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Wondering if anyone can let me know what it means to “take a cutting from one of the plants and then plant in an area separate from your garden.” It is located in a section under the “Determining the Sex” page of the book. I believe the seed I planted spontaneously is going to be female but I am seriously a beginner so I dont want to get my hopes up!

I am curious if taking a cutting from the plant I have is something I should do to try an identify what sex the plant is any earlier. Right now my plant is approximately 6 inches in height and it appears that there are pistols starting near the joints.

The reason you would do that is that you can continue to veg the main plant while taking the cutting and (once it has a few roots) put it under 12/12 light. The cutting will go into flower mode right away.


What he said…

Yes this is true. Some growers using regular seeds and wanting to start a perpetual grow will take a cutting from a plant 3-4 weeks old, and veg it for 2 weeks and then induce flower in order to determine sex of plant.

If you are seeing pistils forming however; You may have your sexing question answered. :slight_smile:


I always forget about growBible. I need to read that thang

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Read it, don’t be skimming again! Lol

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I’m not sure what you said. I caught read it and lol.