Grow Challenge between the two of us


I know its an old thread. But… I have pinklemonaid blueberrys, passion flower clones, ghost chilly pepper clones and an alvacodo plant in the far corners of my grow room. That light that isnt the sweet spot for my girls, the “light pollution” if u will is perfect to over winter or start veg. Seeds and clones for spring.


@Familyman420 This isnt an old thread, well, its still being posted to by all. That is a good use of your tent or grow room for sure. I have tomato plants growing in one of my tents. Have thought about putting a couple of pepper plants in one. Would love to try growing a ghost chili pepper plant if I could get seed. I figure if I could get a batch or patch of them going, would make a good item to sell locally to cafes and such. Along with habenaro and …uummmm what is the one pepper between habenaro and the ghost chili?? dang…hate getting old. anyone remember?

Anyway, this here is a grew challenge between me and a friend with folks chiming in to give their votes at the end when we harvest. No prizes, nothing like that. Just bragging rights. Its all in fun since we used different seeds, methods, etc. My grow I just posted some photos up above of my plants as did @Alton66 above that. He is my grow partner and challenger buddy. Have to admit, he is a great grower. So if he offers advice…I take it.

My plants above are bag seed. Unknown species, but can easily see that they are sativa dominate. I have a feeling that they are pure sativa. If someone can tell me how to get them tested to find out for sure would be happy to do that if not too expensive.

They are good looking plants but grow tall and have very airy buds. So far anyway. And since sativa like long flowering times, they are taking it. Almost to week 5 and they still can go another 5 or 6 weeks in flower. glad I had the tent to put them in.

here is a good photo of the plants.

That tall stem in the middle there got that way just in the last week. I have had to bend these constantly to keep em below the lights. Otherwise they would be at the top of the tent. Its alright though when you could the number of tops comeing out. I figure at least 40 or 50 stem tops. All looking to produce some good mj.


@cyberblast Trinidad scropine pepper?? Sorry spelling is terrible, wifey went out side.ha-ha shes like my spell checker.


If you watch my post: keeping clones in veg till spring? Im growing a monster cloned superskunk plant. Its 13" wide and about 3"high. Its got supercropped, fim’d, and some topping. Anyways the buddy who gave it to me also kept one so him and i are going to keep vegging all winter, put out in spring and have a friendly competition who has best/heaviest harvest in the fall. He’s got more outdoor experience then me, i have done mostly indoor growing.


@Familyman420 Trinidad scropine pepper ? Not sure I have heard of that one. I was thinking of another pepper and still cant remember it. I will, i am sure.

Will keep an eye on your growing thread. I like growing other things than just MJ. I love tomatos and peppers. The mild ones…I cant eat the hot kind any more. Belly and body wont tolerate the high heat like it used to. I like to cook with them though. For those that like it hot. I make a chili that make people very happy. And its hotter than the dickens. No, I dont use any MJ in it. People just like it. Though that is an intersting thought. Putting some mj in the chili pot. Two highs in one. Heat high and MJ high. Hmmmmmm


Well, to all, checking the plants closer today finally. @Alton66. They are pretty tall even with being bent. And some of the heads are getting a little sticky now finally. Looked under the scope and they have some good tricombs forming on them. Bunchs of heads just starting to pop out. 2 weeks and these things are going to be heavy I think. I just might be giving you a run for your money. :wink: They took their time getting here, but now here and with all the heads that are forming. Yikes. Might be having to tie them up.


Search Amazon ghost pepper seeds :+1: Also, I wouldn’t add the MJ until simmering mode. :grinning:


I simmer my chili about 3 to 5 hours depending on the kind of meats I am using in it. And sometimes longer. I will use a slow cooker to do it


Good idea :+1: I have a special pot for my chili that I’ve had for years and have never cooked it in a crockpot to date. Hmmm, I may need to put a pot on this week :grimacing:


I have used the crockpot for chili for a long time. I will start in a pot on the stove for browning the meats, then do the mix and seasonings. Then put it all in the crockpot with the tomatos and other major liquids that I might add. Then I let it cook for however long in that crockpot depending on the kinds of meat. Also allows me to use meats like brisket and other tougher kinds when I want. Makes em so tender and tasty. Depending on my mood, I might add beans that I have precooked to almost cooked. Texas chili isnt supposed to be made with beans…not true texmex type of chili, but I like them sometimes as I didnt grow up in texas. But it still is tasty and sometimes I will split the pot before adding beans depending on who might be eating them. That way I have the way I like and the true texicans have em the way they like em.


