Grow cabinet build and grow part 2

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Day 35
Watered and fed 1 gal week 2 AN schedule
Ph in 5.9 - ph out 6.0
Ppm in 520 - ppm out 602

Day 36

Day 37

Day 38&39
Fed at week 3 schedule
15 ml A&B
15 ml B52
Ph in - 5.9 ph out - 5.9
Ppm in 873 Ppm out - 923

Day 40&41
Root is getting huge. Topped at day 40. Worried I waited to long to start a scrog. We will see…
Fed week 3 schedule

Day 42

Set up scrog. Will be flipping lights this weekend.


Day 49
Sealed all the light leaks and put her on 12/12

Day 50
First full day under 12/12. Keeping her under the LED until 2 week stretch is over then will put in the 600 hps

Day 52 (5/11/18) 3rd day of flower

Day 55 (5/14/18) 6 day of flower

Day 56
Took some clones today. Lots of firsts

Day 57
Trimmed lower leaves and watered

Day 60
Started Feeding bloom nutrients.
She finally showed gender today

HPS goes in tomm.

Day 61
Hps installed

Day 65 5/24/18
16th day of flower

Day 65 5/25/18
17th day of flower

Day 66 5/25/18
18 day flower

Day 67 5/26/18
19 day of flower
Stretch showed up late

Day 68 5/27/18
20 day of flower

Day 69
The last day
Well today was a sad day. She hermied on me . Tomm day 70 she/he dies :skull_and_crossbones: Thanks to everyone who helped me get this far
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Day 73


Yep, she’s definitely growing a callyx there, but let’s make sure she doesn’t sprout balls too. She looks really nice.

Scrog is all set up :grin:


What’s up with this new set of leaves ? I did notice that I neglected to keep moving the light up as she grew and was within 8” of those leaves. Would light stress do this to leaves?

@dbrn32 @raustin @Myfriendis410 @MattyBear


Yes, it does look like heat stress from lights.

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It does look a little cooked.

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Seemed to get worse the day after I topped her but I don’t think it’s related since they were already a little funky.

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She’s already pushing hard against her new cage… I almost feel bad lol

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What do you make of this? I have checked the underside of as many leaves as I could and haven’t found anything yet. Does this look like bug damage or just damaged leaves?

@raustin @Myfriendis410 @dbrn32


How many leaves do you see this damage on? If it’s just one, or two leaves, don’t worry about it. It probably got damaged by you. If you notice lots of leaves like this then there’s a problem.


So far like 3. all with single holes. . Maybe something was on the metal screen (debris,rust) and fell on the leaves when i put it on.

It doesn’t really look like a pest, but keep an eye on it. If you see it getting worse, let us know and we’ll come up with a solution. I wouldn’t worry though.


I have been in there with my hands a lot lately tucking the fan leaves and trying to get the under growth to the top. She flips this week.

Ah, well there’s your problem. Yeah, you probably have just been a little rough with her. I’m sure it’s nothing.


I agree, I think the kief queen has you set. If there’s bugs you’ll know shortly.

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Hoping that’s all it is. Setting some sticky traps tonight just to be safe :fu:t2::spider::cricket::ant:

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How long after the switch to 12/12 do they show sex usually?

“Theft of this case is punishable by law” :joy: this makes me smile.

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It was unintentional irony lol

Same thing happened here. I needed a book about yay thick. “What to expect: the first year” was a good book to hold up my first grow. “What to expect when you’re expecting” would’ve been better I guess lol

Btw, you should start to see pistils about two weeks or so after you flip to 12/12.