Grow Box Pruning


Hi All, I am using a cash box 5.0 and am growing 1 ak-47 and a bag seed (first grow). With LED lights. The AK has produced palm sized leaves and they seem to be shading the lower flowering sights. My question is should I trim these large leaves to allow more light through?


No that’s always a bad misconception , if you’re going to do anything , cut the branches below that aren’t getting any light because they won’t produce much anyway and leave the top alone because they’re getting the most light which will produce the most fruit… also as a side note you can tie things down if need be to let light down further but don’t cut anything away…



Cool Thanks Peach


Trust me you want to listen to what @peachfuzz said


I agree with this and I add; “You can gently just fold those important Fan leaves out of the way”