Grow 4: Cherry Ice Cream!

I hope it is…that’s what I ordered. lol I’ll open it tonight maybe…other important boxes to open first. It’s like xmas here right now. haha


Almost like drunk Amazon shopping. Haha have fun man!


New sub in the shop! Cheapo but it sounds really good or better anyway. lol

My GRAV collection has expanded!

This is an amazing piece….it will be used tonight!

This isn’t too shabby either…a little loose of a draw for me but nice.

Gandolf pipes are wicked cool. Dugouts are really nice too. So much stuff today! Haha



I’m super jealous! All of those toys look wonderful. I do want to give you a heads up when you fill the hammer bubbler go slightly lower than you think you need to and keep it tipped forward… unless you like regularly sipping bong water. :metal:

Report back on that upline… looks sick


I’ve used a few hammers…less water is super important!! lol

I may have to try out the Upline tomorrow night…I have a guy that wants to look at it and he’s not here! Maybe I’ll just send him a picture. :smirk:


I absolutely love mine. But that thing looks wild.

Some nice new additions for sure man!! Like Christmas day, :laughing: :rofl:

Man you did get a haul.

Been eyeing the newer mid-sized gandolfini. Love Grav pieces. Their little taster is nice and handy too.

Polk Audio makes some nice stuff. Even their lower end is great value for the cash.

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Must be a prick to clean tho ?


Fabulous never came that cheap before now!

I learned this two days ago lol. Bought one of the mini hammers. Filled it up a bit too much the first time. Brushed my teeth afterwards lmao. Since then i have used less water and absolutely love it. I also bought a pocket bubbler but the mini hammer is ny favorite right now.

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This little thing treats me every bit as good as I need