Grow 3: Cherry Ice Cream!

With the amount of plug they get here they should set up an ILGM discount code :joy:


I traded a few emails with HLG this morning and I mentioned ILGM. He said they love this forum! I imagine they look at forums and this one seems to talk about HLG products more than others. Maybe he can be talked into a “ilgm20” code…:joy:


20 sounds damn good to me.

I’m working with them right now to swap out my 350R that’s having issues. Might try to “trade in” towards a bigger light. It’s not what it should be since my tent is so big…


What light are you looking at?

And 20% would be crazy…not sure it would fly though. haha

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I’d be happy to have 15 :joy:

I haven’t decided, and it would greatly depend on if they’ll allow the trade. My wife doesn’t like to be frivolous… but she enjoys getting a good deal.

If I can’t get a swap I’ll just be looking to add another one in the future.

I’m only at about 23 watts per sqft.


15% discount feels like the sweet spot between their profit and your savings.

I can smell the Wedding Cake from here! Looks great! Sorry about the yellowing :frowning:

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Wedding Cake is gonna be good man. Blue Dream is finicky and the yellowing sucks.


No dice on the upswap.

But I do have the tracking number for the new 350R so that’s not exactly terrible.

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:joy::joy: if only my good man

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oh well…we can dream right? lol

congrats on the new light too!

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HLG is amazing….third day and my new light shows up. In a tiny box. lol

In the last photo there are two rubber plugs….which do I pull to adjust output? Is it possible to put a pot on this thing?


There are Philips head screws in both. Either will adjust the light, one adjusts voltage the other current. No, you can’t add a dimmer. I adjust current (Io Adj)


Are they set to “max” out of the box?

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Mine were not. But the screwdriver that comes with the kit, is the perfect size…


Cool man…thanks!


Same here, I use the IO ADJ for dimming.


Yesterday was week 11 since flip and a lot happened over the weekend.

Blue Dream:
Stubborn plants….still not ready and I have some yellowing that just won’t stop. I have it slowed down a bit by feeding full strength 321. I am impressed by the baseball bats for colas…gonna be a good harvest when they do finish.

Wedding Cake:
Chopped on Saturday. Wasn’t sure what to expect out of the super short WC but it produced more than the tall one.
Short girl:

Tall girl:

Pots after chop:

I didn’t get a ton of harvest colors pics, but here’s a few:

Bud shot:

Since the tent is still occupied I am drying in a WeDryer….so far I like it. And I think that’s because the temp and humidity is in my favor. I’ll pull everything out tonight and inspect thoroughly and flip them over/rearrange them. Filter really cuts the smell a bit and two plants filled up the XL:

Super excited to try the WC….super sticky and super strong smelling plants. Super duper. lol

I am dropping 5 seeds for a new grow tonight…I prepped the solo cups yesterday so I think they’ll be in soil by Wednesday. CIC grow….really excited for this one! Thanks @Hellraiser!!

Outside plants….next post.


Outside WC is on water only now and will be cut this weekend. I did a quickie tying job a couple weeks ago to hold up a few branches.

Outside Blue Dream is the same as the inside plants…some yellowing and still has some time.

Both of these plants have been mistreated a bit…fed/watered once a week, not when they really needed it. And a couple cold nights that dipped into the 50’s. Won’t get a lot off of them but it’ll be something. I plan on bud washing when they do finish.



I won’t ever use my weed hanger again because I don’t love how it mishapes the buds laying and flattening one side.

You’re harvest is gorgeous man