Grow Challenge between the two of us


I’m just so thrilled that you have retouched with your brother. I cried with you when I read that. This must be the year for some miracles! Yesterday was my MIL birthday 94 & I got hubby to talk to her. First time in over 4 years that she has heard his voice. So first I cried with you then I cried for her … all happy tears :heart:


Thanks gal. Yesterday was hard on me. I had been trying to find him for many months. The last two years. As was my sister We lost our younger brother last year. He was about 10 years younger than me, but had had a hard life.

Or youngest brother just seemed to drop off the radar 3 years, maybe 4 years ago. He would get in touch with our mother till she passed away and our aunt, but he didnt stay in touch with us. I finally located a phone number for one of his sons, well, old girl friend of his son and called, left a message on her phone and found another old number, wasnt sure it was anyone related, left a message. That was 3 or 5 months ago. Then a couple days ago got a call from his son wanting everyones number and told him to have my brother call. He did finally yesterday morning. Talk about a few days of stress cause his son wouldnt give me any info. Dont know why. So been on pins and needles for a few days now and then yesterday was hit. I cried most of the day. Called my sister and she was stress free but giving him help and things are going better. I was just so stressed out yesterday and today. Almost had a breakdown. My brother and I were very close. Or were. Dont understand yet why we lost touch. I tried but… Even talking about it now is hard. Thank you for your not condolances, butwhatever. I am happy now, but still cry at the drop of a hat.

And congrats on your hubby talking to his mom. I know that was good. My mother wouldnt talk to me for about 10 years years back. She got mad…and that was it. Wouldnt let my dad talk to me or even my kids. It was sad.


Made another pan of budderbrownies this afternoon. I needed em. So munching on one right now. If it knocks me out, so be it. I used more budder in the recipe this time. More oil as well. They came out very moist and melt in my mouth. The last batch was still dry some, so added more oil and more budder as well. This time, perfect texture.


Oh my sweet friend … I’m bawling again but happy tears. I’m so thrilled for you. Let the past be the past. My big brother and I had a split right before I left Florida (1994) and my heart was broken. The years without him then were so very hard. But about 8 years ago I got back home and saw him. He realized after seeing me how much we had always meant to each other and forgot the past. He was in the beginning of Alzheimer’s along with other mental problems (sorta like my hubby). The week before he died he called me but halfway through forgot who he was talking to. I knew then that would be our last conversation. I’m so thankful we had the past few years. That was a year ago this month. Then in August I lost his wife who was my sister since I was 8. Now I’m alone. So be patient and all will work out as family is so precious :heart:
I’m pretty much the only person hubby has talked to since he went down. But recently his mother has developed some heart problems so I kinda pushed him to call her. I was in shock and had to hold back tears when he asked me to dial her for him. I had the phone on speaker and could hear the joy in her voice :heart:
I really need to get my butt in gear and make some brownies or cookies :cookie:. I have one little piece left of the first batch of brownies. Maybe Saturday when I make some chili :thinking:


Thank you, for saying what you have. My communication ability isnt what it used to be. Not alzhiemers but just being old, but it sure is irritating when I can say what I want, even typing like this. Talked to my brother again today and he was better in that he didnt sound so depressed. He was in bad shape yesterday which is why I got so upset…or part of it anyway. He was in bad shape. My sister is helping him with food right now and I will be sending him some money tomorrow. Tough time of year to be doing that, but I will do what is needed. He is my brother.

Glad your hubby talked to her. That was wonderful. For both of them. You too. Now if you can get your hubby turned around. I know what that means to you and him too. Not having much income makes a difference.

Yea, you need to make you some fresh brownies. Just member…add extra budder. I used about a third extra of budder. And added extra oil. How much depends on the type of brownies and what you are supposed to add to the mix. This box asked for 1/2 cup of oil and 3 tabspoons of water and 2 eggs. So put in 1/2 cup of budder almost and on top added to 2/3rd with oil on top of the budder. And 4 tablesppons of water. Keeping it moist is important for me. Then put it in an 8 inch pan. And made sure i took it out of the oven as it needed. My wife is a baker I think I mentioned so she helps me with advice. The mix was a generic mix from walmart. Tastes good though. Hope what I typed up there made sense as far as amounts. Not trying to tell you how to cook, just what I did to the mix.

Anyway, gotta go do some things. Made tamales today. Screwed them up. Let em get slightly burned in the steamer. Par for the course.


I’m not the best cook in the world so I ALWAYS welcome advice. And I think I should be able to make those adjustments as I prefer moist also.
Yep. It’s a hard time of year but like you said, he’s your brother and I’d be doing the same. I’m adding a special prayer for your family tonight :hugs:
Oh. The air compressor is in the garage :grimacing: & tomorrow is my weekly trip to town.


Well, @SmoknGranny , I aint the best cook in the world either. Especially the last year or two Seems I can hardly cook something without screwing it up. But oh well, thats life. Oh, in the stuff I was telling about amounts above. Just wanted to make clear. I put 1/2 cup of budder in the measureing cup, then put oil on top in same cup, to get to 2/3 ds in the cup or a little more oil and you can take it to 3/4’s Up to you. It smells great.

Put it in 8 inch pan, 325 in oven, baked for 42. Just telling you what I did. OH and they actually came out just a little under cooked in the center but those pieces taste really good. I tried one. The rest of the pan was really moist. The batter rose really good. Those brownies are so good. Getting ready to eat another one. Made a pig of myself today, but been up and down and sleeping off any couch-lock. Not hitting me that hard. Jst making be a head that feels good.

Thanks for all from you. Made me feel good for sure. Good luck on your trip and coming home to make brownies. I hope. Maybe you can get your hubby to eat one.


Hi everyone a buddy!!!

I haven’t seen you on here for a couple of weeks.
Are you doing good?

Here I am at week six day one of flower.

I’m seeing amber in the tricomes in both the AK-47 and the Northern Lights.

I’m thinking two more weeks. What’s your opinion?

I hope your Christmas was good!!! :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

Talk with you in a bit my friend.:slightly_smiling_face:


I’m concerned about @cyberblast and hope you or someone has the ability to check on him :worried:



I’m concerned as well.

Sadly I don’t have any way of doing so.:confused:


There’s times this “no contact” rule (unless you pay :moneybag:) really sucks :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Yes!!! I fully agree!!! :grimacing::rage:


You also have figured it out … :+1:



Thank you!!!


I’m just hoping he’s okay :worried: and he was really enjoying this “competition”. But maybe he’s going to surprise us today :grimacing:


@SmoknGranny there’s a money option for the ability to contact?


I don’t want to open up a can of worms and get booted off here but it’s something I have “noticed” & did some reading elsewhere. It’s just my impression


hokay all. I am alive. Barely…but alive. Been in and out of the hospital due to the infection in my hip. Its going to take a while to improve. Its a bad bug so its got me pretty sick. I am stuck in bed.

As to my grow. I trashed the grow between me and Alton66 due to circumtances. Out of my primary grow I got about 24 ounces total from all three. Not as much as I had expected but still quite a bit. will post some photos soon as I am able to get around some more. Take care all.


I knew it! I’m just so happy that you’re okay even if you’re stuck in bed :grimacing: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:


Sending positive and healing thoughts your direction. Sorry about the grow not going as planned, but … On the glass half full side, hey your alive to grow another day!