Grow bible download?

ow that you mention the Grow bible…I have had a hard time getting it…I must have downloaded it 3 times already and nothing…where is it.

I had no trouble at all downloading the Grow Bible. I will go and see if I can find any problems. Back in a few

Nope, sorry, not many at all. I’ve only seen one other person that had a problem, and they figured it out, and the problem – it wasn’t on our end.

You should have the link in your original e-mail response when you first requested it. Our system probably has a record that we sent the link to your e-mail address and won’t send another one just because you keep putting the same e-mail in the request.

Look up your old original e-mail with the link and make sure this time you save it as a PDF file on your computer so you don’t have to try and find it online, or you can try another e-mail and have it sent to that e-mail and be sure this time to properly save it as a PDF file in your files for offline use.

Happy growing,


I delete all my emails after they have been read. There was only one person that had a problem… Sorry I just got a little frustrated.
I lost one of my leaves today.