Grow Challenge between the two of us


Lips zipped :zipper_mouth_face:


@SmoknGranny Well, gotta go stir the mix. so it will get the tri’s stirred in


@SmoknGranny Laugh Alert…boing…boing…boing…

Went out to stir the mix…and just used my small flashlight…and on the step of the shed there was a big bullfrog sitting…didnt see it till it jumped. When it jumped, I jumped…and about lost my neither regions.:scream:.about had to come in and change my drawers…dang it. :scream::rofl::laughing::upside_down_face:

This has not been my day…sheese.

My mix might not make another 4 or 5 hours. Its really hot and cooking down. a couple hours at most I think. Otherwise its going to cook down to butter, burnt. But it sure do smell. And is green as the dickens. So 2 maybe 3 hours I am going to shut it down.

It is set on low, but forgot that that crockpot has always cooked a little hot.


Could have been worse. Could’ve been a skunk :nauseated_face::flushed::grimacing:
Yeah. I think your crockpot is too high. You did add water right?


@SmoknGranny dont mention skunk. Once was enough for me and my son. :grimacing:

Yea, I added two cups, actually a little more than two cups of water along with the butter. That is an older crockpot. Actually I think its about 35 years old. We have had it as llong as our kids been around. Well, doesnt matter much at this point. Its cooked and just took it out of the crockpot. Smells good actually. The water is green as the dickens and the butter is kinda geenish looking but the water def is the green. That water is what holds the sh*t we dont want in the butter. Saved the leaves and such for squeezing later. Still quite greasy. so more butter is in there. Once the squeezer gets here will come in handy.

Going to make brownies tomorrow. Might just use most of the butter for a batch of brownies. Have to make em when family is gone so they dont try eating any. Not knowing what is in there. Like I said, smells goods.:yum:


@SmoknGranny I figure you have gone to bed so just wanted to update you for when you get up. Or if you are up and down tonight because of the pain, you got something to read. I am hurting tonight so am up and down. Like your flower above. :crazy_face:

Okay, cooled things down and got the butter seperated. Ordered the press, be here saturday. Will press the plant matter then to get the rest of the butter out of it. Going to save and use the water for something. Dont know what but whatever. The butter is kinda greenish. Tasted it and it doesnt have a bad taste. Will improve when I press it sat. Whatever is left. Going to make some brownies tomorrow. LIkely use about half the butter. Those brownies going to be STRONG. I used mostly buds in the crockpot so its going to be pretty powerful. 1/4 a brownie at first. And hoping that isnt too much. :smirk::sleeping: Just in case, I might wait till tomorrow evening to try a brownie. I really dont need to knock myself out during the day. But if I do…oh well. :upside_down_face:


Good morning my friend :hugs: Yep :+1: I went to bed early and was up and down but not as bad as the past few nights. Trying to get some coffee :coffee:️ in me now.
I have an older crockpot also which is the other reason I’m using the mini crockpot. That and it’s perfect for one pound of butter. I hope we both like using the ricer :crossed_fingers:
If your recipe calls for 1/2 cup oil then use 1/2 cup butter. I did notice a difference in texture using the butter. Start small and wait an hour as it can sneak up on you. I still have a couple of frozen brownies in the freezer.


I actually use the Roleadro lights the three hundred dont run that hot @cyberblast
The cobs they sell run about 10-15 hotter then the leds fyi



Hi ya buddy!!

I hope your feeling well.:slightly_smiling_face:

My week count was off for flowering.

I’m at week two - day six of flowering.
I was counting the transition week as a flower week.

Here’s some photos from this evening right before lights out.

Have a great evening my friend!!!:slightly_smiling_face::+1:


@Alton66 They are looking good my friend. Better than mine. The bag seed is in week 4 I think and the buds are all very light. No heft to them at all which tells me this batch is pure sativa, mex kind. Starting to build more buds on the stems now but can tell at least 5 weeks maybe longer before this bunch is even close to ripe.



Thank you my friend but don’t sell them short just yet.
There’s still some time for them to swell.:slightly_smiling_face::+1:


They sell cob leds though


@Alton66 Yea, thats what I mean. They have about 4 or 5 weeks to go at least. Thats because they are pure sativa breed. They can take up to 10 or 12 weeks to flower.


@Alton66 @bob31 @Fever @daz49

Here are the latest photos of the 3 sativa bag seed plants.

If anyone wants any to expand further I will post them seperate.


Very sativa dominant looking. They look very nice. Nice job @cyberblast




@cyberblast you take very good pics. What is your secret?



They are looking awesome my friend!!!

Very indicative of being Sativa dominant.



@bob31 dont know? Well, to be honest, I dont think I am that great, not anymore at taking photos. However, I have been a photographer since I was about 12 years old. At least I considered myself one. Was a portrait photog for a few years for a large photo company. Then did my own for a few years…part time. Did weddings and coming out parties and did hispanic versions of sweet 16 coming out. I havent done more than amature type for years though. Got a bunch of photogear, but never did much closeup type of work though so that has been new to me. Like doing those tricombes. That is/was new to me. And especially using those micro-scope cameras. Meant different equipment, etc. I do have some closeup gear now that I am learning to use. Going to use it come spring and summer to take some insect closeups and such. And maybe closeups of the outdoor grow I will have going, I hope.