Grow Challenge between the two of us


Hey buddy!!

Ahhh, yes the way you had worded things, your centence structure gave the impression that you were in the UK.

I certainly know about being in an unfriendly state.
Perhaps legalization in 2018 will be a reality as we are electing a new governor next month.

With that being said , other than the slight but inherent risk of detection, I enjoy practicing this art in a covert way.:slightly_smiling_face:

Wow, two inches?? Crazy!!!
Yeah you were ready to top by the size and age of your plants. :+1:

Okay my friend , I’ll speak with you in a bit, until then have a great day!!!:slightly_smiling_face::+1:


@Alton66 well, I wish yall luck up there. Dont think we get a chance for a new gov for another 2 years, i think. Unless I missed the whole thing. Been head down, lights out as far as keeping track of the outside world here.

I enjoy growing this as well. Would be nice to be legal but that is life in this country. Too many people think they have a right to tell you what you should do, and doesnt matter what THEY do.

I took some photos this morning of the little ladies so you could see how they are growing. I topped them as I told you and they are looking good for sure. Be glad when the new lights get here.

The big one I think is male is on the left.

Here is a low view of the two. The possible male is on the left.

The other two. Looking good so far. Next photo is a side view.

They looking good too. Least I think so.

Cant wait for my new lights to get here. Tomorrow, or maybe Saturday.

They look so sweet. And the price was sure right. What was the cost of your new one?? Was thinking of maybe getting one for my next grow.

Just watered these ladies today. Plain water. No nutes yet other than the root bugs like your restart. I think I am going to get that the end of the month. Can afford it right now.

They are sure trying to get that flourescent light. Not stretching, just growing fast.
Lets hope things keep up the same. Saw a nat today in the tent. Dont have my exhaust fan or filter in this tent yet so now way of keeping stuff out really. Soaked the other tent, the big one in co2 to kill any thing in there. Left it sit in the co2 for abut 3 hours. High concentration of pure co2, not the vinegar/baking soda routine. I got a small bottle of co2. Waste of time using it in this grow right now.

Good luck and talk to you later guy

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Good morning!!!

Wow, they are looking fantastic!!! :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

Co2 !!! Excellent!!
I’ve been wanting to add co2 as well.
Next check I believe I’m going to due that.
I answered your question about the cost of the light in a post this morning on my grow thread. :+1:

That’s good that they aren’t stretching but growing well.

You said you were thinking about getting something at the end of the month, were you talking about Re- Charge?

Talk to ya in a bit buddy.:slightly_smiling_face:

Happy Friday!!

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Hey guy, @Alton66 Thanks, yea, I think they are doing good.

I havent used the co2 on these yet. Caint until I can seal the tent and leave it that way and can tun on the exhaust fan when time. Saw the cost of that light. Not sure if I can afford it right now, or in near future. Going to have to go the flourescent route for my sunlight. Its cheap enough though I have to get the lights close to do any good.

Yea, was thinking about getting the Re-charge rather than what I have been using. It doesnt seem to do a whole bunch but the recharge has a good following with good recomendations. So am going to use it starting the end of the month.

atcha later.

Enjoy your weekend

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Happy Saturday to you!

Yes , I can understand dealing with money and working with what I have.

I really want to see your CO 2 setup ! I’m extremely interested in that.

I have that light installed now. I put it in the tent this morning.

The one thing I noticed is that somewhere in the shipping process it was dropped. There is a very small dent in the casing on one corner.
That makes me angry but it didn’t affect the integrity of the light so I’ll deal with it.

It’s on and doing well. I have it at 50% brightness level and will slowly increase it over three course of next week.

The plants are doing very well and are just about ready to be topped.

I’m thinking I should top them first before transplanting due to the stress that topping would cause.

What are your thoughts?

Here’s a couple of photos as of this morning.

Talk with you shortly.:slightly_smiling_face::+1:

PS humidity level shown is not indicative of what it is kept at. It was lower due to having the tent flap open.


@Alton66 my friend, those are good looking ladies. Bushing out really well. As to topping before transplanting. Would suggest you transplant and wait a week and then top them. They are going to get stressed twice either way, but being topped and stressed then being stressed big transplanting…hmmmm Just seems like transplant first…my op. Could be either way. Just your own opinion.

My humidity stays around 70 with no exhaust fan. And door open, drops to 50 or 55 as did yours.
I wouldnt be running my exhaust right now anyway except to cool the tent down as it stays right now around 80 and up to 84 during the day. My other tent with the exhaust running stays around 72 to 74 24hrs. When I stopped the fan to pump co2, it went up to 85 and humidity to 76.

