Grow Challenge between the two of us


The pistils come and go. Very Normal @cyberblast I know we’re all a little concerned after what happened this summer. It’s probably nothing, but let’s just keep an eye on things.


@bob31 Ok, gotcha…normal. I will be watching it for sure. Gonna get my tripod and other camera rigged up so I can use it with just minutes prep.

What is supposed to have happened this summer??? You lost me there?


@Alton66 Hey guy. Thanks. Am just hopeing. Things are so full in there with those plants there is not much room as much as they have spread out. Especially the ogkush and the goldleaf. Put some LST on the White Widow becasue she was kinda low on buds and wanted to open up the center some. Seems to have made a difference. Only could do it on one side.

Yea, I got a small dehumidifier in there. Not a great one, but it does remove some of the water out of the air. I want to get a better one, maybe two the end of the month.

Thanks for the compliment. Going to go back to my movie in a few minutes. Got a couple more replys first. Watching Rio Bravo John Wayne and company.


@Alton66 Did it again, posted the wrong stuff in the wrong area. Crimany. Will repost in the right area and then if you want will delete the photos above.


Many of our members experienced bud rot. Some on a large scale. If you don’t catch it in time it can destroy a whole plant. Sort of uncommon on indoor grows where you can control the humidity. Use the site search and put in bud rot. @cyberblast



No you leave those photos right there. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

Yes, I’m thinking I’m going to need to get a dehumidifier as well.

Excellent movie!! I’ve seen it a few times.:+1:

Okay buddy, talk atcha in a bit.:slightly_smiling_face:


@Alton66 Ok, photos staying. You must like them.
Dont get one of he little ones like I have. Too small and doesnt work that well. Get a larger one, at least a medium sized. I think that will work well for you. And for me.

Oh, I tied down some of my larger limbs of the plants in our grow here. They were getting so tall that a couple of them grew 3 or 4 inches overnite. So SLI or whatever it is…And hopefully that will help solve the height problem These things are growing like hell. Before I tied down the branches they were hitting 30 some inches tall. From the floor, about 43 inches…yep…that high. Will take some photos tomorrow after I take photos of the other grow.

Yea, I like those type of John Wayne movies. Another favorite is Hattari or however its spelled.
And funnily, more of my favorites are the Harry Potter movies. Go figure. Liked the books too. A 65 year old man. :smile: Oh well. living through my second childhood. My wife always says I am more kid than adult. Just bigger. And she calls tool stores, parts stores, etec just big boy toy stores. :rofl:


@Alton66 Forgot to tell you too, my clones are growing like the dickens. The oldest one is almost a foot tall already. Her sister is about 8 inches. And then the other two/3 added one from broken branch, are doing good. Rooting well and turning very green. They look good. Oh, and remember the brown dead looking areas on the second clone. They have almost healed. Just a small area now around the edges of those two leaves. Like I said…never seen anything like that. They were dead. Brown and dead. Now alive. Go figure. Definately taking some photos of it tomorrow before it heals comletely.

Oh, watching/listening to old Godzilla movie. Son of Godzilla. Never seen it before. Its funny though.



Excellent news!!!

You are doing something right on those. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

Son of Godzilla is awesome!! I have it here somewhere on VHS. I need to get it and many others on DVD.

It sounds like your feeling better!!:slightly_smiling_face::+1:



Hi ya buddy!!

I hope your doing well today.

Today marks day two of flower after four weeks and two days of veg.

Here’s a photo I took this morning shortly after the lights came on.

They are growing extremely fast.

I was going to wait until I had five weeks of veg before flipping them but due to the rate of growth I get it wise to flip them sooner.
I ordered a mid sized de humidifier off of Amazon, it’ll be here tomorrow. That’s a really good thing because since flipping them over to flower I haven’t had the air conditioner running to cool the tent due to lighting.
Both yesterday morning and today showed humidity levels in the 90 percent range.
The unit has a humidistat so I can set it and not have to worry.
I have also ordered another two COB fixture like the one you see on the right side of the two lights.

This should take care of the lighting now.

How was the rest of your Godzilla movie? :movie_camera: :popcorn:

It’s lunch so I’m going to go for now.

Talk to you a little bit later today.:slightly_smiling_face:


@Alton66 Hey there guy. Grow is looking good. Nice photos. Least your tent dont look all crowded like mine does. Oh well. Your plants are getting big. But they going to get lots bigger and then you will also have a crowd. :grin:
Wait till week 4. :thinking::star_struck:

My ladies in our race are really growing. In week 2 of flower, maybe a bit longer. maybe week 3, anyway, really growing. Have had to LST them as they were getting tall as the dickents. 34 inches a half dozen of the stems and some almost that. So, slowed them down some there, but now two of them, in the same pot are really showing the buds now. Looking very nice. Kinda light but thats okay for this early. They will likely go 6 to 8 weeks at least of flower and likely more.

Will take a couple of pictures tomorrow to show them off to ya. Just overhead photos likely. They are filling the tent up. Oh, and my clones are doing great. The one that I fimed is goiing big time and is about 15 inches tall now. Not sure what is going to happen with her with the lights being 12/12. But its an experiement in there. Still keeping my fingers crossed that the male didnt spew in the tent. would suck if it did. but oh well…experiment as I said.

Feeling ok so far. Never feel great. up and down, one day to the next. used to it. At least this new med the doc put me on is helping me get to sleep at night. That is one good thing.

Talk atcha later my friend.



Good evening my friend!!!

I’m very happy to hear that your new mess are allowing you to get some sleep at night.:slightly_smiling_face:

Excellent on your plants rapid flowering!! :+1: Can’t wait to see those photos tomorrow.

I’m excited to see what occurs in week four for me.:grinning:

Also good to hear about your clones doing well. I’m thinking they will begin to flower in a bit with your lights at 12/12. Fifteen inches on one of them is crazy! :+1:

Eight weeks or longer is quite awhile to wait for plants to be done but well worth that wait. Then the fun begins with trimming and curing.:grin::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I got my de-humidifier about an hour ago. Got it in the tent and ready for it’s maiden voyage tonight.

Okay buddy, I’ll talk atcha tomorrow. Have a great evening :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


@Alton66 Hey guy, well here are the photos of these plants I have been promising. Sorry it took so long. These are the 3 bag seed plants. They look to be mostly Sativa if they are a hybrid, if not and mex weed seed then all sativa.

They are really growing. I can hardly keep up with them. They grow inches every day. And my two larger clones…well, here is one photo of, well two of the bigger clone of my gold leaf. Grown mostly under the 12/12 light schedule. So they are flowering like an auto would as far as size and such. They look good though I think. Anyway, first two photos is the larger clone. Enjoy.

photo one of the gold leaf clone


@Alton66 photo 2 of the gold leaf clone. Def flowering.


@Alton66 Overall view of all the plants. The biggest of course are the bag seed plants


@Alton66 Okay, just some closer view of the buds on the bag seed plants


@Alton66 more closeup of the bagseed plants


@Alton66 @SmoknGranny

Here is closeup of one bud off one of the bag seed plants.

Whatcha think???



Sorry but I’m having a hard time with those two pics. I saw mostly clear on your other post.