Grow Challenge between the two of us


@SmoknGranny yea, these got a long way to go yet. about 4 to 6 weeks I am sure. They might be pure sativa mex bag seed plants. So looking at with these about 8 to 9 weeks flower time. I just wanted to put them up to show folks what they looked like at 2 weeks, start of 3.


It’s good to see the difference on a regular basis. I’m hoping to get a magnifier before next years harvest. I’m pretty sure I am going to try Autos outside this go around. Just not sure which ones yet :thinking:



Hi ya buddy!!!

I was in the city again (NYC) for a bit of business today.

The trains are running behind and are absolutely packed with holiday travelers. Penn Station in Manhattan was a crazy mad house!!! :face_with_raised_eyebrow::smirk::smiley::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I will look at your awesome photos more closely tomorrow. I’m beat from fighting the crowds on the subway and the trains.

Have a great night my friend!!! :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

Waiting for the ( 1 ) to go uptown today.


@Alton66 hey my friend. You are really busy right now. Between business and your grow. I just hope both are profitable for you. Been busy today… I re-potted one of my plants in my primary grow. The OGKush 7 gal cloth pot. Then this morning flushed the White widow. Going to repot it and the gold leaf tomorrow, I hope. Into 7 gallon pots.

In our grow action, I took some photos of course. Hope you like them. Those plants are growing like weeds and cant keep up with the branches growing high. I am twining them with each other and bending them under others. Getting to look like a woven net there at the top. So dang many stems and the ones I have bent are growing many buds and others LST’d are growing a bunch as well. Its getting to be something else. Well, you can see that when you check out the photos. And they look good. Not heavy yet. Light buds…might stay that way, dont know since no idea what species these plants are.

You have a restful nite and will talk atcha in the AM.

Forgot to comment on the trains. Been a long time since I been in the city. Rode the subway some. Didnt know my way around really. But I liked the place. Liked all the different food places. That was nice. And the street food was good too. Not as good as nowadays I think but was okay back then.
Brought back some memories seeing that photo of yours.
See ya in the AM



Good morning my friend!!!

That’s great to hear that my photo brought back some memories for you.:slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah, I’ve been a bit busy doing some things in the city lately.
It’s a 25 minute ride into Penn Station from where I’m at.

Your plants are looking awesome!!!

The bud off the bag seed plant is looking good!

I find it fascinating to look at the leaves of different strains. They differ wildly in size. Pretty cool.

I see a couple of different types of leaves in your tent.

I’m thinking that one is the Gold Leaf and the other type are your bag seed plants.

I read that your LST’ing which is smart as I’m sure they are stretching at this point.

I have the scrog net up and have been weaving the larger Northern Lights plant already.

Your right , the street food found today in the city versus ten or twenty years ago is not as good.

I blame gentrification on this. Pushing out long time ethnic groups out of their long inhabited neighborhoods and replacing them with those with money. That brings chain restaurants and other businesses that cater to that socioeconomic strata. The result is a loss of unique businesses that drive the reason to go into the neighborhoods to begin with.

Okay my friend, I’ll talk with you a little later today. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


@Alton66 yes, they are looking pretty good. Thanks. And having to LST them for sure. Fast as I bend a branch down another one pops up. Can hardly keep up. Looks like a scrog if you look down in the canopy. You been having to weave that northern lights already. Figured it wouldnt take long for that thing. It was really getting up there.

The leaves are interesting def. And yea, those different ones are the gold leaf clones. The two biggest ones anyway. Both have converted and are flowering. The smaller one, was smaller, now taller and has just started into flower. The other one has some nice buds already and looks good. Going to grow like an auto from the looks of it. Might take some clones from it once it gets bigger.

Street food has gotten worse alot of ways. Problems with the cities is the rules and regs throttle the small businesses. Especially the street stalls. Sad really. Made it good for the big businesses but killed many small business, especially like you said, the ethnic areas.

Well, good luck with your business and your grow. Will post some more photos later.


@Alton66 @Laurap

Tagged Laura into here so she could take a look at this journal of ours. Meant to do it before but forgot. Me and my memory, sheese. Anyway, Grow is doing good, not much difference today. Laura take a look at the photos just above here and you can see the plants I mentioned before. Got 4 or 5 of the gold leaf clones going but only two of them are big enough to start flowering and they started on their own as soon as they matured at about 12 to 14 inches tall. Course, they were in the tent with 12/12 lighting so not surprising. But I wanted to see what they would do if they grew under that most of their life. I found out. They grow like Auto’s. In a sense anyway. They veg till they mature then the flower.

I enjoy growing and always have, and these grows I have started in the tents have been a challenge that I didnt really expect. Much harder than I realized and never knew this mj could be so hard to grow as its just a weed. I mean I grew 100 to 200 acres of wheat or other grains at a time and when I was a kid I helped my grandfather grow 30 and 40 acres of wheat. I plowed, planted, fertalized and harvested. I grew hay and sorghum for feed and cut and baled it. But other than sweating the weather, I have worried more about these grows here more than I ever did when I was farming.