My co2 setup is basic. I do have one of those co2 setups with the auto-valve but dont have a tank for it yet. I do have a couple of soda pop tanks for using at home to carbonate your own soda. So I used it to pump co2. I used it in the tent by setting it on the shelf, then reaching in and running it long enough to pump plenty of co2. Then pull my arm out and tent sealed. I also have the line that I can add to it and have the line inside the tent and that way dont have to open the ten to push the button, but since co2 is heavy and falls, it will take alot before it goes high enough to reach where my arm is going inside the tent. So, whatever.

I will be getting a primary co2 tank, hopefully the end of the month. And since the refills on the small soda pop tanks are 20 bucks with tank exchange its worth it to me to just go ahead and get a reg co2 tank at about 10 to 20 pounds. 20 pounds best.

That sucks that you got a dent in your light hood, but since it still works…hmphh. I would tell the seller. Yea, hitting them all at once will full light could burn them. You re doing it right.


Good Sunday morning to you and everyone!!

Thanks for the information. I will follow your advice and will transplant first prior to topping :+1:

I can see your logic in that.

That’s very interesting concerning your home made Co2 setup. I’ve been investigating the same sort of thing.

I’m going to create my own as well using dry yeast and baking soda. Jorge Cervantes has written about it. I’m going to attempt his formula today.

I’m going to transplant tomorrow.

That CO2 tank of yours sounds like it’s going to work well for you.

I believe I’m going to do the same thing for my second grow.

Yeah I’m going to take a photo of the dent in the light casing and the crumpled area on the corner of the box and send it to CF Grow. I hope they would send me the bottom portion of the case.

I installed the Optic 6 in the tent this morning .
This is the largest of the lights that I currently have.

At this time all three lights are hanging in the tent.

Here’s a photo showing the lights and the plants from outside the tent.

Have a great Sunday buddy!!

Talk with you and everyone a bit later.:slightly_smiling_face::+1:


Just took a photo of the plants.
They’re coming along .


I like your setup. Looks good. And with your tent being more square, makes it easier to use and get around in and arrange things.

Think you need to edit your post. :grin: I think you mean you are going to Transplant before topping, not transplant before transplanting. oooppsss. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yea, I like using the tank but I also use the baking soda and vinigar route. It works good but sure is smelly since I have to turn off all the fans, nothing to keep the smell in the tent. :grimacing: I like your lights, cant afford them, but I like them.

Your girls are looking good. Really growing. Mine are getting up there too. Two of those I topped, ooppss, were fimed. Well, that is why they called it, F…k I missed. I fimed two instead of topping them. I pinched the plants with my finger nails instead of cutting them to top them. My finger nails didnt work too well. :dizzy_face:

Will put up new photos of the plants tomorrow. Talk atcha later.




Bbwwaaa!! I sure did mess that up!! I corrected my centence to read topping instead of transplanting. :joy:
Thank you!!

I’ve looked at how to FIM. It’s very interesting as it compares to regular topping.

Yeah you’ll have to borrow someone else’s nails to do that work!!:grin::laughing:

I am going to have to adjust my cooling controller to allow the tent to heat to 80F to 82 F or so in order to keep
My CO2 ppm range at where I need it to be.

I really studied concerning my light selection.

I saved for about seven months before pulling the trigger on these.

Putting money aside is a bit difficult when bills knock at your door every month.:flushed::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’d say overall where I’m at at this moment I’ve been planning since May of 2016.

Okay my friend , I’ll talk with you a bit later.

I’ll post an update after I’ve transplanted.

Have a great Monday!:slightly_smiling_face::+1:


@Alton66 well, my tent is pretty much staying above 80. Finally got the new exhaust fan for the tent. Had the filter for over a week. Fan took forever to get here. And my new lights are late. Were supposed to be here saturday. Nope…still not showing delivery time. Called fedex and now tomorrow…maybe. I think the truck been hijacked. Been showing at one place since sat and doesnt have delivery date. Says pending. Oh well, did get a backup light. Not a good one, but it works as a side light which is why I got it. only about 80 use watts. Claims 500 watts. LED light but you know the claims on those chinese imports are. Works good but not strong as they claim. Get it about 12 inches about the plants as an addon light with the t5. Got some tomato plants starting too there and they are stretching to the light at 12 inchs. Not strong light but with led dont want to put closer really.



Hi !!

Damn that sucks that your lights aren’t there yet.
Tracking is iffy at best most of the time regardless of the carrier. I bet they’ll show up shortly.

