Grow 3: Quantum Haze


Yes photos. I think I’ll only do a 6 week veg instead of 8. I’m afraid the Quantums may cause the plants to deplete the kind soil quicker. With the addition of the FFOF maybe I can offset that a little but we have a ways to go.


You are doing a great job so far!!!


I’ll think you’ll be fine. Especially I’d you’re using ocean forest. Those extra two week will matter in the long run


Good morning growers. Monday’s update.
Just over 4 weeks from sprout.

Purple Haze, Pineapple Haze, and Strawberry Kush all got topped. The Super Silver Haze plant is still lagging behind and not tall enough to top. I may just grow it out.

I lowered the lights to 30" and turned up the boards to 50%.

Pretty uneventful week but the pants are growing rapidly.

Thanks for joining me. :v::sunglasses:


Just thought I’d show off my new toy. I’ve never owned a quality glass piece and finally pulled the trigger. My local smoke shop is an awesome place and the owner is a super cool guy. He gave me a very good deal. Puff Palace, you rock!


Nice piece!


I like it. Very nice piece.


Sweet! Gorgeous piece! How’s it smokin?


Good morning ILGM family. Monday’s update is a day late but I’ll make up for it with some beautiful pics.

We’re at the start of the third week from transplant. I’m calling it week 3 of veg. Just easier for me. I plan to go 6 weeks in this Kind Soil and flipping. Last grow I took them out to 8 weeks under Marshydro leds. With these badass quantums my plants look amazing.

In my topping session I’ve managed to have 4 different outcomes.
Strawberry kush got a true topping, 2 mains.

Super Silver Haze has been an under performer from the beginning. She hasn’t been topped. 1 main

Purple Haze got partially fimmed. 3 mains

Pineapple haze got true fimming. 4 mains

I assure you this was purely accidental. I was trying to top all three plants but “missed”.

Thanks for stopping by. :sunglasses::v:


Don’t you just love these QBs? All you’re girls look great!


Yeah these lights are awesome and they’re only at 50% right now.


BTW i hate boilermakers lol. on a better note looking good there buddy ! @SilentHippie


Yeah it was a rough weekend for football fans in the Buckeye state but if you don’t show up, you can’t expect to win. We’ll see how this setback sparks the team.


yes OU is still stunned that TX beat them but movin on right


I’m a little tardy for the party but I’m here and set to watching. They are looking great. I’m still reading through your last grow you just finished. Very exciting!


I’m a fan of this Kind Soil. It’s a little pricey but what you’d spend in soil and nutrients still makes it affordable. I think it’s a great way for new growers to have success without complicating the process.


Do you just have to water it? No fussing with it?


Yep. The super soil has everything in it from seed to harvest. As long as you Ph your water, that’s it. It’s not made for extended veg times and I will say my buds weren’t “quite” as dense but every bit as potent and delicious.


Once I get this first grow under my belt I might have to look into that. It seems much simpler.


I see too many grows go off the rails because of nutrients. “My plants aren’t growing fast enough, give them more nutes.” Then leaves burn and all sorts of problems arise. This is the easiest way I’ve found. Also, no flushing!