have em raised up.

Yes, these bag seeds are going to be a blast watching grow without knowing what they are. Everything is going to be a surprise with them. They are sure growing fast. I think that big one has grown an inch or more just since yesterday. The others have grown a bunch as well. About ready for a watering today. Just wondering if I should hit them with some nutes today too. Not showing any need yet though really. Whatcha think?

Well, am hoping I will get them today. They finally showed up at my box in town so just means my wife will pick them up this afternoon. FINALLY.

Take care my friend…talk atcha later.




Well if you haven’t watered yet I think you should give them a regular amount of nutrients at this point.

I can understand you not working in the traditional sense.
Knifes!! Awesome!!!:slightly_smiling_face:

I used to sell things on EBay as well. I haven’t done that Igor a solid ten years. I did alright as well.

Yes your plants are growing like crazy!!:slightly_smiling_face::+1:

I was thinking how I was going to raise the pots off the ground to allow air flow and it came to me.

Cat food containers.

We have two cats :cat2:. I love them both and they love food. Lol!! We feed them cat food in a plastic container. I’ll attach some photos of what I’m talking about.

After the light bulb went off in my head I went outside to the recycle can and dug out enough for two containers per pot.

I scrubbed them and got them under the pots this afternoon.

I also topped the plants today. They were looking so healthy I thought they could handle the stress.

Thank God you received your lights !!

I bet by this time tomorrow you’ll have them in your tents.:+1:

Okay my friend I’ll talk with you a little later.

Have a great evening!!:slightly_smiling_face::+1:


@Alton66 my friend those cat food containers are perfect. I used some sticks, well, not sticks, but wood pieces that I had gotten for making knife handles out of. They are wax covered so they wont absorb liquids which work well. They are about 8 inches long and the wood is stroped ebony. Very dense wood as well as being wax covered.

Yep, I think you are right…give em the nutes. I was leaning towards that so will do so in the AM so they have time all day tomorrow to absorb and use the nutes. They should be alright for tonight without water yet.

I miss the ebay selling, but they made too many changes in their rules and such and made it hard for little guys to make money or compete. When I quit there was also when the economy went bad for a few years, so …oh well. fun while it lasted.

Checking out my lights. Will let ya know what I think of them tomorrow.

talk atcha later.



Hi, I hope your feeling well today.:+1:

Yeah E-Bay changed so many things and raised the percentage that they take from your sales I pretty much stopped selling.

I bet those new lights of yours are in their tents and are doing their job.

Those wax covered pieces of wood are an excellent thing to use. No water absorbtion.

Did you end up giving nutrients to your plants?

I hope your having a great evening buddy.

Talk with you tomorrow.:slightly_smiling_face::+1:


Hey guy, @Alton66 I be doing fair today. Wasnt much into doing much of anything. Did get one light up in the one tent. Had to do some rearranging of my lights in both tents. Then rain out of time for the big tent for lights out. So will finish up tomorrow. Not quite sure how I am going to arrange things. I need the T5 in the main tent though for flowering so will move it there. Going to put the new one in the main tent for right now and move the ones in there to the mini-me tent.

Oh, I did get 2 clones clipped off the Gold Leaf. Was all there was to clip other than taking a flower head and didnt want to do that. Got them doing good. Cut some water bottles and got them over the clones. Helps alot rather than them being in under that grow hood. Doing lots better than the other clones did.

Gave the little guys the water with 1/2 nutes. didnt want to shock them. So next watering in about 4 or 5 days will go 3/4 nutes and then after that go full nutes the next feeding. I let the pots get pretty dry before I water. They are in the 5 gallon pots so small for the pots so letting dry so the roots got to search. Dont figure its hurting them much. They got a little willty today before I watered them so it was time. But I bet the roots are going big time. The plants themselves are really looking good. Havent looked since I added water but I imagine they came out of the little wilt fine. Will check em shortly.

I miss the selling on ebay too., But its mostly for the big guys now and the folks from china and other places overseas. The little guys like me cant compete. And with the charges and fees by ebay there just aint a profit much to be made. Unless you get lucky.

Didnt take any photos today, will do that tomorrow. Still kinda tired. Just sometimes things just get to me and I flake out. The weather here has turned cold. Got down to 45 last nite. That is nothin up north but down south here that is a cold snap. :penguin::snowflake::snowman:

Well, checked the mini-me’s and they are looking ok. Over the wilt fine. But I have a sneaking suspicion they are starting to flower. I could be wrong and likely am, but they look different. And the heads that have come out after topping and FIM, look suspiciously like pre-flowers. Will take some photos :camera: tomorrow and let you see. Hmmn… Only what.3 maybe 4 weeks old? :timer_clock::thinking:

Oh well, if so, okay. They were starting to smell too…kinda skunky. Different than from the big tent. Kinda nice skunky though. :bouquet:

talkatcha tomorrow


@Alton66 Well, got some closeup images of those plants. I dont know…they look like they are starting to flower to me. But I am def no expert. Hope some others chime in here on these. Going to post them seperately so folks can get close looks.


@Alton66 another photo of that plant

This one is a little dark


Okay, here is one more, I think

These are the other two. And they kinda look like it but maybe not.


I need some advice. Could you guys look at the photos above and comment on them. The plants kinda look like they are flowering. But they are only 4 weeks old and the thing is are bag seeds. Far as I know they are bag seeds. They were given to me. About 50 of them. Anyway, check the photos out if you would.
@Wishingilivedina420state @bob31 @wWillyJ @Countryboyjvd1971 @Laurap

Thanks guys.


@cyberblast what time schedule are you running
I don’t see them flowering just yet but look mature enough to flower if you wanted too


@Countryboyjvd1971 Thanks, I was kinda worried because of the looks of the one in that first photo. The white part looked like white stiles to me. Course, what do I know. Total nube here. You think I could put the on 12/12 now? and start em flowering then? That would be cool. Wonder if my tomaters would handle that light schedule ok? They should.I think. Want to grow some Basil as well cause these girls are certainly stinky. I can smell em even through the tent with filtered exhaust running. Skunky big time. Dont know what kind they are. Going to be neat to see.


How tall are they
Maybe be post a over all picture for me
As well



Hi ya buddy!!!

No, I think their okay.

I see the color of your new lights coloring your plants.

They’re looking great!!



@Countryboyjvd1971 okay, here they be. They are a bit over 9 inches tall and about a foot wide.
Nice and healthy. Ph and nutes all good. Just got their first nutes yesterday. Planted in FFOL

I can split the photos up if you want a closer look.


@Alton66 I agree with ya. @Countryboyjvd1971 had gotten with me about them. Yea, the new lights are in there. Well, one of the new ones in there…well, wait…they are both new ones but different brands. Only one of those I was waiting on though. I put the other one in the main tent since they had better light coverage. More white so better for the flowering. Going to put the T5 in the big tent tomorrow for a side light and they should really zoom up. They are getting huge in that big tent. Have to move the lights up more every couple of days.

These here…doing the same. They really liked the nutes yesterday. I figure the next batch I will go ahead and give em a full dose. They got about 4 days though. LIke drying them out good.

talk atcha later guy.


Think you can flip them but they’ll be small as well as your yield.


@Laurap Not worried about yield…well, kinda not. Since this is a contest between me and @alton66
But I wont mind losing. I didnt figure I would win anyway. These bag seeds were just an experiment anyway. Will wait till next week or so to flip them. Got some clones going in there so need to wait on those to see if they are going to make it. Got my tomato plants starting too. Will see whats what in a week. :sweat_smile:


If i remember ( lol) @Oldstoner grew a monster pineapple plant in tent. Good luck in your contest!