I transplanted the plants into three gallon bags.
After transplanting I watered. I added Re-Charge and cal/mag and PH’d it to approx. 6.0.

Transplanting caused my footprint to widen considerably so I turned on the Optic 6.

All three lights are now on which has increased the heat inside the tent which is causing the cooling system to kick on a lot more.

The higher temp’s will work in my favor after I have my homemade CO2 canisters in there.

Tomorrow I’ll tackle those.

I’ve uploaded a couple of photos of a couple of the plants as I was transplanting. They show what using Re-Charge can do for building roots.
The other photo shows an overview inside the tent after I was finished transplanting.

That’s it for now. Watching MASH on ME- TV. One of my favorite series.

Have a great evening !!

Talk with you tomorrow.:slightly_smiling_face::+1:


Are they autobud or not?

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here is another set. Should I now go 12 hr. On with my light & 12 hr off?

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Those roots look fantastic @Alton66, fantastic. Well, I been using the other stuff so I hope they are dooing good too. But that recharge really works for sure. Plants looking good. by the by, ru going to put them in 5 gallon later on? Thinkn you said you were. Anyway, the are looking great. Wish I had that much room in my tent. But least got 2 tents to mess with. The lights look good there. You know you are going to get some big grow with that much light. and you r going to have the heat avg you are looking for.

I gotta get some heat into my big grow. Staying around 74 in there. Its the house a/c that is doing that. For some reason in this tent they stay around 82. But that is without the exhaust. so good it isnt running right now. No smell yet which is good. The long I dont have to run that the bettter though I need to get more fresh air in there. which I why I open the tent about half dozen times a day now.
Talk atcha later.




Thanks, as I was transplanting the roots I found they were just incredibly prolific and white.

An excellent start for what will hopefully be some really strong and large plants.

Yes your right about me transplanting them again.

Their final home will be seven gallon bags.

Yes , I don’t think I’m going to have issues concerning heat. I just don’t want a large swing in temperature between lights on and when they’re off. That invites disease and bud rot.

I’m also going to get a dehumidifier next check so I can lower the humidity during flower.

I’m also going to get another light. It will be from the same company “” CF Grow “” . It’s their single Cree CXB 3590 at 100 watts. For 159.00 it’s a great deal.

I want to also get one from my December check.

That way I can get the corners of the tent lit.

Okay my friend , I’m off to do a few things this morning before I start on that CO2 system.

Talk to you in a bit, have a great day!!:slightly_smiling_face::+1:


You are asking in the wrong area. HIjacking this thread which is about our grow. Would suggest you ask by starting your own thread in the appropriate area. Sorry, but this isnt the area.

Wanted to add that I appologise if I came across a little rough. Didnt mean it. You are new so its understandle what you did. Just wanted to let you know what you needed to do. Good luck on your grow. And welcome to the forum.


Hi ya !!

Here’s a photo of how the plants look as of a few minutes ago.

Everyone have a great Tuesday and I’ll talk at ya in a bit.:slightly_smiling_face::+1:


Hey bud, @Alton66 they be looking good. Not used to seeing them in those bigger pots so had to look twice cause i thought they shrunk. :grin: Forgot for a second there that you had transplanted. Sheese…my mind is slipping. And I aint smoked anything. Dont have it and wont till sometime in December. :cry: Oh well.

Here are mine this morning.

They are looking pretty good. Already growing from being topped and the two FIM’s which were supposed to have been topped as well, but I F I missed for real. Happens.

Here is my one survivor of my 2 clones. The other one I dont think is going to make it. I just put this one in a larger pot. It had been in the small transplant foamer and then the roots started popping out the sides. Meant to get photos but forgot. The other one only has or had one root barely showing so put it in a new pot but dont think its going to make it. The leaves are yellowing and its looking dried up. This one in the photo is alot better and has good roots. Now it should start showing good up top in the next week or so.

had to edit. forgot the photo of the clone.

Good luck all and we will be posting more here. Oh, my biggest is about 7 inches tall all ready and is bushing out.
Edit had to correct some facts and spelling.



Hi buddy!!

Yeah, they are a bit dwarfed by the size of the bags.:joy:

Hey your plants are looking fantastic!!! Very lush and green!

I wasn’t feeling the best today and because of it I delayed my CO2 project until tomorrow.

I don’t believe it’s anything to be concerned with, just seems I’m a bit more tired than usual today.

Talk with you tomorrow my friend.:slightly_smiling_face::+1:

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