@cyberblast gosh I love chili… my favorite addition is truly smoked jalapeños. Otherwise known as chipotle. But some people miss the fact that these are smoked, or smoke flavoring is added. Which should be a crime.


I used to make “killer” chili but can’t eat it anymore. I’ve had to tone it down for the past few years. I also put a lot of onions in mine.



Excellent to hear!!!

Mine are getting a bit sticky and stinky.:slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve looked at them through the magnifiers and tricome development is increasing.:+1:

Talk with you in a bit my friend!:slightly_smiling_face::+1:


@SmoknGranny i was the same or am the same. Used to make the “killer” chilli but cant eat it anymore. So I have toned it down or do a split and make my chili for wimps with beans and then a seperate pan for those who like to live dangerously. I add alot of onion as well. I use yellow sweet onion and then add green onion chopped up and then if I can get it right I will add some steamed green onion after I have cooked it on the grill. I like cooking the yellow onion out on the smoker/grill as well. I like carmalizing it before I add it to the chili. Nothing like carmalized/smoked onion.

The meats I put in the chili I vary but will usually add at least 3 different kinds. I also add summer sausage chopped up. And then ground beef, ground pork, chopped ham, the summer sausage…a family favorite in the chili. I have used venison, elk, bear, chicken, turkey, about every kind of poultry you can think of, goat, sheep. I did make on batch of chili with everything above except for the bear and venison a few years back. I had also smoked a whole hog at the time and it went into the chili as well.

I recommend highly if you can afford it, anyone, get a Treager Smoker/Grill. I think they have them on amazon. If so, will link it here.

This is their small one, mine is the next one up. They arent cheap but man, do they put out some smoked meats.

@Covertgrower I love to use chipolte in my chili but I roast and smoke my own green chilis since I have to keep the heat down for me. But I do get the other kinds or grow them to make the killer chipoltle I really like the smokey taste it gives chili.



Here’s my Weber Performer with propane assist lighting.
I love it. I use lump charcoal.


Those webers are good grills and smokers. I used to have a big charcol smoker/grill but too old to mess with one now. The treager makes it easy. Its wood fired and is pretty much automatic so perfect for us old farts. I have had mine for about 4 maybe 5 years. Like yours/mine any good smoker…puts out some great smoked meat. And other things. I have used salt blocks and cooked salmon on them and also on ceder planks… Smoked salmon is to kill for. Love it. I have smoked fruit pies on the treager and done other deserts as well. Amazing what cooks on there. Also done alot of beans on it.


@cyberblast Who doesn’t love fresh salmon?! I bet smoked crab would
Be good too? How about dungenous?


Have you ever smoked crab? I’ve never heard of anyone doing it but now that you’ve said it I wonder why not?! I’ve smoked halibut with great success.


Never smoked crab. Never heard of it being smoked that I can remember. Part of the problem is that crab has to be boiled to cook properly otherwise its just slime. I think once its boiled it could be smoked on a grill on low heat so it doesnt dry out too much. Something to think about. I have smoked alot of different kinds of fish. Oily fish smoke very well on a grill. Or by just being hung and cold smoked. When I was a kid, I lived next door to a fish smokery. The smell was great. They dry smoked herring and several other kinds of freshwater fish. I used to hang out with the owners kid and he would bring us out dried and smoked fish to snack on sometimes when we got hungry playing. I was about 6 or 7 then. But loved the fish.

I love dungionous crab…however its spelled. :grin: Those claws on them are great to eat and blue crab is tasty as well. Used to run some crab traps and once a week we would have us a boil and pig out on the crab. @Covertgrower Would catch an occassional dungeonous but mostly blue crabs. And once in a while a redfish or other kind in the trap. Mostly rat reds though. They seemed to like the bait I used in the traps.


I knew there was a reason I just couldn’t pinpoint it… crab is a rare treat for me and more so now that hubby can’t have it.