Grow Challenge between the two of us


Pickerel is what I believe the mini pike are. And the trout, she would gut and bake whole. Definitely wasn’t much to look at!

My cousin has a place on coast near Venice, claims to have a Goliath grouper spot. He’s also full of crap most of the time. But I’m gonna drop in one day and call him on it, so we’ll see.


@dbrn32 Thats it…Pickerel. Just couldnt think of the name. Thanks. Getting old sucks with memory going and body going. really sucks.

Never got into baked fish unless it was baked in like a pie crust english style. That way was tasty. Originally it was the plate/baking dish for a whole fish back in the middle ages baking it in a pie type of shell. They threw away the bread shell and just ate the fish. Interesting what you learn on the history channel. Personally, I like the shell too.

Venice…going to have to look it up. Not familar with that area offhand. A spot I know that has Goliath is over by Destin. There is a deep hole right there under the bridge going east over to Destin that is a spot for them. Seen 4 and 500 pounders pulled up from there. Huge suckers. Sports channel even showed one being caught. One of their regulars. I think you can find the video online. That hole is a known spot for sure. Its funny…its just 100 hards or so from a swimming beach and a party area. Funny how that works. See shark all the time there too apparently.


That’s crazy!

It’s south of Clearwater, not sure how far though.


@dbrn32 will check into it. Got a friend that knows most of the the good spots along the gulf in the panhandle area. He enters all the fishing contests there.

Take care…gotta hit the sack now. Talk atcha later.


Me too, have a great one?


@Alton66 @SmoknGranny @daz49 The dang plants are taking over the tent. Those bag seed plants are def sativa types as they are still light buds and arent getting heavy or sticky yet. Been 3 weeks, maybe 4 depending on when they really started flowering. The two bigger clones are flowering good. The one I moved to my larger tent so it could have room. Might move the other one its being covered in our tent here. Got a little more room for it in the main tent.

These plants are crazy. If I didnt keep bending them they would be over the lights. I got to fix the lights so the hangers are alot shorter. I replaced the faulty light and got two new ones coming. should be here thursday. Putting them in this tent and pulling the ones in here out. They are these lights.

Got two of them coming. Hoping they arent as hot as the first one that was 600watt size. These are supposedly 300 but only use 130 watts so not 300 but 300 equivelent I guess. Will see.


Nice! I had a few sativa strains that wanted to flower for like 12-13 weeks. So I wouldn’t be too concerned at where they’re at, may just take a little longer.


@dbrn32 Not too concerned but they are gonna hit the top of the tent unless I keep bending them. Its crazy. :crazy_face::upside_down_face:


AND you’re complaining :rofl: ??? That’s a good problem to have :hugs:


@SmoknGranny well, you know…its just nuts how they are growing. It is crazy. :sweat_smile::crossed_fingers::upside_down_face: they are gonna grow higher than the lights even if I put the lights right against the top of the tent. Sheese…what a problem to have. :laughing:


I got whipped by them first time lol. Once you know you have a long flowering sativa, you can kind of play them a little. Hard when they’re mixed with indicas though.


@dbrn32 Well, they will be by themselves after today. Moving the clones out. So if they wanna take over the tent, more power to them. :upside_down_face:


I just had a vision of a scene from “Little Shop of Horrors “ :rofl:


@SmoknGranny oh my G…:laughing:…that was …:rofl:… I am sure doggone glad I didnt have a mouthful of food or drink when I read that. :sweat_smile: I would have ruined my keyboard. :crazy_face:Dont do that. :dizzy_face::smirk_cat:


I’ve laughed so hard for the past few minutes by your response that I couldn’t type. I do have a vivid imagination and love sharing mental images. :rofl::hugs::heart:️:crazy_face:


@SmoknGranny that twerent no shared image, :sweat_smile: mental or otherwise. :upside_down_face: my laptop would have suffered immenent failure. As it is I almost suffered a laugh breakdown. I laughed so hard I choked and wheezed and would have spewed my lunch if I had eaten any. Nol good for laptops. :smirk:


OMG I cannot remember laughing so hard for so long. I have tears :sob: streaming down my cheeks, my stomach is hurting & I have 4 dogs with cocked heads staring at me :rofl:


@SmoknGranny about the same shape…cept for the dogs. but my wife came in the room wondering what was wrong with me.


And here I go again :rofl::sob::crazy_face:


@SmoknGranny thing is, she was standing in the doorway with her own head cocked to the side. So guess she made up for the dog…ummmm…dont tell her I said that. :grimacing::scream::crazy_face: