Grow bible-why cant i get it?


you have tried to give me your bible a 100 times, but i have yet to see it! how come?


I’m having the same trouble. I even sent them an email but no luck.


Same here. Ive been trying to get it for 5 months.


I have tried repeatedly as well with no results,What would be the harm in posting a link for the Bible?


Sorry for the inconvenience, and trouble with the email.

Here’s links to the PDF versions:
Book 1:

Book 2:

Ilovegrowingmarijuana Grow Bible
Need the Grow Bible!

Thanks @Jmesser80 I didn’t think it should be all that difficult.


Thanks for posting @Dumme


THANK YOU so very much for posting that. I’ve been dying to get my hand on a copy of that bad boy and now, thanks to you, I have it. Can’t wait to get into it, and figure out which way I should next proceed.

Peace Out, my good, good friend.




You can always post a question if you need help or if something isn’t making sense. Just go to the categories and sub categories and post your question!


Thanks for the link.