Grow 3: Blue Dream and Wedding Cake

“Hell and fire was spawned to be released” - The Number of the Beast, Iron Maiden


Fed the outside girls today…they are have a rough go of it lately. I am for sure done with outside plants. Between the possibility of someone seeing them and having another feed schedule, this will be it. And cooler temps are around the corner so a winter grow wouldn’t be possible. I did however calibrate my pH pen….it was 0.2 off. Yikes! I need to get on a monthly recalibration schedule…1st of the month. Last calibration was at the start of this grow…end of July.

Tent will be fed tonight and will have some photos then. I haven’t opened the tent in 24 hours…maybe I’ll open it and they’ll be finished, dried and trimmed sitting in mason jars. :joy::rofl:



Sunday was 4 weeks since flip. Fed Saturday with slightly more part A and less part B. During stretch they were dried out every 3 days and now we’re back to every 4 days. Pics don’t look too much different except for more bud areas filling in and stickiness is increasing. The one branch that’s directly under the light is super frosty and I may try to either move it to another net cell or super crop. It’s doing fine now but not sure it’ll last another 5 weeks being so close to the light.
From this morning:



Looking great!

LOL I have a 666 tattoo on the back of my skull that only a few people know that’s there as it’s normally covered by hair.


lol…were you an “Omen” fan? Whenever I see a “666” tattoo I think of those movies.

Thoughts on the few larger fan leaves that are left? I have slowly been pulling them if they get in the way of lower buds, but otherwise leaving them.


Also forgot to mention the air pruning that’s happening on the mesh pots. The lower half of the pots are completely covered in roots air pruning themselves…pretty impressive. I think I’ll totally switch over to them for the next grow. Roots are much more visible on the surface of the soil too…maybe from not using tap, or from tribus/recharge/fulvic rotation…who knows, but I think I have found something that is working for me.


Cut them off and give them to me to put on my girl…

Looking fantastic man. Jealous… D:


No not really, more of an Iron Maiden fan, most of my tattoos are music related and completely hidden when properly dressed (and head not shaved LOL).

I usually remove the largest fan leaves near day 21 of flower but can leave some if they are not blocking light to bud sites.


I saw them 5 years ago…they were coming to town so I invited both my brother-in-laws and we had a beer fest before/during/after the show. I was in a 3 day recovery from hangover and head banging. lol I’m not that young anymore…I have to keep reminding myself. But was very cool to see a metal concert again after 20 years. I saw the Powerslave tour as well…back in my high school daze.

:metal: :guitar:


I go to almost every concert that comes close and do a lot of traveling to see those that don’t come close, music is a huge part of my life and always has been.


Hey guys. U got any ideas why this main cola looks so weird?

Also what’s the go with these leaves. They don’t look so happy.


Main cola looks like its still developing…what’s weird about it to you?

What are you feeding them with and what is your ppm and pH going in and out? Looks like what I had late last grow and I’m pretty sure I had a lockout. I flushed and got in under control…still had a great harvest though. This grow I am doing at least 25% runoff…sometimes more and no issues (knock on wood).


I always have plenty of runoff and have one that has similar issues. I’m going to flush to try and help.


I agree, it’s still stretching.
Looks like it needs more calcium specifically. Rust colored spots.
Do you have a grow journal we can follow along in? @ImNewHere


So this morning I found one (only one) spot that looks like a possible calcium def starting on one of the BD girls. @Hellraiser I think I remember you saying that BD can be finicky? I have been slowly decreasing part B to get to the 4/2/1 ratio…should I go back to the 3/2/1? I’ll get a photo of it tonight, but it’s high up on the plant and only one leaf.


Just how all the leaves are pointing up so much.

Sure do. Link is in my bio. Haven’t posted anything of note for a while.

I have also been very slack on monitoring my run-off as I have been very busy at the moment. I’ll check ppms and Ph tonight as half the plants need a feed.

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Fed tent last night with the standard 3.6/2.4/1.3 I’ve been using for most of this grow. I took pics of the leaf and now that I have a pic to zoom in on it looks like a scrape on the leaf…maybe from when I pulled her out of the tent for defol and net install. I think it’s damage from me….what you guys think?

My eyes aren’t what they used to be. lol

I do find it interesting how green the BD is compared to the WC….big difference.


Seems likely that it’s physical damage, just keep an eye out for more. Then it may become an issue.


Yeah the BD can be quite finicky about nutes and wasn’t happy when I went to 4/2/1, wanted more calcium than that.

That should help.

Yeah could be as my calcium deficiencies look more like round brown dots.


Yesterday was day 35 of flower. I’m lowering the silica slowly and next feed will be the last silica at 1ml/gal. Did 3.8/2.2/1.3 jacks and next feed will be 4/2/1.3. Next weekend will be another good defol. Couple pics from this morning….bud sites are starting to fill in a bit.
Blue Dream

Wedding Cake

Group shots

Cola shots

Shot shot from Saturday night

I felt like total hell yesterday from the Jell-O shots….me and drinking don’t get along very well anymore. Next time I will bypass the alcohol and take a few tokes before I go.