Oh man, youve got some beauties! Any idea of what bag seed was? Many years ago i grew outside & let mother nature handle it. Grew some beauties in temps over 100° many days sometimes dropping 50° in a day. Unfortunately it became too dangerous with rip offs & fear of police. Im in a backward state that you can openly carry a machette but cant grow or smoke. Now ive got picky girls that want correct ph, temps in the 70s°, just the right amount of humidity. Never knew mother nature worked so hard!


@Laurap NO idea what species the bag seed is/was. Started 4 seeds, grew 4, one was male and cut it out and these are the 3 left. Got about 50 of the bag seeds left. Thinking come spring going to put them in a corner of the place. I am in an unfriendly state as well. And got a neighbor that is nosy as the dickens and thinks he runs the neighborhood. Yea, I never knew it was so hard to raise weeds. Sheese.


Yeah didnt know id be a chemist, an electrician, a botinist ect. Just wanted to grow my own


@Laurap well, out of likes for the day. Oh well. Yea, didnt know I would have to relearn all of that when I started my grows. I figured when I gave up farming I gave up having to know all that crap. But no, have to know even more it seems like. Just to grow weeds. :wink:


@Laurap back in the 70’s I grew some outside. Basically scattered some seed out in the boonies and alongside the country road and let them grow wild. Got a few plants that grew big enough to get some off of them but wasnt anything great. Basic mex style and thats what I think this bag seed is from. Mex weed. Trying to find out about it but no luck so far. The person that gave me the seed lives in a legal state but is more afraid than if they lived in an unfrendly state. Cant figure them. I was lucky to get the seed. But they wont even talk about them or give me any info. Like telling me the kind of weed they are from would reveal them to the gov. Oh well.


This is a shot of the tricombs on my OG Kush from my other tent. Looking sweet for sure but still aways to go.


Ditto :+1: and I get a stupefied gaze in my eyes and see blah blah blah at some technical terms :grinning:. Sometimes too much information isn’t a good thing. I do like learning the how’s, what’s & why’s of things but there’s times that a simple answer will suffice.


Looking very sweet! Hardest time to be patient But its worth it!



Hi!! I hope your doing well. How was your Thanksgiving??
Mine was great.

I’m sure your plants are doing good.

On my end they are growing very well. The biggest plant that was in the right rear is really growing. I’m weaving it in the net quite a bit everyday.

I had to order more Re-Charge mycorrhizae. I’ve been using it at every watering.

I’ll take a photo of the plants either a little later this evening or tomorrow.

Talk with you in s but my friend!!!:slightly_smiling_face::+1:


Backward state lol! Try being in one that you can do neither. Majority of my state is red, only city that matters is blue. So we’re not really sure what we’re doing, regardless of which side you fall on.


@dbrn32 pretty much what this state of Florida is like. The problem is too many tourists. Yes, if it werent for them the state would be broke cept for us golden oldies. I like the state even though I would prefer being alot further north. But my better half likes it here so thats it for me. I love her so where she wants to be is fine with me. She followed me before and this has been my turn. I will say this though, the fishing is outstanding down here. Love it. And the boating.

Cooled off a bunch the last week and a half or so so fishing is a bit iffy. Fish down here like the warmer water so good fishing is kinda out till spring. At least salfwater though freshwater is still good like for catfish, even bass. they got alot of strippers in the rivers and biyous down here too.

Now they do have one fish that is good in the saltwater this time of year. They call it whiting down here. Looked it up but cant find the right name. But its a good eating fish long as you eat it fresh. Doesnt take well to freezing. Gets mushy. So if we catch a bunch we will have us a fish fry on the beach or at home. Any fish left over, I give to our dog. She LOVES fish.


I have friends and family in Florida, all gulf side. I like to visit, but am just as glad to leave lol. So I know exactly what you’re saying!

As far as fish, don’t eat it anymore. Lost my taste for it as a teen. But I love to catch them! Mostly walleye, pike, and Muskie, but I have to go north for anything decent. My great grandmother had hundreds of acres north east Minnesota, spent summers there. Nothing quite like fishing there for me.


@dbrn32 My grandparents had a farm in northern colorado. So spent summers there mostly though did live there with them for a couple of years. Loved it. Most of the fishing for me was catfish and carp as my grandmother loved both. Never did get a taste for carp. Love to catch em but they got way too many bones for me and had a muddy taste.

Fished for trout also in some of the lakes and up in the mountains. Back then the fishing was great and alot of it without stocking by the state. Aint nothing like wild trout for flavor and texture. A little bony but the taste more than made up for it. Used to fish for pike up in Pensylvania. Fished for muskey and a mini pike, cant remember the name but one pond I fished had a bunch of em and could catch by the boatload almost. Used a canoe and trolled for em. 30 seconds a troll would fetch a nice 2 or 3 pounder. Nice fillet size. Could catch a dinner for 4 in about 20 minutes or less.

I dont like strong tasting fish and enjoy em fried. Tasty