Grow bags, which are best/preferred?

Good morning all,

I am a planner… to a fault. And although I am a ways from grow 2, I am looking at 5 gallon grow bags.

Is there a better/best or preferred brand/model?

I was looking at these 2:


I use Vivosun fabric bags. I have had no issues so far.


I think they’re all the same. I think I’ve got these: 10 gallon fabric pots or something like it. Super generic.

Just be sure they have handles. Makes life much easier.

These are my favorites right now, but I honestly don’t think it matters for the most part.

The only thing I would say to look for is some extra stitching where the handles are, so they don’t break, and also consider going with a color that isn’t black if outdoors! :+1:


@Hellraiser has the rain science mesh bags that look super nice. I don’t think they’re cheap


Yeah I really like the mesh grow bags by Rain Science and Radicle, both are pretty expensive compared to fabric pots (like $10 each for 5 gal) but I find them much more re-usable, never wanted to re-use the fabric bags after how they look after a grow but the mesh bags look as good as new after I let the roots dry up and do a water/bleach wash on them. Being mesh, they allow even more oxygen to the roots over the fabric bags.


I like the Vivosun but it’s the only brand I’ve tried. I’m on my second grow with the same bags, I use 7 gallon bags.
I believe I will get several grows out of them and they drain well.

We like to go with bags that aren’t black. I feel like the black bags get super hott in the sun.


One thing I’ve found with fabric pots is the variation in sizes……

The 5 gal. Gro Pro & 7 gal. Vivosun are the same size.

I appreciate good handles. After that it’s cost then durability. I’m in my second year using them. I love, love, love the root development. Currently using Gardzen and Phyex in 3, 5 and 20 gallon.