Grow Challenge between the two of us


Yea, if you ever watched that movie…ummm crap…cant remember the name but he is trapped on an island and he tries to cook crab over a fire and got slime as a reward. Or it was because he tried eating it raw…not sure what now. Anyway, once boiled you can try smoking it. Would need to be cold smoked though. Otherwise would dry out I think. Might get some crab next week and try smoking it and see how it does.


@bob31 I noticed you have edited some of my messages where I put amazon links in. I assume there is a reason but just wondered why?


I’d be interested to know how it turns out, if you do


@GreenThunder I personally haven’t smoked crab, but my neighbors have. It turns out the same as when you boiled it. You just make sure your smoking temperature gets a little hotter than when you’d cook another meat. I personally don’t care much for any shellfish. I love salmon or halibut though. Anything with scales.


@cyberblast they might’ve boiled it first. Not sure… it was the neighbors.


We are an affiliate to amazon and the tag needs to be modified in the link so that ILGM gets credit. If you look at any post of yours that was edited, there is a pencil in the upper right corner of the post that if you click on will show you exactly what was edited.

Check out the link about posting amazon links.

Hope this helps! It would save me some time in the future if you could modify them as you post them. But I have to check them anyway.


@Alton66 just letting u know. My plants here are starting to smell more. Getting very stinky, almost like a skunk. That is if you mash some of the tricombes. Unless you handle the bud it just has a smell like grass kinda and a little skunky. But handle the bud and boy does it stink and so does your fingers. Not the best smell My plants in the other grow have a good smell to me, but the bag seed plants really stinky.

Oh, and I have asked Roberrt about the extra seed I have for the bag seed and they said they cant use any right now because their growers are tied up with other experiments going on. So should check on the forum here for any of the experienced growers or the folks that are good guys, so to speak, that might be interested. Like @bob31 or @Wishingilivedina420state or someone higher up in the forum.

This is what they told me.
We recommend to join our Forum to engage with our grower experts for their opinions and feedback. One may be willing to participate in your experiments. Unquote

So dont know just how any expert here would be able to get my seed that I am giving away for experimental purposes.


@cyberblast I am not sure if it is possible to do that here. The forum rules prohibit personal contact between members so as to protect identities.

Your best bet would be to gift your seed locally in your area.

Sorry for that but I don’t think there is any other way.

And I sincerely appreciate the kindness of your idea.



That’s great that some of your plants are getting stinky.:grinning:

Like I said mine are as well but not as much as yours due to yours being a few weeks ahead.

I wish there was a way to get your seeds out but I believe our hands are tied concerning it.


We know that so it’s puzzling why ILGM would make the suggestion as they made the rules for this forum.


@bob31 your post says the tags are optional though so not sure why the need to modify if we dont put them in. So as long as I just remove the ie=UTF8&psc=1 you won’t edit my links?


ILGM seed bank and ILGM forum are two separate entities. ILGM sponsors the forum, but their employees don’t use the forum so they don’t know the rules here.

The Forum Rules are pinned to the top of the Categories if you want to check them out.


@Tylan in the amazon link remove everything after the ? And add


The part we add back on gives the click thru to ILGM.

Hope that helps?

AND that is correct. It is optional for those that can do it. I don’t want someone thinking they cant post links cause they don’t understand how to fix them.


@bob31 I guess that’s where I misunderstood. You said it’s optional to add the tag=greenrel-20 but I think I misread the part where it’s because the mods (or volunteers) will just do it if you are unable. But the main take away is that every Amazon link HAS to have that tag. Correct?


Yes @Tylan in order for iglm to get credit
It helps pay for the forum fyi
I answered fir @bob31


Thanks @Countryboyjvd1971 I’m not big on tags for credit or allowing ads through my blocker to support anyone (that’s the a-hole side of me I know) so if it’s not required I don’t do it. I’ll make sure my links have the tag going forward.


That would be very good of you
again it mostly helps pay forum costs and since we dont pay to be members I believe it cant hurt to let them get a little something if we purchase a item we where going to purchase anyway lol
Thanks for understanding my friend :v:️CB


Its what helps keep the forums free @Tylan and I get what you’re saying though and thanks for helping out!


What about the seeds being forwarded by the IGLM seed bank? They would have the mailing addresses of members who have purchased seeds. I send them to ILGM and they send them to whomever wanted them. Is a thought. I know that is a roundabout way to get them but dont know of any other way. And since they suggested it, maybe they would do it. There any way for yall to check with the company and see?


Havent posted here for a day or two. Sorry. Its been a hectic couple of days for me. Sorry. Later today I will post some new photos of my grow here.