Grow advice for new gardening


Frederick AP 39° 27’ N 77° 25’ W With this in mind when should I start clones outside. Still waiting on my new WW, and received in rooted clones started outside by a friend. Brand new to this adventure and want to be successful in maintaining my own product


Can someone give me feedback. I have not recieved my WW yet and worried it will be to late to grow. I can only use outdoor as it’s not discrete inside my home


Anytime you want to judge grow season left in a year; Check with your county agent, and ask him; “What is the latest I can expect to grow Tomato?” From that date backup 4 months for Indica, and 5-6 months for Sativa. This would equate to the latest you can start plants for outdoor growing. Latewood wrote this in another post


Thank you so much!! Still waiting for my seeds and it looks like a like I have about 10 days in my window


Cash; I see you have been reading my advice! :smile:
I have the same issues
Cones can be started anywhere, as long as you have the knowledge and attendance to keep them alive.

As far as seed orders. Contact:

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Yes sir. I ty to read everything you and macg write,you guys are so knowledgeable that most of the time any questions I have get answered before I even ask just by watching what you guys tell others everyday.


Thanks. This is a selfless job at times, but other times it instills a sense of pride that you helped someone. :slight_smile:


JC … I’m in southwest Virginia and I didn’t plant my seeds (WW) outdoors last year until July 2nd. I only planted 3 seeds and all of them came up. There was plenty of time for them to grow and then harvest in October.
Best of luck to you … hope your seeds arrive soon.

Don’t forget to write Claire at her email address to ask about your seeds. My first order this year disappeared somewhere and after I contacted her, she sent out another batch of seeds, which arrived 10 days later.


Thanks for the share of experience! I am looking forward to my order and thought if not by Fri I will message as July is coming along quick. I noticed today the field corn is already knew high! But also we are drenched from heavy bout of daily rain! I love the rain but it drowned my first two plants from an old bag save